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BuffaloDave » Posted 8/14/11 9:31:00PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Was doing good until the main card, then lost my parlay, av bet and almost all the main card except for Gus.

Same, minus av bet and parlay.

Redkayak » Posted 12/10/11 2:28:00AM

takes me a bit to warm up, hold on to your hats

overeem over JDS all day everyday

Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

Posted by Redkayak

takes me a bit to warm up, hold on to your hats

overeem over JDS all day everyday

7-13 if you make that pick lol.

bigrand826 » Posted 4/29/11 7:01:00PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Im glad Overeem won but dam did lesnar look terrible. Almost like he had the retirement in his head before he even started fighting. Oh well, here's to JDS vs The Reem

That's the feeling I kind of got. I really started thinking that he wasn't fully into it after that one really weak takedown attempt. Then after he announced his retirement, I kind of thought, "Okay, makes sense why he looked like that, then." He may have come into the fight with every intention of winning but maybe after he took that first good shot he started to doubt himself. I was happy Overeem won, but I'm still probably not taking him against JDS.

bigrand826 » Posted 4/29/11 7:01:00PM

Posted by warglory

Posted by KungFuMaster

I think Brock came into this fight injured or ill....or something.

Im leaning towards that as well. Or at the very least, it's become increasingly difficult for him to be in fighting shape.

He may have been good physically, but I got the feeling it was more mental.... especially after the retirement announcement. I don't know one way or the other, but that's the feeling I got. Seemed to me like at some point in the fight or maybe leading up to the fight he thought, "Well, retirement isn't that bad."

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