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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

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Good reading Rabi .... I too have watched every single UFC event and happen to own every one on disk as well as having the entire Pride collection. I'm an mma junkie and have been since it all started and as this gr8 sport grows, so does our knowledge and experience as fight prognosticators.

I have a pretty huge collection as well, every UFC, Pride EliteXC, Bodog, with KOTC, Strikeforce, IFL, Cage Rage, SuperBrawl, Rumble on the Rock, Gladiator Challenge, and a few others

I wish I lived near one of use, I'd be for ever borrowing your dvds from you

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


After the success of UFC 1, the UFC were back and aiming for bigger and better, instead of an 8 man tournament the UFC had a 16 man tournament ( for the first and last time in the UFC). We also had the debut of the most famous MMA referee Big John McCarthy. The first 7 round 1 matches were not aired on the PPV, but they did air Royce Gracie's first round match.

But first, the first round winners were, the Ninja Scott Morris (I'm not joking) who won via a guillotine after 20 seconds, the returnee from UFC 1, Pat Smith, he also won by guillotine, his was also very quick, timed at 58 seconds. Then we had Johnny Rhodes whose fight lasted 12 minutes and he won with punches (his opponent submitted). Frank Hamaker was the 4th person to make it through, the opposing corner stopped the fight after 5 minutes, Hamaker pulled out after this fight due to injury. Orlando Wiet ( an explosive French kickboxer ) looked great in his opening round and won in 3 minutes finishing the fight off with knees. Remco Pardoel a dutch fighter who was trained in Judo won with an armlock after 10 minutes, (there was some long matches in the first round), and finally Jason De Lucia won via submission due to strikes at the 7 minute mark.

So, the final first round match was the defending UFC 1 winner Royce Gracie against Japenese fighter Minoki Ichihara. Its worth noting that there was no seeds in the draw and a lot of people felt these 2 fighters were the best in the tournament. This fight lasted 5 minutes, which was by far longer then any of Royce Gracie's matches from UFC 1, Gracie finally sunk in the lapel choke for a submission win.

We then started the Quarter Finals, the first fight was the returnee from UFC 1, kickboxer Patrick Smith, vs the Ninja Scott Morris. When the fight started Morris charged Smith, Smith landed a flurry of strikes and then ended up in full mount on Morris and threw viscous elbows which left Morris a bloody mess, Smith got up and walked away even before the Referee had chance to stop the fight, Smith looked very explosive and focused.

The next fight saw Johnny Rhodes take on the replacement fighter Fred Ettish, this fight was not pretty, Rhodes landed early dropping Ettish and then most of the fight was spent with Ettish on his bum sliding around the Octagon as Rhodes tried to look for openings to throw punches. If Rhodes knew any Jui Jitsu he would have been able to sink in the Rear Naked Choke, but as he had no ground skills he just continued to punch Ettish leaving him in a bloody state, eventually Rhodes sunk in the loosest choke you'll ever see and Ettish (who was looking for a way out) tapped. This was a very ugly fight.

In the third fight we saw the Dutch Judo fighter Remco Pardoel take on the heavy favourite (for this fight) Orlando Wiet, a French Kickboxer. This fight had a shocking end, Pardoel closed the distance and used his Judo to take the explosive Wiet down. Now Wiet had his back on the matt, and Pardoel had his back on Wiet, he was putting all of his weight on him and was controlling his head. Pardoel managed to throw a backwards/downwards elbow which landed on the side of Wiets head, once he had found his range he threw a few more and then eventually stopped when he realised he had knocked out the French Kickboxer, in an interview after the fight, Pardoel said he was shocked to win the fight as he thought Wiet was a tough guy.

For the final quarter final match Gracie fought Jason DeLucia, Delucia was also a BJJ fighter. Its worth noting that Jason DeLucia went on to have 55 MMA bouts and won 33 of these fights, his wins included beating Masakatsu Funaki, Matt Hume, Yuki Kondo, Ikuhisa Minowa and Chris Lytle.

This fight lasted just over a minute with Gracie winning via armbar, it looked like the arm was broken ( the commentator did say it was broken) but DeLucia denied this on the Sherdog forum.

We now had our final 4.

The first Semi Final match was Pat Smith vs Johnny Rhodes, Smith was way to intense for Rhodes and after landing with strikes he closed the distance and sunk in a very nasty looking standing guillotine choke to win very quickly via submission.

In the next semi final Royce Gracie took on the much bigger grappler in Remco Pardoel. Gracie was the aggressor from the off and he managed to drag Pardoel down to the ground, he then starting to work for the lapel choke and sunk it in, which was the same way in won his first round fight, this fight lasted 1 and half minutes.

In the final Royce Gracie made light work of the explosive Pat Smith, securing the takedown very quickly, he then landed 2 punches from the mount and the ultra tough Smith saw no way out a tapped, the fight lasted approx 80 seconds.

Royce Gracie was the UFC 2 champion.

My bonuses

KOTN Patrick Smith over Scott Morris
SOTN Patrick Smith over Johnny Rhodes
FOTN Patrick Smith v Scott Morris
Fighter Royce Gracie

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


UFC was back again for its third event, they had decided to go back to the 8 man format rather then the 16 man format, but that wasn't the biggest news, the biggest news was that the most skilled man other then Royce Gracie to fight in the UFC up until then was back for a second shot at him, Ken Shamrock. Both fighters were put in separate halves of the bracket with everybody looking forward to a Gracie v Shamrock final, who would of thought by the end of the night that neither guy would make the final.

