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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 12

As the UFC tried to move away from being this no rules street fighting event changes were made to protect the welfare of fighters. The biggest change for UFC 12 was the format. No longer would we have an eight man one night tournament. Also for the first time a new weight class was introduced.

Right, this is how it was going to work. Firstly they introduced a new weight class and called it Lightweight (LW). LW was 199lbs or less, 200lbs upwards was Heavyweight (HW). Secondly, they had two four man tournaments (one in each weight class) and the main event which was for the new HW Title.

Before the main card started we had two alternate matches, one in each weight class. Nick Sanzo and Eric Martin both picked up quick wins. We then move onto the main card, the opening bout was the first semi final of the LW tournament. UFC veteran Jerry Bohlander took on Rainy Martinez. Bohlander was used to facing bigger opponents and had shown good technique and good heart in his previous fights. This fight lasted less then ninety seconds as Bohlander picked up a very quick and impressive win via rear naked choke. He looked in another league to the debuting Martinez.

The second semi final sees Yoshiki Takahashi take on a Brazilian fighter who is famed for choking out Royce Gracie, Wallid Ismail. This fight went the full fifteen minutes (twelve minutes and then a three minute overtime). Ismail was constantly looking for the takedown but was unsuccessful, the longer the fight went on the more tired Ismail got and Takahashi picked him apart on the feet to win via unanimous decision.

We then move on to the HW tournament, the first semi final sees UFC veteran Scott Ferrozzo take on new comer Jim Mullen. Ferrozzo controls where the fight takes place. He uses his size advantage to hold Mullen up against the cage and beats him up with knees and dirty boxing. The fight lasted eight minutes with the referee stopping the fight as Mullen had taken to much punishment.

The second semi final sees the debut of two new fighters, both will go on to be well known with one of them still playing a big part in the current UFC roster. The first fighter is from the Lions Den, Tra Telligman. As a child he was involved in a car accident which left him with out one of his pectoral muscles, it looked quite unusual but it didn't seem to affect his fighting, the second fighter was none other then 'The Phenom' Vitor Belfort. Belfort makes light work of the tough Telligman as his hand speed smashes him, after dropping Telligman he finishes him off with elbows. The fight lasted less then ninety seconds with Belfort looking awesome.

The next fight is the LW final. Unfortunately Takahashi pulls out with a broken hand and he is replaced by the alternate Nick Sanzo. But, once again Bohlander shows he is on another level as he submits Sanzo within thirty five seconds with a crucifix submission. Bohlander is the first LW tournament champion.

In the HW final Vitor Belfort takes on the much larger Scott Ferrozzo, and once again Belfort shows off his amazing hand speed. This fight lasted less then one minute with Belfort dropping Ferrozzo, taking his back and then pounding him with punches until the referee finally stepped in. Belfort won the HW tournament with the combined time of both fights being two minutes.

We now move onto the main event. This fight is to crown the first ever UFC HW champion. The match sees two dominant wrestlers face off. Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman vs Dan 'The Beast' Severn. On paper this looked a very interesting match, in reality it was a one sided beat down. Severn tried taking Coleman down but was unsuccessful. From that point it was all Coleman. The fight lasted three minutes, with Coleman having Severn's back, as well as full mount before sinking in a nasty looking arm triangle choke. Mark Coleman is the first UFC HW champion.

KOTN Belfort over Ferrozzo
SOTN Bohlander over Sanzo
FOTN Belfort v Telligman
Fighter Belfort

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prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

Haven't watched any dvd. In like two months.
I have had 144 sitting on my desk for like two weeks now.

I am stoked finally found and got pride 2003 grand prix on Amazon for only 25 bucks.

Haven't seen the matches before. Besides lidell vs the reem can't wait for it to come in the mail

Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

I was lucky enough to watch all of the Pride FC events. Awesome.

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 13

UFC 13 followed a similar format to UFC 12. There were two four man tournaments, one at HW and one at LW. There was also a HW fight which was the main event. The biggest thing about this event was the debuts of two very well known fighters who would both become champions in the future. The night started with two unaired alternate bouts. At HW Jack Nilsson picked up a quick win and at LW we saw the official debut of Tito Ortiz. Ortiz won in thirty one seconds via tko.

Its now time for the main card. The first fight was a semi final for the LW tournament. The Lions Den fighter Guy Mezger was facing Judo fighter Christophe Leninger. Mezger with his kick boxing back ground kept the fight standing and had a clear advantage on the feet. Leninger tried to close the distance but it seemed what ever range they were in Mezger was still landing. Leninger was able to some good takedowns. But with the takedowns Mezger was to strong and was able to reverse any position and get back to his feet. The fight lasted fifteen minutes (twelve minutes regular time and three minutes over time), and Mezger won via decision.

The second semi final was a classic BJJ vs Wrestling. Enson Inoue ( who would go on to have some success in Pride FC) vs Royce Alger. Alger was training with Mark Coleman. This fight was pretty straight forward for Inoue. Alger was working from Inoue's guard, it was only a matter of time before Inoue landed the armbar. And he did, at the two minute mark. Easy win for Inoue.

We now move on to the HW tournament. The first HW fight is between Dmitri Stepanov and Steven Graham. Stepanov is slightly taller the Graham but Graham out weighs him by eighty pounds. Graham is to strong for Stepanov, he takes him down with ease, on the ground he works from side control and wins with a kimura forcing the tap out.

