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**VIDEO** Avellan Shows Kimura Revenge!   [View Full Version]
MarcosAvellan » Posted 11/9/11 10:33:00PM

This week I'm showing what I call the "Kimura Revenge!" This uncommon counter to the most common submission in the guard is easy to do, extremely high percentage, and not only does it counter the submission, but it also potentially ends the fight. In a sport grappling scenario, it can be used to counter the kimura and pass to side control - and if the counter is kept secured, there are submissions that can be setup (this video focuses on the MMA application though).

If you like the video, please do me favor and bump this thread up with a "TTT" and/or like my video and post a comment on the bottom of the page here: By bumping this thread back up, liking my video on youtube, and/or posting a comment on my page, it helps promote me and my gym so I'd appreciate the help.

Next week I'll post another technique here. Oh, one more thing, I love feedback, so if anybody hits this move in training or in a match, please post some feedback on my facebook page wall at and "like" my page.

--Marcos Avellan

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DeadHead988 » Posted 8/19/10 2:42:00PM

Video link isn't working for me, which is too bad cause this sounded really cool.

MarcosAvellan » Posted 11/9/11 10:33:00PM

Fixed it! Try again.

DeadHead988 » Posted 8/19/10 2:42:00PM

Awesome techniques, especially for MMA!

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