The first fight saw Keith Hackney ( a black belt in Karate and Teakwood) take on the 6ft 8 and 600lb (43 stone) Sumo wrestler, Emmanuel Yarborough, this guy was huge. Yarborough's tactics was to basically walk Hackney down, Hackney's tactics was to hit and move, the first strike Hackney threw was an open hand over arm right, which broke Yarborough's nose and dropped him, also during the Yarborough walking down Hackney, he managed to grab Hackney and push out of the Octagon gate. The fight lasted 2 minutes and ended with Hackney dropping him and then swarming him with punches for the tko victory, unfortunately Hackney broke his hand on Yarborough's head and was unable to continue, he also got the nick name the Giant Killer after this fight.

The second fight was the returning Ken Shamrock taking on the Judo fighter Christophe Leninger, this was quite a slow paced fight with most of it spent with Shamrock holding Leninger up against the fence trying to take him down, it took him nearly 5 minutes to get him down, but once he did get him down he finished him off very quickly with punches as Leninger tapped out.

The third fight was the Canadian Harold Howard, who had won numerous Karate tournaments and was also the first Canadian Heavyweight Sport Ju-Jitsu Champion, vs Roland Payne, these 2 fighters stood and traded for all of 46 seconds with the much bigger Howard catching Payne with a punch and knocking him out.

Fight no 4 was Royce Gracie Vs the unknown Kimo Leopoldo. Kimo looked very muscular and much stronger then Gracie. What happened during this fight shocked every body. For the first time we saw Gracie fight someone who he struggled to take down and when he did take him down he could not control him. This fight lasted for approx 5 mins and was fought at a frantic pace. Some of the high spots saw Gracie rip out a chunk of Kimo's pony tail as he tried to control him by pulling his hair, saw Kimo holding Gracie's gee and punching him over and over again and Gracie getting full mount and being reversed straight away (which up to that point was unheard of) eventually as both fighters tired a relieved Gracie caught an arm from the bottom and submitted an exhausted Kimo. Up to date in the UFC, this was one of the most exciting fights and the first time we saw Gracie out if his comfort zone. Gracie was literally carried out of the Octagon by his family.

We now move on to the Semi Finals, the first Semi final saw Ken Shamrock take an alternate as Hackney could not continue due to his broken hand, the alternates name was Felix Lee Mitchell, Mitchell wanted to strike and Shamrock wanted to take him down, the fight lasted approx 4 and half minutes before Shamrock sunk in the rear naked choke.

The second Semi final saw Harold Howard prepare to face the legend Royce Gracie. After Gracie was carried down to the Octagon and a little bit of discussion in the corner the towel was thrown in by Gracie who had not recovered from the earlier fight. After Howard was declared the victor and had advanced to the final, Kimo returned to the Octagon with his side kick (the infamous Joe Son) and they celebrated eliminating Gracie from the tournament.

We now had our final, Harold Howard Vs Steve Jennum, after Gracie pulled out, an injured Shamrock pulled out as his main aim was to fight and defeat Gracie. Steve Jennum was a Police Officer, going into this fight Howard was extremely confident and even threw a somersault kick, the fight only last 90 seconds and ended when Jennum mounted the over confident Howard and threw punches which made Howard tap. The UFC 3 champion was the unlikely Steve Jennum.

My bonuses

KOTN Harold Howard over Roland Payne
SOTN Royce Gracie over Kimo Leopoldo
FOTN Royce Gracie v Kimo Leopoldo
Fighter Kimo Leopoldo

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prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

I love the Ufc past. I got Ufc from zuffa era only. Ufc 31 to Ufc 139. I still think the best era was around Ufc 40 to Ufc 60. That's when it really got off the ground. I do a two best fight of the nights per each event. And have a list of how many each fighter.has. I think the highest is couture and lidell. I do enjoy watching them over. Probably best events are the ones I went to live. It definitely brings back memories

Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

One of my 2 UFC dvds I got as gifts was UFC 43 Meltdown Liddell vs Couture. The return of Belfort and Lidell vs Couture made it a sik event

Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


The UFC was back and once again they made yet another change. After Steve Jennum won UFC 3, only fighting once there was a lot of criticism about him not being a worthy winner. So the UFC decided to add alternate matches. If you won the alternate match you earned the right to replace an injured fighter.

There was 2 alternate matches, the first fight saw Joe Charles beat the UFC 1 veteran Kevin Rosier with a fourteen second armbar, and on the second alternate match Marcus Bossett beat Eldo Dias Xavier by KO.

We then moved on to the main card which once again was an 8 man tournament. The first fight sees the return of Royce Gracie who after winning UFC 1 and 2, had failed to win UFC 3 after pulling out with injury. He took on the 51 year old Grandmaster Ron van Clief. This fight went as expected with Gracie securing a takedown off a kick, working to mount and then taking the back and securing a text book rear naked choke.

The next fight created one of the classic moments from the early UFC's as 'The Giant Killer' Keith Hackney returned to face Kimo's right hand man Joe Son. This fight was fun to watch with the highlight being Hackney taking Son down and then from side control throwing seven (yes seven) punches straight to the groin, this is in the days when ball shots were not illegal. Hackney won the fight via a choke but I'm pretty sure the ball shots played there part in softening him up before Hackney sunk in the choke.

Fight number three saw the defending champion Steve Jennum face boxer Melton Bowen. It was clear Jennum had the advantage on the ground and did not want to stand with Bowen. Jennum took Bowen down and threw punches and head butts from the mount, grabbing the cage to keep his balance. Bowen did fight his way back to his feet but was taken back down with a beautiful hip toss. AS both fighters started to tire Jennum sunk in the armbar for the submission victory.