In the second HW fight we see the debut of Randy Couture. Couture is facing Tony Halme. An interesting fact about Tony Halme is that he used to be in the WWE and he fought under the name Ludvig Borga. Couture makes light work of Halme as he completely dominates. Couture gets a takedown straight away, takes his back and sinks in the choke for a very quick and easy win.

The next fight is the LW Final. It should have been Guy Mezger vs Enson Inoue, but Inoue pulled out with an injury and Tito Ortiz stepped in as an alternate. This was an exciting but controversial fight. Surprisingly Ortiz was able to get the advantage over Mezger on the feet. As Mezger was losing on the feet he decided to shoot for a takedown. Ortiz easily defended the takedown and caught Mezger in a head lock and used the position to control Mezger and throw knees to his head. It looked like Mezger tapped and straight after Big John McCarthy broke them up. But he didn’t break them up for the tap, he broke them up to check the cuts on Mezger's head. Mezger was given the all clear and the fight continued. In those days the fight was restarted back on the feet. As Ortiz shoots in to take Mezger down. Mezger sinks in a guillotine choke forcing the tap and giving Mezger a come from behind victory. Ortiz was very unlucky in this fight.

We then move onto the HW final, Randy Couture vs Steven Graham. Graham was a lot bigger then Couture, but once again Couture was able to completely out class his opponent. He got an easy takedown before moving from position to position landing knees and punches. He then took Grahams back and forced the stoppage with strikes. Couture had looked a different class to both of his HW opponents.

We now move on to the HW main event. The original bad boy of the UFC Tank Abbot takes on the new phenom Vitor Belfort. This was very easy for Belfort. His hand speed was way to much for Abbott as he blasted threw him with punches winning via tko in under one minute. Belfort once again looked unstoppable.

KOTN Belfort over Abbott
SOTN Mezger over Ortiz
FOTN Mezger v Ortiz
Fighter Couture

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 14

Once again this event had two four man tournaments, one at HW and one at MW. Also, the HW title is on the line in the main event. Before the main card starts there is two alternate bouts, one for each tournament. The biggest thing to happen in the alternate bouts was after Tony Fryklund had won by submission in the MW bout he threw a strike after the bell and as he walked away he stepped on his beaten opponent.

We now move on to the main card. The first bout is in the MW tournament and it sees the returning Joe Moreira take on Yuri Vaulin. This is a very one sided fight as Moreira controls the fight on the ground with out ever looking like finishing off his opponent. After fifteen minutes Moreira wins via decision.

The second MW tournament fight sees the debut of wrestler Kevin Jackson (who won an Olympic gold) take on Todd Butler. Its fair to say this fight is also pretty one sided. Jackson closes the distance, takes him down, takes his back and then pounds the back of his head until Butler taps, the fight lasted less then ninety seconds.

We now move on to the HW tournament. In the first semi final we get the debut of the infamous Mark Kerr. He faces off against Moti Horenstein. This fight is classic Kerr, he gets the takedown, moves straight into side control and then pounds Horenstein until the referee has seen enough and stops the fight. Its clear to see that Kerr is on a completely different level.

In the second semi final we get the returning Brian Johnston take on the massive Dan Bobish. Bobish is known for his wrestling and Johnston his kickboxing, so its a bit of a surprise when they both come out swinging and Bobish is getting the advantage. After standing toe to toe for about ninety seconds, Bobish gets Johnston up against the fence and takes him down. He then pushes his forearm across Johnston's throat and continues to throw strikes forcing the tap out.

Its now time for the MW final. Moreira pulls out and the controversial alternate Tony Fryklund steps in to take on Kevin Jackson in the final. Jackson makes light work of Fryklund, he gets a quick takedown, takes his back and sinks in the rear naked choke, all within forty five seconds.

We then move on to the HW final, Mark Kerr v Dan Bobish. Two big fighters who looked impressive in there opening bouts. Bobish out weighs Kerr by fifty pounds, but Kerr's skill level is way to high for Bobish. Kerr dictates where the fight takes place, he gets a quick takedown, takes side control and then submits Bobish with a head lock. With Kerr and Jackson both winning there tournaments, its been a good night for wrestlers, will it continue in the main event?

In the main event we see HW Champion Mark Coleman making his first title defence against World champion kick boxer Maurice Smith. This is a classic grappler v striker fight which promises fireworks. Coleman was huge favourite going into this fight and he shows why as he shoots for the takedown. Smith, knowing he is going to go down opts to pull guard rather then give up a worst position. Coleman starts working from top position, bit Smith who has clearly worked on his ground game is able to avoid damage and even throws elbows from the bottom which give Coleman something to worry about. Coleman doesn't like being hit by the elbows and passes the guard into side control. Smith is constantly working and forcing Coleman to work and at the nine minute mark Smith surprisingly gets back to his feet. Coleman looks exhausted and Smith starts to land with leg kicks. Coleman is able to get another takedown off of a missed head kick, but he is to tired to do anything with it, Smith who is looking the fresher of the two is able to reverse Coleman and get back to his feet. The fifteen minutes run out and we move on to the two over time periods. Coleman is exhausted and Smith makes the most of the next two rounds (which are three minutes each) throwing leg kicks, which combined with the exhaustion of Coleman took away his ability to shoot. As the time runs out we get one of the biggest upsets up to this point in the UFC as kick boxer Maurice Smith wins a decision over the dominant wrestler Mark Coleman. We also saw Coleman's weakness for the first time, cardio.

