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Benson Henderson "We can fight in the back of a 7/11"   [View Full Version]
Skrillex » Posted 2/3/12 4:55:00PM

“I don’t really care where I fight,” Henderson told “We can fight in the back of a 7-Eleven, I don’t care, whatever, two people can watch,”


Source: Benson Henderson Has No Problem Going To Japan To Fight Frankie Edgar

FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

Eh, every fighter says it at some point in their career.

shaneTpain » Posted 7/30/11 2:57:00PM

Posted by FastKnockout

Eh, every fighter says it at some point in their career.

tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

barnett said he would legitimately want to fight even if it was to the death. im not saying that makes him a badass, it more says that fighters will say a lot of shit like this, it makes for good headlines. we are men, we will fight for almost no reason at all, and we are goddamn proud of it.


DancingDoll » Posted 9/23/11 8:44:00PM

Yes, but the real question for these fighters is, "would you fight for free?"... that would make them the most badass.

Wallass » Posted 10/7/08 5:39:00PM

There's something about this that I totally believe. Henderson the embodiment of what a true fighter is both in and out of the cage.

scoozna » Posted 1/25/07 12:53:00PM

I didn't read the article but the quote makes me think of that Tank Abbott fight in someone's backyard (rematch against Ferozzo). They're rolling on the ground out of shape and desperately out of breath saying how much fun it is to be fighting.


Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

Everyone says this and absolutely no one means it. If the UFC said to him tomorrow "OK, we're doing it behind a 7/11 and there will be 2 spectators" I'm pretty sure he wouldn't take that fight.

Kpro » Posted 1/27/07 9:53:00PM

I saw a fight behind a 7-11 in Tucson, Arizona a few years back while at the Sweet 16 for March Madness. With Henderson not training too far from there, and my recollections of the two fighting hazy, it's possible I've seen him fight behind a 7-11 already.

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