Fight number four saw the debut of future Hall of Famer Dan Severn as he took on Thai Boxer Anthony Macias. This fight also provided a classic moment from the early UFC’s as Severn took Macias’s back while standing and done a perfect belly to back suplex, he then kept control of the back an as they stood back up he did it again, you could literally see Macias shaking his head as he tried to clear the cobwebs. Severn sunk in the rear naked choke shortly after that to secure his place in the semi finals.

In the first semi final tournament favourite Royce Gracie faces Keith Hackney. This proved to be a very tough fight for Gracie as Hackney was very strong and landed quite a few punches to Gracie’s face. Gracie was struggling to take him down so he eventually pulled guard. Even though Gracie is comfortable from his back he was still struggling to control Hackney who was still landing punches. As Hackney tired Gracie threw up his legs and sunk in an armbar.

In the second semi final Dan Severn took on an alternate as Steve Jennum had pulled out with an injury. Marcus Bossett stepped up hoping to make the most of his opportunity. Bossett started well landing a big kick to Severn’s body. But as he spun to throw his second kick Severn took him down with ease. Once the fight was on the floor Severn won very quickly sinking in an arm triangle choke.

Now, before the final there is an extra match. The fight is dubbed a qualifier for the UFC 5 tournament (even though the winner doesn’t fight in the UFC 5 tournament). The fight is Jason Fairn vs Lions Den standout Guy Mezger. Both fighters had long hair and they had a gentleman’s agreement not to pull it. This was quite a short fight and ended with Mezger mounting Fairn and throwing punches forcing his corner to throw in the towel.

We then move to the final, Royce Gracie vs Dan Severn. This fight was the longest match up to this point but was not very exciting to watch. The fight lasted fifteen minutes (there was no time limits) and was mainly spent with Severn in Gracie’s guard. Severn is a great wrestler and took Gracie down with ease, but once he was on the ground he didn’t know what to do. Eventually after a stalemate Gracie threw up a triangle choke and forced Severn to tap.

Royce Gracie was the UFC 4 champion.


KOTN Marcus Bossett over Eldo Dias Xavier

SOTN Royce Gracie over Dan Severn

FOTN Royce Gracie v Keith Hackney

Fighter Royce Gracie

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


The UFC was back, with a slightly changed format. After all the hype around UFC 3 and Gracie and Shamrock not meeting in the final, the first ever super fight was set up: Royce Gracie v Ken Shamrock.

There was also an 8 man tournament, with the title Return of the Beast being aimed at Dan Severn, the man who fought fifteen minutes with Royce Gracie at UFC 4.

The event started with two alternate bouts, Canadian wrestler Dave Beneteau and Lion's Den stand out Guy Mezger both picked up easy tko victories.

We then move onto the Quarter Finals. The first fight sees Jon Hess who is 6ft 7 and weighs 295lbs, take on Andy Anderson, who is 5ft 9 and weighs 238lbs. This is a very short fight with Hess basically charging the much smaller Anderson, the fight lasts approximately ninety seconds and ends with Hess soccer kicking Anderson and Big John McCarthy stopping the fight.

The second fight sees Todd Medina take on Larry Cureton, this fight lasts for three minutes, Medina controls the pace as he takes Cureton down, passes into guard and then chokes him out with his forearm.

The third fight sees the debut of Oleg Taktarov, one of the stand out fighters from the early UFC events. He is facing Ernie Verdicia. Taktarov is know for his Judo, Sambo and Jui Jitsu. Taktarov is a very smart fighter with tons of heart, he knows where he has the most advantage and pulls guard to bring the fight down to the ground. Taktarov then uses the butterfly guard to sweep Verdicia and end up on top, once on top he ends the fight very quickly with a head an arm side choke.

The fourth fight sees the beast and heavy favourite Dan Severn take on Joe Charles. Severn was criticised for not having any powerful ground and pound after UFC 4 and this is his chance to prove everyone wrong. As expected he takes Charles down, he lands some big knees and cuts Charles on his head. Charles is surviving on the ground with out being a threat, he eventually tries to get back to his feet, but Severn takes his back and slaps on the rear naked choke to finish the fight.

It is now time for the semi finals. Jon Hess pulls out with an injury, the alternate Dave Beneteau steps up to take on Todd Medina. Beneteau uses his wrestling and completely dominates Medina, he takes him down and pounds him until the corner throws in the towel.

The second semi final could have been the final. Dan Severn takes on Oleg Taktarov. This is a stylistic match up very similar to Severn vs Gracie, as we once again have wrestling vs jiu jitsu. Severn shoots in straight away for the take down, from there the most telling part of the fight, is some knees that Severn lands to Taktarovs head. This fight is pretty much a stale mate, Severn is to big and strong to be caught in a submission, and Taktarov is also to skilled to be caught or beat with ground and pound. The fight lasts for just over four minutes and eventually the fight is stopped because of the cuts from the knees, Taktarov wanted to carry on fighting.

Its now time for the (not so) super fight. Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock. To present day this fight holds a record in the UFC. This fight lasted thirty six minutes and is the longest fight in UFC history. This fight was spent with Shamrock in Gracie's guard, it was a very uneventful fight, as in the semi final between Severn and Taktarov both fighters cancelled each other out. The fight was thirty one minutes with a five minute over time, in the overtime period Shamrock landed some punches and gave Gracie a black eye. If there was judges Shamrock would have won, but as there was no judges the fight was deemed a draw.

We now move on to our final as two wrestlers collide. Dan Severn takes on Dave Beneteau. Severn completely out classes Beneteau, he takes him down easily and wins with a key lock. The fight lasts three minutes.

Dan Severn is the UFC 5 champion.