KOTN Kerr over Horenstein
SOTN Jackson over Fryklund
FOTN Smith v Coleman
Fighter Smith

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 15

UFC 15 marked some major changes with regards to illegal moves. From this event the fighters were not allowed to headbutt, strike to the groin, strike to the back of the head and neck, kick downed opponents. There was also no small joint manipulation and hair pulling.

This card was an all HW card. There was a four man tournament with two alternate bouts, a HW super fight and also a HW title fight. There was 7 fights and they were all on the main card. The first bout is a HW alternate match between Alex Hunter and Harry Moskowitz. Moskowitz out weighs Hunter by about eighty pound and is also about eight inches taller. But as we've seen in the past the bigger man doesn't always dominate. They are both quite even on the feet, Hunter is constantly looking for the takedown but Moskowitz is able to defend the takedown early on. As the fight goes on both fighters start to tire and Hunter is able to do slightly more damage, he also gets a takedown late on in the fight. After twelve minutes Hunter wins via a split decision.

The second fight is also an alternate match for the HW tournament. Housten Dorr vs Dwayne Cason. Cason has a wrestling back ground so you can probably guess what's going to happen in this fight. Cason is able to take Dorr down with ease, Cason then bides his time and when he sees the opening he finishes Dorr with ground and pound strikes in a pretty straight forward fight.

The next fight is the opening fight of the HW tournament. The UFC 14 HW tournament winner Mark Kerr is back to see if he can win two tournaments in a row. He is taking on the new comer Gregg Stott. Kerr looked like a beast at UFC 14 and it continues here with a seventeen second knee which knocks Stott out cold.

The second HW tournament fight sees the return of UFC veteran Dave Beneteau as he takes on a BJJ fighter in Carlos Barreto. Its going to be interesting to see how Beneteau will fair after being away from the UFC since Ultimate ultimate 95. This was a very close fight. Even though Beneteau had the wrestling advantage, Barreto was constantly working when ever the fight went down to the ground and was always a threat. When they were on the feet it was pretty even. The fight lasted for fifteen minutes and Beneteau won a very close unanimous decision.

The next fight is a number one contender match between two UFC stand outs who both go on to have great careers in the UFC. Randy 'The Natural' Couture vs Vitor 'The Phenom' Belfort. Going into this fight Belfort was the big favourite. To date in the UFC he had showed super fast hands. Even though Couture has the wrestling advantage, Belfort is also a BJJ fighter, so it seems that were ever the fight goes Belfort is going to have the advantage. This was a great fight. Belfort comes out throwing punches and surprisingly Couture is able to walk through the punches and clinch with Belfort. In the clinch Couture is able to out muscle Belfort throwing knees to the body and also using his dirty boxing. With the constant pressure from Couture he is able to get a takedown and continues to throw punches from side control. Belfort scrambles back to his feet but Couture once again closes the distance and continues to turn up the heat with his dirty boxing. Amazingly you can see Belfort start to crumble, he falls to the floor and Couture continues to throw punches forcing the referee to stop the fight for one of the biggest upsets to date in the UFC. Couture will now fight for the title in an up and coming event.

Its now time for the HW final. Mark Kerr who won very easily in his first fight takes on Dwayne Cason as Dave Beneteau withdraws from the tournament due to fatigue. This is a very one sided fight. Kerr gets a quick takedown, works into mount, forces Cason to give up his back and then chokes him all within a minute. Kerr wins his second HW tournament in the UFC. Unfortunately we don't see Kerr again in the UFC but he goes on to play a big part for Pride FC.

We now move on to our main event which sees the UFC HW champion Maurice Smith take on the UFC bad boy Tank Abbott. Its worth noting that Abbott took this fight on one weeks notice replacing the injured Dan Severn. Abbott has struggled with cardio in the past, so taking this fight on such short notice could play a big factor. At the start of the fight Smith wants to keep the fight standing and Abbott wants to take him down. Smith lands with some nice leg kicks and is able to defend any take down attempt. Abbott does finally get Smith down, he drops him with a punch and then pounces on Smith before he can get back up. As in Smith's first UFC fight he defends well on the ground. As Abbott is unable to advance his position they are both stood back up. Its clear to see that the fight has left an exhausted Abbott. Smith lands two hard leg kicks and Abbot verbally submits. Smith is the first UFC fighter to defend a belt in the UFC.

KOTN Kerr over Stott
SOTN Kerr over Cason
FOTN Couture v Belfort
Fighter Couture

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

Ultimate Japan

The UFC makes it debut in Japan. And to show off on its debut show in Japan we have a HW title fight, as well as the debut of the MW title. There is also a four man HW tournament and a HW 'Super' fight. The night started with a HW alternate bout which wasn't aired. Tra Telligman beat Brad Kohler by armbar.

In the first HW tournament bout UFC veteran Tank Abbott takes on Japanese Pro Wrestler Yoji Anjo. This fight was pretty straight forward for Abbot. The fight lasted for fifteen minutes and was one sided as Abbott took Anjo down and punched his was to unanimous decision to advance to the final.

The second semi final sees future Japanese and Pride FC legend Kazushi Sakuraba takes on Marcus Conan Silvera. Silvera is a BJJ fighter. This was a very short fight which ended controversially. About ninety seconds into the fight, Silvera has Sakuraba up against the cage and lands some punches. Sakuraba drops for a single leg and Big John McCarthy (thinking Sakuraba has been knocked out) jumps in to stop the fight. Silvera is declared the winner by tko.

