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Capoani Makes Quick Work of Moore at Armory   [View Full Version]
zephead » Posted 1/16/07 5:32:00PM

Homer "The Rock" Moore lay in the ring at the D.C. Armory last night long after the crowd had filed out of the District's first mixed martial arts event. The lights above the ring were being disassembled, but the severe pain in his left knee prevented him from getting up.


"To me the records were just a starting point," recalls John Paul Jones, "The most important thing was always the stage show. So many great nights. At our worst we were still better than most. At our best we could just wipe the floor with the lot of them. It was just a very good live band."

Ogre365 » Posted 5/8/07 2:29:00PM

Hey they had a picture of Brian Caraway. We've fought on the same cards as him over here in Washington state. Cool to see Rich Guerin's guys making a name for themselves and getting around the country.

szucconi » Posted 4/19/07 12:08:00PM

Posted by Ogre365

We've fought on the same cards as him over here in Washington state.

Who is we? are you a fighter or involved in the training of a fighter?

This card was big with a lot of guys from all over. American Top Team, Brazilian Top Team, Lions Den, guys from Minnesota, Washington, and some local clubs. The joke of the night was always pick against the Lions Den. They went 1-2 with there only win coming from Hertbert Goodman as ex-football player for the Green Bay Packers who we don't think has been with Lions Den for long. Because "Ken Shamrock sucks as a coach" and "In TUF 3 he had a body builder as one of the coaches".

The card over all was light on big names, but heavy with young guys. Chris Manuel, an undefeated 19 year old, was fun to watch.

elgigante » Posted 1/27/07 12:12:00AM

caraway had the sub of the night IMO

NME » Posted 2/5/07 11:28:00PM

Posted by elgigante

caraway had the sub of the night IMO

I'll take Nino Schembri's "Triangle Choke and Arm Bar."

szucconi » Posted 4/19/07 12:08:00PM

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