KOTN Jon Hess over Andy Anderson
SOTN Dan Severn over Dave Beneteau
FOTN Jon Hess v Andy Anderson
Fighter Dan Severn

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


UFC 6 was the first UFC event not to include Royce Gracie, unfortunately we would not see another Gracie in the UFC for a long time. As Shamrock and Gracie drew and Gracie had left the UFC Shamrock was put into another super fight, this time against UFC 5 champion Dan Severn, we also had another 8 man tournament with some very recognisable names.

The event started with two alternate bouts, Joel Sutton and Anthony Macias (the man who Severn suplexed) both won with quick submissions due to punches. We then moved onto our quarter finals. The first fight saw the debut of UFC bad boy David 'Tank' Abbott, who was facing a fighter named John Matua. Matua out weighed Abbott by one hundred pounds. This fight was very quick and brutal and showed what was to come from Tank Abbott. Abbott knocked out Matua in eighteen seconds with a massive punch. Matua looked in a bad way, he was lying on the floor and he looked like he was having a seizure. Abbott seemed to be enjoying himself as he stood there faking a seizure and mocking Matua. We learnt more about Abbott after the fight rather then during the fight.

The next fight sees another recognisable name make his debut as Paul Varlaens who is six foot eight and weighs three hundred pounds steps in to face Cal Worsham. Worsham is tough but the size advantage is to much. They both trade punches for one minute, but a big downwards elbow to the back of Worsham's head sees the fight come to finish as Worsham taps the mat.

Quarter final three sees UFC veteran and UFC 2 runner up Pat Smith make a return against the new comer Rudyard Moncayo. Smith looks fired up and he throws a front kick right at the start and drops Moncayo down to the mount. That was the beginning of the end, Smith was all over Moncayo and won with a rear naked choke. Smith looked impressive in this fight and as his two UFC losses have come against Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie, he can't be counted out.

The fourth quarter final sees two fighters from UFC 5 returning to have another shot. Interestingly both fighters lost to Dan Severn at UFC 5. Beneteau is a wrestler and he shoots straight away for the takedown, Taktarov being comfortable on his back falls back into guard, Taktarov clearly has the advantage on the ground, the fight lasts for one minute and ends with Taktarov winning via a guillotine choke.

We now move on to the Semi Finals, in the first semi final Tank Abbott squares off against the much larger Paul Varlaens. Even though Varlaens looks much stronger it clearly isn't the case as Abbott controls the fight with punches and then a takedown. There is one moment in the fight where Abbott has Varlaens up against the fence and he just pushes his knee into his face and leans on him, he then looks through the fence at the crowd and just smiles. Shortly after that the fight is stopped as Varlaens is unable to defend himself.

In the second semi final Pat Smith pulls out of the fight before it starts, Taktarov's training partner Anthony Macias steps in and basically throws the match. The Thai boxer charges in for the takedown and is submitted within nine seconds.

Before the final we move on to the super fight, Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn, another classic wrestler vs submission fighter. Severn's game plan is to Shamrock down and beat him up on the ground. Shamrock has clearly studied Severn and on his second submission attempt Shamrock sinks in a guillotine choke to become the Super fight champion at the two minute mark.

We now move on to the UFC 6 final, you have Tank Abbott the slugger who clearly knows how to wrestle vs the Oleg Taktarov, who wants the fight on the ground so he can use his submission skills. Both these fighters left everything in the Octagon as they fought for seventeen minutes. Both fighters were exhausted in this back and fourth fight, eventually Taktarov takes Abbott's back and sinks in the rear naked choke. Oxygen was bought in for both fighters.

KOTN Tank Abbott over John Matua
SOTN Ken Shamrock over Dan Severn
FOTN Tank Abbott v Oleg Taktarov
Fighter Tank Abbott

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


UFC 7 followed the same format as UFC 6, there was an eight man tournament and a super fight. Before the main card started there were 3 alternate bouts. No alternates were used during the tournament and none of the alternates that fought made an impact on this card or any future UFC card.

The first quarter final features the returning Paul Varlaens who looked pretty good in his first fight on UFC 6 before losing to Tank Abbott, facing new comer Gerry Harris. Harris was 6ft 8, (the same height as Varlaens), but Varlaens did have a weight advantage. This was a pretty quick fight, Varlaens out muscled Harris up near the fence and then took him down, a few downward elbows later, Harris tapped and Varlaens advanced to the semi finals.

The second bout saw UFC 3 runner up Harold Howard face off against new comer Mark Hall. Howard came into this bout extremely confident, but it didn't pay off. This fight lasted about two minutes and ended with Hall mounting Howard and Howard tapping to strikes.

The third fight saw UFC 2 veteran Remco Pardoel return to face another new comer in Ryan Parker. Pardoel controlled this fight right from the start. He took Parker down with a nice Judo throw and then worked position and sunk in a front choke, the fight lasted about three minutes.

In the final quarter final we have the debut of 'King of the Streets' Marco Ruas taking on Larry Cureton. This was quite an interesting fights with some good reversals, firstly we had Cureton working for a standing guillotine choke and Ruas getting out of it by picking up Cureton and slamming him to the mat, then we had Ruas mount Cureton and Cureton reversing the position to end up in Ruas's guard. It was from that position that Ruas worked the heel hook which forced the tap.

We now move on to our semi finals and our first match up is Paul Varlaens vs Mark Hall. Varlaens has about an eight inch height advantage and over one hundred pound weight advantage. Unfortunately it shows in the fight, Hall is as tough as nails but he just can't deal with the size of Varlaens. The fight lasts for just over one minute and ends with Varlaens submitting Hall via key lock.