The next fight is for the MW title. The debuting Frank Shamrock takes on Kevin Jacskon. Jackson had looked very impressive so far in his earlier UFC fights. On paper this is a classic wrestler v BJJ fight. And, that's how the fight plays out. Jackson shoots in for a takedown and in the transition Shamrock slaps on the armbar forcing Jackson to tap twenty three seconds into the fight. An amazing debut by Frank Shamrock.

We now move onto the 'Super' fight. After Belfort lost his last fight he is back against a hand picked opponent. He is fighting Joe Charles. Belfort decides to make this a grappling match and throws no punches in this fight. The fight lasts for four minutes and ends when Belfort catches Charles in an armbar. If Belfort had chose to strike in this match it would have been over a lot quicker.

Its now time for the HW final, and its not what you think. Abbott pulls out with a broken hand so he is not in the final. But that's not the twist. The twist is the Silvera v Sakuraba fight was called a no contest after the premature stoppage, and they will rematch for the final. Sakuraba has been given a second chance and he plans to make the most of it. This turns into a grappling match, the fight is very close and lasts for four minutes. The fight ends when Silvera attempts a Kimura and Sakuraba reverses it and wins via armbar to become the Ultimate Japan tournament winner. This was Sakuraba's only UFC appearance but he goes on to have a great career including famously defeating four Gracies, Renzo, Ryan, Royler and Royce.

We now move on to the main event which sees champion Maurice Smith making his second title defence against Randy Couture who was fresh off his amazing performance over Vitor Belfort. This fight plays out the way Coleman v Smith would have played out if Coleman had cardio. Couture gets the takedown and beats up Smith on the ground. The fight lasts for twenty one minutes, fifteen minutes regular time and two overtime periods of three minutes and Couture wins comfortably by decision to become the new HW champion.

SOTN Shamrock over Jackson
FOTN Smith v Couture
Fighter Shamrock

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 16: Battle in the Bayou

The main features of this event was a four man LW tournament. LW back then was 170lb's, the equivalent of today's WW division. One of the contestants in the LW tournament was future MMA legend Pat Miletich. The main event featured Frank Shamrock's first MW title defence. The night starts with two unaired LW tournament alternate matches. Laverne Clark and Chris Brennan both pick up quick wins.

We now move on to the main card. The first fight is a LW tournament match between Lion's Den fighter Mikey Burnett and a Brazilian fighter named Eugenio Tadeu. Burnett was looking to keep the fight standing and started throwing heavy punches right from the off. Tadeu was able to get a takedown but Burnett was to strong and had no problem reversing him. They spent a bit of time on the ground with Burnett in top position, but the referee decided there wasn't enough action and stood them both up. From the restart Burnett started landing with more heavy shots and even though Tadeu didn't go down, the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight to give Burnett a tko victory.

The next fight is the second LW tournament match. Pat Miletich makes his UFC debut against and Olympic silver medallist winner Townsend Saunders. It will be the well roundedness of Miletich vs the wrestling of Saunders. This was an extremely close fight mainly spent grappling with both fighters unsuccessfully looking for submissions. They fought for fifteen minutes and Miletich marked his UFC debut with an unconvincing split decision victory.

The next fight is a MW fight and on paper a very interesting fight. UFC veteran and Lion's Den fighter Jerry Bohlander takes on the wrestler Kevin Jackson (coming off the sixteen second loss to Frank Shamrock). As in Jackson's last fight it will be wrestling vs BJJ. This fight did not disappoint. They both threw punches at the start with Jackson landing the bigger shots. Jackson was able to get a takedown off of one of these punches. On the ground even though Jackson was on top, Bohlander was very active avoiding damage and always looking for a submission off of his back. Jackson also made a few submission attempts but Bohlander was to wise on the ground to get caught. After a little bit of inactivity they were stood back up. But it wasn't long before they were back on the ground, Jackson was in Bohlander's guard and from no where at around the nine minute mark Bohlander threw up and armbar. Jackson did not tap, but as his arm was fully extended the referee stopped the fight. This was a great fight.

Its now time for the LW final. Unfortunately Mikey Burnett pulls out of the final with a broken finger. He is replaced by Chris Brennan who was one of the alternate winners. He is set to take on Pat Miletich in the final. This was another competitive fight with some good ground action. The turning point in the fight was when Brennan grabbed a guillotine and pulled guard. The choke looked tight, but Miletich kept calm and worked his head free. He then started throwing strikes and working to improve position. From half guard Miletich started working for an arm triangle choke, once the choke is on Brennan taps and Miletich is the first LW tournament winner. This was a good fight but it would have been good to see Miletich vs Burnett.

The next fight is a HW super fight between UFC veteran Kimo Leopaldo and Japanese fighter Tsuyoshi Kosaka. At the time of this fight Kosaka was training with Maurice Smith and Frank Shamrock. This was another exciting fight. Kimo starts very fast, gets a quick takedown and starts working to try and finish the fight. Kosaka is very experienced and is able to avoid damage. The longer the fight goes on the more tired Kimo becomes and Kosaka starts to take over. On the feet Kosaka starts to pick a tired Kimo apart. After twelve minutes there is a three minute overtime period, Kimo has a second wind, but it isn't enough as Kosaka finished the fight on top throwing and landing punches from Kimo's guard. Kosaka wins a unanimous decision.

Its now time for the main event. Frank Shamrock is defending his MW title against Igor Zinoviev. This fight is short, with an amazing finish. The fight lasts for twenty two seconds, Zinoviev throws a punch. Shamrock ducks under, gets a hold of Zinoviev and slams him straight on to his head. The impact of the fall knocks Zinoviev out cold. Shamrock is still the MW champion.

KOTN Shamrock over Zinoviev
SOTN Bohlander over Jackson
FOTN Bohlander v Jackson
Fighter Shamrock

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 17: Redemption

UFC 17 saw the debut of some big fighters who would play a part in shaping MMA and the UFC. The debutants were Chuck Liddell, Dan Henderson, Carlos Newton, Pate Williams and Jeremy Horn.

The night started with an unaired alternate bout for the four man middleweight tournament. The winner would not feature on the main card, but as it is the debut of future UFC legend/Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell it is worth mentioning. He beat Noe Hernandez by unanimous decision. There was also an unaired HW fight which saw Andre Roberts pick up a victory knocking out Harry Moskowitz.

The first fight on the main card was the first semi final of the MW tournament between Dan Henderson and Allan Goes. This was actually a very close fight. Surprisingly (with what we know now) Goes drops Henderson twice during the fight with a punch. But as the fight goes on Goes is constantly looking to pull guard, and even when Henderson is in Goes guard he is able to cause more damage. The fight lasted for fifteen minutes, but even with the two knockdowns the decision goes against Goes (who probably lost as kept dropping to the ground hoping Henderson would go in his guard). Henderson squeaks out a unanimous decision.

The second semi final is Carlos Newton v Bob Gilstrap. This was very easy for Newton as he completely out classes Gilstrap. He slams him down with a double leg takedown, easily takes mount, and while looking for an armbar sinks in a triangle choke all under one minute. The final will be Henderson v Newton.

The next fight is a HW bout between a wrestler and a BJJ fighter. Mike Van Arsdale v Joe Pardo. This was a very one sided fight. Arsdale was able to dictate where the fight took place. He stuffed Pardo's take down attempts. On the feet he landed the bigger punches including a punch which dropped Pardo. When Arsdale chose to he also worked from Pardo's guard or half guard and pounded on Pardo. After eleven minutes of punishment he was able finish Pardo with a kimura.

The next fight is another HW fight. The UFC veteran Tank Abbot v Hugo Duarte. This fight lasted forty four seconds and was a very easy win for Abbott. He forced the stoppage by taking his back and punishing him with his heavy hands, the referee had no choice but to stop the fight. Abbott picks up another UFC victory.

We now move onto the MW tournament final, Dan Henderson v Carlos Newton. This was actually a very entertaining fight. Once again Henderson shows a great chin as during the fight he is dropped twice, one with a punch and one with a head kick and each time he looks out but recovers very quickly. Henderson also landed some big shots during the fight. They both scored good takedowns. Henderson was the bigger stronger fighter and he showed some good control on the ground, he was able to hold Newton up against the fence and punish him with strikes. This fight lasted fifteen minutes, and with the two knockdowns Newton looked on for the decision, but two of the judges felt Henderson had done enough and he was give the split decision. Henderson had been knocked down four times (two times in each fight) but still manage to squeak out both decisions.

The next fight is a HW fight, Mark Coleman v the Lions Den fighter making his UFC debut, Pete Williams. Coleman does what Coleman does and starts strong, he is able to take Williams down and control him with position and punching. Williams is active and is constantly looking for a submission nearly securing an armbar. As the fight goes on Coleman starts to tire, there is a restart, Coleman rocks Williams with a punch but as soon as the opportunity is there he takes the durable Williams back down to the ground. Time runs out and we move into the over time period. Williams is much the fresher fighter, he lands with leg kicks and punches as he keeps Coleman at bay. Coleman attempts a takedown but is met by a big knee which rocks Coleman, as he tries to clear his head we get one of the most famous knockouts from UFC history. Williams feints low and then throws a head kick, the shin connects beautifully across the face of Coleman sending him to sleep, giving Williams the upset victory. He was unknown going into that fight but everyone knew who he was by the end of the fight.

Now, there was one more fight, it was a MW title fight between the defending champion Frank Shamrock and the challenger Jeremy Horn. This was a dark match which was aired on another PPV (A Night of Champions). Up to this point Shamrock had won his UFC fights very quickly and very impressively, both were under a minute, with an armbar and a knockout via a slam. This was the first fight we saw Shamrock pushed, this fight was an exciting back and fourth ground match, with both fighters showing great skills in looking for and avoiding submissions. Going into the overtime period the fight was extremely close and there was even a chance of Horn causing the upset and sneaking the decision. With only a couple of minutes to go Horn made a positional error and very much like a chess match Shamrock took full advantage of the mistake forcing the tap out with a knee bar. You could see the relief on Shamrocks face, and even in defeat you could tell that Horn had a bright future in MMA.

This was a very exciting event.

KOTN Williams over Coleman
SOTN Shamrock over Horn
FOTN Henderson v Newton
Fighter Williams

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC: Ultimate Brazil

The UFC makes its first trip to Brazil. On the main card there is six fights including two title fights. Before we get to the main card there were two prelims. All four fighters on the prelims were Brazilian fighters and none of them go on to make an impact in the UFC or MMA.

The first fight on the main card sees the second UFC fight for Jeremy Horn, who in his debut fought for the MW title against Frank Shamrock and gave Shamrock his hardest fight in the UFC up to this point. Horn was facing a Brazilian fighter, Ebenezer Fontes Braga. Braga is known for his BJJ as is Horn so it should be a very interesting fight. At the start of the fight Braga is the more aggressive, he is able to push Horn up against the fence. Not much happens as both fighters work for position. Around the three minute mark Braga trips Horn, as Horn recovers he starts to work for a double leg takedown, but he leaves his neck exposed and Braga sinks in a guillotine forcing Horn to tap out. This fight was some what of an upset. Horn had looked so good against Shamrock but had lost quite easily in this fight.