The second fight looks quite interesting on paper as you have two solid ground fighters, Marco Ruas vs Remco Pardoel. Pardoel starts off quite well as he holds Ruas up against the fence working for the takedown and eventually getting it. But before the takedown happens we get a bit of history. We get the infamous Ruas foot stomps. This was the first time we saw this tactic used, and if its ever used in modern MMA the Ruas reference is often used and it refers back to this fight. Once on the ground Ruas gains an advantage and twelve minutes into the fight he mounts Pardoel. Pardoel who is tired and does not want to take any more punishment taps. Officially the record shows as submission (position).

We now move on to the Super fight, which unfortunately is any thing but super. Ken Shamrock is the Super fight champion after beating Dan Severn and he is facing his friend and training partner, UFC 6 champion Oleg Taktarov. This was an awful fight which lasted thirty three minute and was mainly spent with Shamrock in Taktarov's guard throwing ineffective rabbit punches. This was the last UFC event with out Judges and as it went the distance it was ruled a draw. If there had been Judges then Shamrock would have won.

Its now time for the final, Marco Ruas vs Paul Varlaens. This was actually an exciting fight, we get to see Ruas's infamous foot stomps again and we also get another first. We get to see how effective leg kicks can be. Of course we know this now in modern MMA, but up to this point in the UFC, we had not seen how deadly they could be. This fight was mainly spent on the feet, Varlaens showed a lot of heart in this fight, but it was clear to see that Ruas was the more skilled fighter. Ruas started throwing leg kicks early on and Varlaens did not know how to defend them. Around the thirteen minute mark Ruas dropped Varlaens with leg kicks and then jumped in for the finish. It was an exciting finish to a pretty good tournament.

KOTN Ruas over Varlaens
SOTN Ruas over Cureton
FOTN Ruas vs Varlaens
Fighter Ruas

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

Ultimate Ultimate 95

On paper this was an awesome idea. The UFC got eight of there best contestants so far and put them all in the same one night tournament. There were four previous winners and four previous runner ups. The only winner not on show was Royce Gracie.

As always the night started with two alternate bouts, Mark Hall and Joe Charles both picked up submission wins, but neither fighter would be needed during the nights action.

We move onto the first round. Each match is a previous winner vs a previous runner up. For the first fight we see the original Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy Tank Abbott take on the UFC 3 winner Steve Jennum. Abbott made light work of Jennum who was much smaller. He took him down and forced him up against the cage. Jennum's neck looked cranked and seeing no way out he tapped. The fight lasted just over a minute.

For the next fight we see UFC 5 winner Dan Severn take on the huge Paul Varlaens. On paper this looked quite interesting as Varlaens is a big powerful fighter, in reality Severn made light work of him with a quick takedown and then submission with an arm triangle choke, the fight lasted about one minute.

We now move onto our third quarter final match which is actually a rematch from UFC 6. Dave Beneteau is looking for revenge over UFC 6 winner Oleg Taktarov. But, like the two previous fights one fighter completely out classes the other. Taktarov wins in about one minute with a heel hook. So far all three fights have been extremely one sided.

The final quarter final sees UFC 7 winner Marco Ruas take on the Giant Killer, Keith Hackney. This fight lasts a little bit longer with a feeling out process on the feet, but once Ruas gets his hands on Hackney he is able to take control. He takes Hackneys back from standing, he then pulls him down to the ground and sinks in the rear naked choke in under three minutes.

We now have our Semi Finalists. They are all previous tournament winners except for Tank Abbott. The first semi final sees Dan Severn vs Tank Abbott. Severn has shown he is a great wrestler, but Abbott has also shown solid wrestling with awesome power with his punches, this should be an interesting fight. Unfortunately its not. This fight was mainly Severn in top position, holding Abbott down and doing very little damage. The fight went the distance (which was one round which lasted eighteen minutes). This was the first UFC event where Judges were used and this was the first fight were they were needed. Severn was given the unanimous decision. It was the right decision but the fight was awful. The best thing about this fight was a quote Abbott made later about this fight. The quote was: “I dreamed that I was being raped by Freddy Mercury.”

In the second semi final we saw Oleg Taktarov take on Marco Ruas. Hopefully this would be a better fight. Unfortunately it wasn't. The best way to describe this fight would be stand and tag, or in some cases, just stand. Both fighters were known as counter fighters, and as neither wanted to make a mistake they never committed to any thing. It was one of those fights were neither fighter did enough to win. The decision was given to Taktarov.

The Final was now set, it was a UFC 5 rematch, Dan Severn vs Oleg Taktarov. Severn won the first fight due to a nasty cut from ground and pound. This fight was not as good as there first fight. And, to make it worse, as it was the final they fought for thirty minutes. Severn used his wrestling to control Taktarov, any time Taktarov managed to get back to his feet, or the fight was restarted it didn't take long for them to be back on the ground with Severn on top. Severn had shown he could finish the lesser opponents, but against the higher tier fighters all he could do was control them. Severn won a lack lustre decision to become the first Ultimate Ultimate Champion.

On paper the idea of this tournament was brilliant, in reality it didn't work. The first round fights were not competitive at all as one fighter completely out classed the other. And, the semi finals and finals were all boring as the fighters neutralised each other. They would do another Ultimate Ultimate one year later with much more success, but you'll have to wait for that one.


KOTN - None
SOTN - Severn over Varlaens
FOTN - Ruas vs Hackney
Fighter - Severn

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Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM


After a lack lustre Ultimate Ultimate, the UFC was back with yet another eight man tournament, but with a twist. They went with a big man vs little man theme to try and spice things up. Ken Shamrock was also back in a super fight taking on Kimo Leopaldo.

The night started with one alternate bout, which Sam Adkins won with in a minute. We then move on to the opening fight of the tournament. In the opening fight we get the debut of a future MMA legend, Don Frye, he is set to take on Thomas Ramirez who out weighs Frye by two hundred pounds. This fight lasts eight seconds with Frye knocking him out with a jab.

The second fight sees the return of Paul 'The Polar Bear' Varlaens taking on a Brazilan fighter, Joe Moreira. At 6ft 8, Varlaens has a nine inch height advantage and nearly one hundred pound weight advantage. Varlaens takes the role of Goliath in this fight. This was a slow paced fight with Varlaens coming forward and Moreira moving back constantly and not really engaging. After a very slow ten minutes Varlaens wins via a unanimous decision.

For the third fight we get two recognisable names debuting. Firstly we get Lions Den fighter Jerry Bohlander, he comes in looking in good shape and weighing two hundred pounds. Secondly, we get the three hundred and thirty pound Pitbull Scott Ferrozzo. This was a pretty exciting fight, it starts with Ferrozzo rushing at Bohlander and then rag dolling, literally suplexing him as he uses his one hundred pound size advantage. Bohlander waits it out, and even though he has been suplexed he avoids damage and bides his time. The fight had a time limit of ten minutes and with about a minute left, with a tired Ferrozzo holding Bohlander up against the fence, Bohlander uses Ferrozzo's wrestling singlet and starts to choke Ferrozzo with it, this then leads to Bohlander getting a standing guillotine choke and Ferrozzo tapping, a very dramatic finish.

For the fourth fight we get another future MMA legend debuting, Big Daddy Gary Goodridge against Paul Herrera. This fight has an infamous finish, some how Goodridge ends up with Herrera's arms trapped in a crucifix position, Goodridge then throws eight viscous elbows to the temple of Herrera which knock him out cold. This fight lasted thirteen seconds.

We then move on to the semi finals. Paul Varlaens pulls out due to a broken foot, so the alternate Sam Adkins steps up to take on Don Frye. The fight lasts less then one minute with Frye taking Adkins down and then smashing him on the ground with punches.

The second semi final sees Gary Goodridge take on Lions Den fighter Jerry Bohlander. This fight is a great example of why weight classes are needed. Bohlander is a very skilled ground fighter, but has no chance of being able to use his technique as Goodridge is way to strong. This is shown when Bohlander mounts Goodridge and Goodridge just reverses him using power, no technique, just raw strength. Bohlander has a ton of heart and is constantly looking for a submission but as he looking for an ankle lock Goodridge throws two big punches which force the stoppage. This fight lasted approximately five minutes.

Before the final we have a super fight, between Ken Shamrock and Kimo Leopaldo. And for a change we have an entertaining super fight. Kimo is very strong, but with Shamrock being bigger then Gracie he should be in a better position to not be out muscled like Gracie was at UFC 3. Shamrock shoots for a takedown and looks to work position. He opts not to throw punches as he wants to prove his technique. The fight lasts for four minutes with Shamrock winning with a knee bar. Shamrock is still the super fight champion.

Its now time for the final and Gary Goodridge and Don Frye look set for a very interesting fight. Goodridge is an absolute beast and Frye has shown great boxing and wrestling in his previous two fights. Surprisingly this fight only lasts for two minutes. Frye shows some good dirty boxing in the clinch to rock Goodridge. But the difference in this fight is Frye showing good cross training in stand up and wrestling. He was able to mount Goodridge who tapped after being punched multiple times. Don Frye is the UFC 8 champion. This event was one of the best early UFC events.


KOTN Gary Goodridge over Paul Herrera
SOTN Ken Shamrock over Kimo Leopaldo
FOTN Jerry Bohlander v Scott Ferrozzo
Fighter Don Frye

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The UFC returned and made big changes to the format of the card. For the first time the UFC had a series of one on one matches rather then a one night tournament.

The first bout is an unaired prelim, Steve Nelmark beats Tai Bowden by doctors stoppage due to cuts.

We now move on to our first fight on the main card. It is two returning fighters as Zane Frasier takes on Cal Worsham. This a pretty one sided fight with Worsham having his way with Frazier winning via tap out with strikes from the half guard. Frasier looked out of his depth and we never saw him in the UFC again.

The second fight sees a Brazilian fighter Rafael Carino take on Matt Anderson. This is another uneventful fight Carino taking Anderson down and then beating him with punches to force the stoppage.

The third fight sees Big Daddy Gary Goodridge take on the Olympic Gold Medallist Mark Schultz. Schultz stepped up on the day of the fight to replace Dave Beneteau who had injured his hand. We know Goodridge is a big powerful striker after what he did at UFC 8. Unfortunately, due to the skills of Schultz's world class wrestling we don't get to see the striking of Goodridge. Schultz controls the whole fight, taking Goodridge down and beating on him. There was a few stand ups but he didn't stay up for long. At the end of the twelve minute regulation, Big John McCarthy stopped the fight due to a cut awarding the win to Schultz and stopping the over time period.

For the fourth bout Mark Hall takes on Sumo Wrestler Koji Kitao. Kitao is eight inches taller and two hundred pound heavier then Hall. Not that it matters, Kitao closes in and takes Hall down, as soon as they hit the ground the fight is stopped. As Kitao stands up you can see that his nose is broken and its leaking blood. The fight lasted forty eight seconds and Hall walks away with a tko victory.