The next fight is a HW fight. The UFC HW champion Randy Couture has left the UFC and vacated the belt. The UFC puts on a series of matches to crown a new HW champion. There were two fights on this card where the winner would move onto a semi final match and a chance to fight for the HW title. This fight is between Pete Williams (coming off of his big KO of Mark Coleman) and Tsuyoshi Kosaka who defeated Kimo Leopaldo in his first UFC fight. This fight is very close, on the feet the story is Williams looking to punch with Kosaka keeping him at bay with kicks. On the ground the fight is also very close. Kosaka is constantly looking for a kimura but is unable to finish the move, Williams does get mount during the fight but doesn't make the most of the position. Towards the end of the fight Williams lands a head kick which visibly rocks Kosaka but its to little to late. Kosaka wins via a unanimous decision.

The third fight is to crown the first ever LW champion. LW then was 170lbs (the equivalent of today's WW division). The LW tournament winner Pat Miletich takes on the man who was injured and had to pull out of the tournament Mikey Burnett. As good as this fight looked on paper it never really got going. Burnett wanted to strike with Miletich, but Miletich basically spent most of the fight holding on to Burnett's shorts to close the distance. He was able to shut Burnett down but he never tried to engage and cause damage. The fight lasted twenty one minutes and went to the judges. In a really surprising call two judges picked Miletich to win and he won via split decision to become the first UFC LW champion.

Its fair to say up to this point this event has not been very exciting, but that's about to change. The next fight is another HW fight with the winner moving onto the semi finals and the chance to fight for the HW title. In one corner we have the UFC veteran and UFC bad boy Tank Abbott and he is set to face UFC newcomer Pedro 'The Rock' Rizzo. As the fight starts Abbott charges Rizzo looking to land the big punch. Back peddling Rizzo lands a right cross that drops Tank. Tank gets back to his feet quite quickly, and goes straight forward again as he tries to clinch with Rizzo. Eventually he is able to get Rizzo down, but Rizzo is one of Marco Ruas's top students and he is able to avoid any damage while keeping Tank in his guard. After a few minutes the referee stands them both up due to inactivity. You can now see that Abbott is starting to get tired, Rizzo being an excellent striker he is able to take full advantage, he lands a series of leg kicks which set up a nice punch that drops Tank. Once again Tank recovers quickly, but Rizzo keeps doing the same brutalizing the legs. The leg kicks set up a nice two punch combo that knock Tank out and end the fight. Rizzo looked very impressive on his UFC debut.

The fifth fight was a MW fight between two Brazilian fighters, at the time of the fight one was well known and the other one wasn't, though both fighters would go on to have amazing careers and both become MMA legends. Vitor Belfort who had looked very impressive up to this point in his UFC career (his only loss coming to Randy Couture) and the newcomer Wanderlei Silva. This fight is short, but at the same time amazing to watch. The fight lasts for forty five seconds and basically ends the first time they engage. Silva is looking to close the gap, but as he does Belfort lands one of his straight punches which rocks Silva, he then throws and flurry of punches which back Silva up from one side of the octagon to the other and gives us another famous highlight reel knockout. What makes even more amazing is knowing how much success Silva goes on to as he dominates his weight class for many years in Pride FC.

The final fight is a grudge match. The MW champion (and most dominant champion in any UFC weight class up to this point) Frank Shamrock takes on a fighter who holds a victory over him, John Lober. This fight lasted longer then his first two UFC fights but Shamrock looked awesome in this fight, he out struck Lober landing some devastating leg kicks, when they clinch, Shamrock is to strong for Lober and is able to slam him down to the mat. Even though Shamrock has the advantage on the ground he is looking to make a statement and lets Lober back up so he can continue to punish him. After more leg kicks he drops him with a punch, he then lets him back up before dropping him with knees. He then pounces and forces Lober's head and neck up against the side of the Octagon. He is still landing strikes, Lober taps out. Shamrock completely dominated this fight and once again made another big statement.

KOTN Belfort over Silva
SOTN Braga over Horn
FOTN Rizzo v Abbott
Fighter Belfort

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 18: Road to the Heavyweight Title

The UFC is looking to crown a new HW champion. Pedro Rizzo and Tsuyoshi Kosaka both picked up wins in Brazil so they both get another match up, Rizzo will face Mark Coleman and Kosaka will face Bas Rutten. This event also sees the debut of Evan Tanner, Tito Ortiz starts a feud with the Lions Den which will last for years and Pat Miletich makes his first defence of the LW title (170lbs). The night starts with an unaired prelim which sees Laverne Clark beat Frank Caracci via submission due to strikes.

The opening fight is a MW fight (200lbs) between Evan Tanner and Darrel Gholar. This was the first time we got to see Tanner and he started his UFC career in impressive fashion. Gholar is able to take Tanner down early in the fight, but even from his back Tanner comes closer to ending the fight then Gholar does. There on the ground for six minutes with Tanner neutralising Gholar before getting back to his feet. Once back on the feet Gholar is clearly tired and Tanner takes advantage of this. He lands with some strikes before taking Gholar down and sinking in the rear naked choke.

The second fight is between two fighters who lost close fights to the champion Pat Miletich. The Lions Den fighter Mikey Burnett v the wrestler Townsend Saunders. This is quite a slow paced fight, Saunders is looking to take this fight down and Burnett is working to keep the fight standing and strike. The few times Saunders does get Burnett down he pops right back up to his feet. The fight goes the distance and Burnett wins a unanimous decision.