The next fight was to suppose to be Don Frye vs Marco Ruas, but unfortunately Ruas pulled out. His replacement was a Carlson Gracie student, Amaury Bitteti. Its fair to say Frye looked great at UFC 8 and continued his run in this event. Bitteti showed a ton of heart in this fight and hung on in for nine minutes. Frye beat him on the feet with his boxing and then used his wrestling to take him down and then beat him up with punches and knees. Eventually Big John stepped in and stopped the fight. Even though Bitteti lost this fight, the amount of heart he showed made it an exciting fight.

We now move on to the main event, and probably the worst ever fight in UFC and possibly MMA history. Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn. On paper this looked like a great fight. But both fighters spent most of the fight (thirty minute fight) circling with out attempting strikes or take downs. It was absolutely awful. There was little bits of action but nothing to write home about. Severn won a split decision.

Looking back on the event, which, for the most part was awful we hear that due to an interfering Politician all fighters were told if they threw a closed fist then they could be arrested. That explains what happened in the main event, but you still feel they could have engaged more.

KOTN Mark Hall over Koji Kitao
SOTN Cal Worsham over Zane Frasier
FOTN Don Frye v Amaury Bitteti
Fighter Mark Schultz

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UFC 10

UFC 9 was an absolute disaster, with that in mind the UFC returned back to it popular format, a one night eight man tournament. The night started with two alternate bouts which were won by Geza Kalman and Sam Adkins, neither fighter would be used during the tournament.

The first fight saw two UFC veterans face off, the UFC eight winner Don Frye took on the tough Mark Hall. This was a very one sided fight with Frye taking Hall down early on and pounding on his ribs for nearly ten minutes. You could see the bruising on Hall's body but he refused to give in. Eventually the referee had saw enough to stop the fight. Even though Hall lost he showed a massive amount of heart.

The next fight see two new comers, Brian Johnston and Scott Fiedler. This fight is quite an explosive fight and lasts for just over two minutes. Johnston eventually forces the stoppage with strikes from the mount.

The third fight sees the debut of a future legend of the sport and one of the early dominant fighters. Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman makes his debut taking on Moti Horenstein. Coleman makes like work of Horenstein showing what type of fighter he is and eventually what he becomes famous for. He gets the take down and hammers him with ground and pound to force the stoppage.

For the fourth quarter final we see the returning Gary Goodridge take on John Campetella. Goodridge has already shown himself to be a big explosive fighter and he shows it again with a quick win in this fight. This fight ends the same way as the two previous fights with Goodridge winning with big punches from the mount.

In the first semi final Brian Johnston takes on Don Frye. Frye was looking tired from his first fight and while the fight was standing Johnston was looking pretty good and landing some good punches from the clinch. The turning point came when Frye took Johnston down. Frye managed to get side control and one big elbow later Johnston, who had give Frye a pretty tough fight, tapped.

The second semi final looked very interesting on paper as two of the bigger names in the early days of MMA get ready to fight, and it didn't disappoint. Gary Goodridge was looking to keep the fight standing with Mark Coleman looking to take the fight down. Coleman was able to take Goodridge down, but Goodridge got back to his feet. But, even when the fight was standing Coleman was staying close to Goodridge and landing punches. After another takedown Goodridge tapped to strikes, he was looking pretty tired and didn't want to take any more punishment.

There is no super fight tonight so we move on to the final. Once again we have two of the stand outs from the early days set to collide. Don Frye, the UFC 8 winner set to take on Mark Coleman. This was actually a very exciting fight, with two fighters with a ton of heart and great skills leaving everything in the Octagon. Frye clearly had the advantage on the feet, but with Coleman's size and wrestling he had the advantage on the ground. This fight was back and fourth, with a lot of big shots landed, especially from Coleman on Frye from top position. The fight lasted just under twelve minutes with Coleman dishing out a beating and eventually the referee stopping the fight. Both fighters were exhausted. Mark Coleman was the UFC 10 tournament champion.

KOTN Coleman over Frye
SOTN Frye over Johnston
FOTN Coleman v Frye
Fighter Coleman

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UFC 11

After getting back on track at UFC 10, the UFC was back with another eight man one night tournament. Mark Coleman was back to defend after winning UFC 10. Also back was the UFC bad boy Tank Abbott who had served a ban for fighting outside of the octagon.

As always we started with two unaired alternate bouts. In the first bout Scott Ferrozzo beat Sam Fulton and in the second bout Roberto Travern beat Dave Berry. Unfortunately Travern picked up an injury so was ruled out as an alternate.

We now move on to the quarter finals, Mark Coleman is up first taking on Julian Sanchez. This is a one sided fight which lasts less then one minute. Sanchez taps out to a Coleman neck crank.

In the second fight Brian Johnston is back, he had looked good at UFC 10 eventually losing out to Don Frye in the semi finals after rocking him on the feet. He was facing another new comer in Reza Nasri. This fight also lasts then one minute as Johnston makes light work of Nasri. The fight finished with Johnston in the full mount throwing punches, as Big John McCarthy comes in to stop the fight he accidentally hits Johnston's nose with his shoulder giving Johnston a nose bleed. Ironically that was the most damage he received during this fight.

In fight number three we see the much anticipated return of Tank Abbott, he is facing a former pro boxer in Sam Adkins. Knowing he has a boxing background Abbott fights smart and takes Adkins down. He lands a few punches before forcing Adkins to tap by forcing his head up against the cage and also using his forearm across the throat to get a choke.

In the fourth quarter final Lions Den fighter Jerry Bohlander is back in the Octagon facing a fighter much nearer his size after fighting bigger fighters in his earlier UFC fights. Fabio Gurgel is a Brazilian fighter who is a BJJ expert. Both these fighters actually cancel each other out as they fight for fifteen minutes. Most of the fight is spent with Bohlander in Gurgel's guard and Gurgel avoiding damage. Bohlander wins via a unanimous decision.