We now move on to a MW fight between another Lions Den fighter, Jerry Bohlander and the up and coming Tito Ortiz. Bohlander was one of the most well rounded fighters in the UFC and had looked very impressive up to this point. Ortiz was the next generation and was about to make a statement in this fight. Early on in the fight Ortiz landed with some good punches before using his wrestling to take Bohlander down. On the ground he was able to control Bohlander, throw punches, improve position and take control of the fight. Ortiz fought smart and when needed used his ground control to be able take a little rest and get his breath back. The fight went for twelve minutes with Ortiz dominating Bohlander, we then had a three minute over time period. This period went the same way as Ortiz controlled where the fight took place. With about thirty seconds left the fight was stopped due to a cut over Bohlander's eye. Ortiz picked up his first big win in the UFC. After the fight Ortiz fired his fake pistols at the Lions Den corner and then put on one of his famous t-shirts, on the front it says Extreme Associates 3:16, on the back it says I just fucked your ass. This was the start of the Ortiz v Lions Den feud.

The next fight is a HW fight which will lead to the HW title. Pedro Rizzo will fight Mark Coleman. Coleman as always starts strong and is able to take Rizzo down. Rizzo defends well on the ground and avoids damage. Around the five minute mark the fighters are stood up due to inactivity and Coleman is starting to look tired. Rizzo seeing that Coleman is starting to tire picks his shots with punches and leg kicks. Coleman scores another takedown near the end of the time period but does very little with the position. In the over time period Rizzo keeps the fight standing and picks his shots. Neither fighter really impressed in this fight and had Coleman had cardio he clearly would have won this fight, but as we have seen in previous Coleman fights if you can survive the initial onslaught the fight is yours to take. Rizzo wins a razor thin split decision.

The next fight is Pat Miletich's first UFC LW title defence. He is facing newcomer Jorge Patino. Its fair to say at this time there was very little depth in this newly established division. The story of this fight is Patino not engaging with Miletich. This was a very boring fight to watch and lasted twenty one minutes with very little action, Miletich tried to engage but Patino spent most of his time going backwards. Miletich wins a lacklustre decision.

We now move on to the main event, the UFC are trying to make the new face of the UFC the Dutch legend Bas Rutten, he makes his UFC debut at HW (which was not his natural weight class) against Tsuyoshi Kosaka. Rutten has a big reputation from Pancrase and is also know for his awesome Muy Thai. Right from the start its obvious that Kosaka once to take Rutten down. On the feet Rutten has a clear advantage and lands with some nice punches and leg kicks. But it doesn't take long for Kosaka to take Rutten down. On the ground he works to improve position and to land strikes, but Rutten shows excellent defence and avoids damage. When ever the fight is back up either from a restart or Rutten getting back to his feet it doesn't take long for Kosaka to take Rutten straight back down. Rutten finishes strong in the regulation time period but with all the takedowns you have to feel he is behind on the Judges score card. In the overtime period Kosaka is once again looking for the takedown but Rutten who looks the fresher of the two fighters is able to keep the fight standing. He lands with a knee that rocks Kosaka before finishing him off with punches to get the come from behind tko victory. So, the two HW's advancing to the final to crown the new champion is Bas Rutten and Pedro Rizzo. On paper this should be a great fight, the only problem is they are both training partners so will they agree to fight?

KOTN Rutten over Kosaka
SOTN Tanner over Gholar
FOTN Ortiz v Bohlander
Fighter Ortiz

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns

UFC was back and they were looking to promote the new breed of fighters. The main card features six fights. Each fight has at least one well known fighter who at this stage had already made and impact on the sport or will make an impact in the future. There was one unaired prelim which saw Sione Latu defeat Joey Roberts. Neither fighter ever really made an impact within MMA.

The first fight was a HW fight between the Lions Den fighter who knocked out Coleman, Pete Williams and Jason Godsey. This fight was pretty straight forward for Williams. He gets a quick takedown, works from half guard before finishing off Godsey with a kneebar. This fight lasted less then two minutes.

The second fight was at MW (200lbs) and saw Evan Tanner make his second UFC appearance. He was facing Valeri Ignatov. Tanner once again makes a statement as one of the early standouts. On the feet he lands the better of the punches, he then takes the fight down. Ignatov is active off of his back but Tanner is to smart for Ignatov and he is able to pass the guard into mount. From the full mount Tanner throws some nasty elbows and the referee rightfully stops the fight. This fight lasted just under three minutes with Tanner looking very good.

The next fight is a HW fight. In the previous UFC Pedro Rizzo and Bas Rutten won HW tournament fights, but as they were both friends and training partners Rizzo pulled out of the tournament. The winner of this fight between the former UFC HW champion Maurice Smith and newcomer Kevin Randleman will face Bas Rutten for the HW title. This is a classic striker (Smith) vs wrestler (Randleman) match up. This was not a classic match up, Randleman was able to control where the fight took place, he was able to take Smith down at will, as the fight went on Randleman grew in confidence and there was a couple of times were Randleman let Smith up and then took him back down again. Randleman didn't cause a lot of damage but he always looked in control and won an easy unanimous decision.