We now move onto the semi finals and first up is Mark Coleman vs Brian Johnston. Johnston is a kick boxer so he will be looking to keep this fight on the feet. Unfortunately he doesn't keep it on the feet for long. After getting the takedown Coleman throws punches and head butts which force Johnston to tap out. Coleman advances to the final.

The next fight was due to be Tank Abbott vs Jerry Bohlander. After a gruelling first round match Bohlander pulls out and the alternate Scott Ferrozzo steps in. Ferrozzo's fighting style is very similar to Abbott's, the biggest difference is that Ferrozzo is bigger then Abbott. Ferrozzo actually beats Abbott at his own game in this fight. They stand and trade with Ferrozzo getting the better of the fight. They also clinch up against the fence, and once again Ferrozzo gets the better of the clinch, he leans on Abbott, throws knees to the body and also uses dirty boxing. The tactic works as the longer the fight goes on the more tired Abbott gets. The fight does go the distance and Ferrozzo causes a big upset beating Tank Abbott by unanimous decision.

Unfortunately that was the last fight of the night. Ferrozzo pulls out of the final as he is exhausted after his fight with Abbott, as the other alternate Travern was injured in his match Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman is declared the UFC 11 Tournament winner. The first man to win two UFC tournaments in a row since Royce Gracie won UFC 1 and UFC 2.

KOTN Johnston over Nasri
SOTN Coleman over Sanchez
FOTN Abbott v Ferrozzo
Fighter Coleman

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Ultimate Ultimate 96

Its fair to say the first Ultimate Ultimate was a huge disappointment, but the UFC decided to try the format again. They got eight of the best fighters on the current roster and put them in a classic UFC one night tournament. As bad as there first attempt was, this one was the complete opposite. As always the night started with 3 unaired alternate bouts. Mark Hall, Steve Nelmark and Tai Bowden all picked up victories.

We now move on to the main card and the opening bout of the tournament. Ken Shamrock is in the opening bout taking on the ultra tough Brian Johnstone. In a lot of these early fights you can really see a big difference from the top tier fighters to the middle tier fighters and it was on display in this fight. As soon as Johnstone throws a kick Shamrock takes him down, he works a bit of ground and pound before using his forearm to choke Johnstone. Johnston tapped. He did will to hang on in the fight for five minutes as most it was spent with him on the bottom getting punched.

The second fight sees Tank Abbott take on Cal Worsham. Abbott looked disappointing in his last fight losing to Scott Ferrozzo. This is a chance for him to get back on track. This was actually quite a good fight, at the start of the fight Abbott picks Worsham up and tries to throw him out of the octagon, that was the reason why they eventually changed the height of the octagon. As he can't get him over he slams he down. After some nice ground and pound Worsham decides that he has had a enough and taps. He actually looks really angry after the fight and Big John McCarthy has to hold Worsham back ( for his own protection). Abbott moves on to the semi's.

In the third fight we see a rematch as Don Frye and Gary Goodridge face off. This was a very competitive fight, they spend most of the fight in the clinch, Frye is able to get the better of the clinch using his dirty boxing, elbows and head butts. You can tell that both fighters are getting tired and Goodridge eventually gets a takedown. Unfortunately as he is tired he isn't able to do anything with it, Frye gets the sweep and Goodridge taps due to exhaustion. This fight lasted for over eleven minutes. That makes Frye two up over Goodridge, later on in there career they meet for a third time in Pride FC and Goodridge gets his revenge with a head kick KO of Frye early in the fight.

We now move onto our final quarter final, the Polar Bear Paul Varlaens takes on Kimo Leopaldo. Varlaens is the bigger man but Kimo looks to be the fitter of the two. Kimo starts out closing the distance and looking for the takedown, Varlaens is throwing elbows to the back and the back of the head (legal strikes in those days). Kimo is struggling to take Varlaens down, eventually the fight does go down to the mat but Varlaens ends up in top position. Both fighters are exhausted and eventually Kimo reverses the much larger man and then pounds him out for a tko stoppage.

Before we move on to the semi's we learn that Ken Shamrock and Kimo Leopaldo both pull out with a broken hand and dehydration respectively. The first semi final is Tank Abbott vs Steve Nelmark, this fight is short and very explosive. Abbott rocks Nelmark with a punch and then picks him up and slams him up against the cage. As Nelmark stands up Abbott knocks him clean out with one of the infamous knockouts from the early UFC's. Nelmark collapses like an accordion. Abbott has looked awesome in these two fights.

The next semi final sees Don Frye once again face an opponent he has beaten in a previous UFC, Mark Hall. In there first fight Frye gave Hall a beating but he hung on in for a long time. This fight is completely different. It lasts twenty seconds with Frye submitting Hall with a heel hook. Now for a little bit of controversy. Hall and Frye were both managed by the same company, as it was felt that Frye would have a better chance of beating Abbott, Hall was talked into throwing the fight. So to summarise this fight was a work.

We now move on to the final, Tank Abbott vs Don Frye. As all of Abbott's fights tonight this is a short but action packed fight. As they meet in the middle Abbott lands punches that rock Frye, Frye is struggling to deal with the power of Abbott. But then the unthinkable happens, Abbott slips, Frye jumps straight on his back and then chokes him out.

Don Frye is the Ultimate Ultimate 96 champion. Overall this was a great event and one of the best from the early days of the UFC.


KOTN Abbott over Nelmark
SOTN Frye over Abbott
FOTN Frye vs Goodridge
Fighter Abbott

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