The next fight sees Chuck Liddell make his first appearance on a UFC main card. He is facing Jeremy Horn who had lost his first two UFC fights. At this point not a lot is known about Liddell, but we are led to believe that striking is his strong point. Horn is happy to stand and trade kicks, but once the opportunity rises he shoots looking for the takedown. Liddell is able to sprawl and land some knees and punches to punish Horn for his failed takedown defence. The fight is very close with neither fighter having a big advantage. There are times when Horn gets Liddell down but Liddell is able to work his way back to his feet. Towards the end of the fight as both fighters start to get tired Horn secures a takedown and works in an arm triangle choke. As the buzzer goes to signal the end of the fight Horn releases the hold and goes to his corner, Liddell just lies there, the choke has put Liddell to sleep. Horn wins via technical submission.

The next fight sees the return of UFC HW Gary Goodridge, he takes on another big HW in Andre Roberts. Both fighters look huge. They both come out swinging and Goodridge breaks Roberts nose. Roberts turns his back and waves the fight off, he verbally submits from the broken nose.

The next fight is the main event. Tito Ortiz steps up to take on the Lions Den fighter who beat him at UFC 13, Guy Mezger. Ortiz comes straight out looking for the takedown. As good as Mezger is he cannot stop the takedown, Ortiz takes him down and looks to throw punches and elbows. Every time Mezger works his way back to his feet Ortiz takes him straight back down. Ortiz is in complete control, the fight lasts for nine minutes but in the end the referee stops the fight as Ortiz continues to dominate Mezger and Mezger is unable to defend himself. At the end of the fight Ortiz digs a mock grave and then buries his opponent in the grave, he then sticks his fingers up to the Lions Den corner. He also puts on a T-Shirt which says Gay Mezger is my bitch. Ken Shamrock was fuming and the referee had to pull Ortiz away from the Lions Den's corner. So began the infamous Ortiz v Shamrock feud.

KOTN Tanner over Ignatov

SOTN Horn over Liddell

FOTN Ortiz v Mezger

Fighter Ortiz

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UFC 20: The Battle for the Gold

Headlining this event will be the fight to crown the new HW champion. After a kind of tournament we are left with two heavyweights, Bas Rutten and Kevin Randleman. Some of the other standouts on the card are Pete Williams, Pedro Rizzo and Wanderlei Silva. There was one unaired prelim which saw Ron Waterman pick up a tko victory within thirty seconds.

The first fight is a LW fight (170lbs) between Laverne Clark and Fabiano Iha. Clark is known for his striking and Iha for his ground game. Straight from the start Clark is looking to land with punches and Iha is looking to close the distance. Clark connects with a few punches and knocks Iha down to the ground. He then jumps into finish the fight, the referee stops the fight due a nasty cut above Iha's eye, apart from the cut Iha seemed ok and was actually working for a submission when the referee stopped the fight.

The second fight sees Wanderlei Silva make his second appearance in the UFC, he is facing Tony Petarra . Petarra's game plan is to take Silva down, any time he clinches with Silva, Silva throws knees to the body and punishes Petarra for the failed attempt. Around the three minute mark Silva manages to get the thai clinch and throws three devastating knees that knock Petarra out. A nice finish for Silva.

The next fight is between two newcomers, David Roberts and Marcello Mello. This is a very quick and easy fight for Mello. The fight lasts for eighty seconds, Mello takes Roberts down, mounts him and then finishes him off with elbows. Neither fighter would fight again in then UFC.

Fight number four is a HW fight. Pete Williams versus Travis Fulton. This is Fulton's first fight in the UFC but at the point of this fight he is twenty one years old with over seventy pro fights, amazing. This was a pretty competitive fight, on the feet Williams has the slight advantage landing a few nice leg kicks, Fulton not liking the stand up game shoots in on Williams, Williams is able to block the shoot and then reverse Fulton before working his way to mount. Fulton is active off of his back and gains full guard. From the guard Williams works for a heel hook and Fulton reverses and ends up in Williams guard. He starts to land some good punches but Williams being a Lions Den fighter is good fighting off of his back and he secures an armbar tapping out Fulton. This fight lasted for six minutes with some good back and fourth action.

The next fight is also a HW fight and it also features another Lions Den fighter. Tra Telligman takes on the Brazilian Pedro Rizzo. Both of these fighters like to strike so it should be a good fight. Telligman starts strong and lands with some big punches which force Rizzo back as well as bloodying his nose. Rizzo survives the early onslaught and as Telligman starts to tire he slowly starts to pick Telligman apart. Rizzo knocks Telligman out with a big punch, the fight lasts for just under five minutes.

We now move on to the main event and the fight for the HW title. We have the wrestler Kevin Randleman versus the Dutch kickboxer Bas Rutten. Randleman starts very quickly and scores a takedown off of a Rutten kick. Randleman then lands with punches and elbows and really starts to damage Rutten. The fight is stopped so the doctors can check over Rutten (whose nose is broken), he still wants to fight so they continue but its more of the same. This is the story of the whole fight, as the fight goes on Randleman starts to tire, he is still in top position controlling Rutten but he is not causing much damage. Rutten does land some nice elbows from the bottom which cut Randlemans head. The fight lasts for twenty one minutes, Randleman completely dominates Rutten, Rutten shows a ton of heart and never gives up. Now for one of the biggest shocks up to this point in the UFC ( and still one of the worst decisions ever) two Judges score the fight to Rutten who wins via split decision. Randleman was robbed.

KOTN Silva over Petarra
SOTN Williams over Fulton
FOTN Rizzo v Telligman
Fighter Randleman

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What number are u on now

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Ive fallen behind a bit, need to start it back up, this thread is as far as I have got, will get started agin hopefully over the weekend.

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