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UFC 140 headliner features champ Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida   [View Full Version]
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GSPVSSILVA » Posted 3/8/09 9:31:00PM

Brock. Or Hardy.

But no, I agree. It's the only option that makes sense.

jay98107 » Posted 1/24/07 6:50:00PM

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The guy has lost two of last three and gets a title shot
Good fight but machida didn't deserve this.
I can't remember last time a guy won a belt and defended it twice in a year as well

Jones has plenty of suiters in 2012. Evans, davis and henderson

Lyoto never lost his fight against Rampage anyway. Rampage admitted he lost.

His record says otherwise. Rampage later after watching the fight said he won.

Regardless, it was a very close fight. I don't think it makes for the strongest argument against him getting a title shot. After all, both the guys he has lost to recently have been crushed by Jones, and with Evans injured I see Machida as the next best thing.

40ouncetpkid » Posted 5/3/11 12:43:00AM

Jones has an easier time then he had with rampage. He'll do what shogun did but easier with his length.

Dberntson » Posted 6/16/09 12:09:00PM

Lyota is definitely being punished by the UFC. I think The Dragon owes Dana an apology.

Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

I think the hardcore fan base will be thrilled...there has been no end to the chatter that if anyone can beat Jones, it would be "The Dragon".

I'm pumped for this one!

Dberntson » Posted 6/16/09 12:09:00PM

Brock may not have deserved it, but he won the title and defended it twice. In addition, Randy, the champ at the time, wanted the fight. Finally, if the ref never stood the two up, Brock would have beat Mir and would have been undefeated. Thus I think his shot was legitimized after the fact.

This was in response to Brock not deserving the shot. I guess I responded in the wrong spot.

bjj1605 » Posted 10/11/07 4:18:00PM

BJ Penn got a title shot against Matt Hughes coming off a loss.

This is a good fight. Machida is the most interesting style match-up for Jones in the division. His excellent take down defense, elusive striking, leg kicks, and the fact that he's a counter fighter all make this interesting. Tall guys (ie. Jon Jones) are usually not good at fighting moving forwards. Jones will have to be the one moving forward in this fight and he will be walking right into a flurry of leg kicks and leaping right hands.

That said.... I'll probably still pick Jones

DrivenDavies15 » Posted 8/10/11 1:23:00AM

It would be sweet to see Machida win this one,I believe he can but its gonna be an all out war!!!!!!!

TeamDEY » Posted 2/1/11 3:41:00PM

War Machida!

StriderXero » Posted 9/2/07 3:37:00PM

People talk about Jones using his arm length to keep Machida away. They forget that Machida is an expert in distance fighting. I hope that Jones tries to keep this standing, because i want to see how far his stand up truly is.

bjj1605 » Posted 10/11/07 4:18:00PM

Posted by StriderXero

People talk about Jones using his arm length to keep Machida away. They forget that Machida is an expert in distance fighting. I hope that Jones tries to keep this standing, because i want to see how far his stand up truly is.

They also forget the number one rule of boxing (which is multiplied when kicks are included).

Like I said above, reach is most effective when moving backward. If a guy is coming after you, you can back up and keep him at the end of your punch. That way you are able to reach him and he can't reach you. Also, right at the end of your punch (with full extension) is where you get the most power.

When a tall guy has to move forward, he's killing his own reach by putting the timing and choice to engage in the other guys court.

Rampage and Shogun both walked right at Jones.

I'm sure the Jackson camp is aware of this fact though. I'm interested to see what game plan they come up with. If they tell Jones to stick to a game plan and not chase Machida (which is easier said than done because Machida baits you) we might actually see a 'boring' fight.

jiujitsufreak74 » Posted 9/24/07 7:28:00PM

First of all everyone needs to relax because there was no other option. like gartface said, there are literally no other opponents more deserving. Now, they could have delayed Jones vs Rashad 3 weeks, but maybe that conflicted with the events they already had and i'm sure they would be hard pressed to find a good main event for 140 to replace Evans vs Jones.

Second, this match up is very intriguing to me. i want to see how Jones tackles the puzzle that is Lyoto. Jones doesn't rush forward like Shogun, or maybe he will after analyzing that second fight. if he does decided to rush forward, i want to see how Gray Maynard's accusations of his dislike of getting hit holds true. if he rushes forward he is going to eat a few to land a lot, and i want to see if he can handle that.

personally, i don't think Jones will rush forward like Shogun the second time out...but i will pay the big bucks to see what he does. therefore good job UFC lol

machodog76 » Posted 6/26/07 10:37:00PM

All of these arguments agaist Machida getting his shot sound like the same things that were said about Jones when he got his title shot because of Rashad being injured. And to say that Machida doesn't "deserve" a shot because of his last 3 fights I think completely overlooks his career as a whole. The man is one of the best on the planet he's trained all his life as a martial artist, and he's the best guy that the UFC has available right now. Jones wants to stay active and I for one am all for it, I hate seeing champs defend their belts only twice a year.

bigrand826 » Posted 4/29/11 7:01:00PM

Posted by gartface


What? This is preposterous! A man undeserving of a title shot is getting one? No way. How can this type of thing happen in the UFC.

Who should have the shot? Davis is shelved, Evans is shelved, Henderson and Rua are fighting, and Jackson just got beat. Do you rest Jones for a year waiting for someone else? I think this is probably their only viable option. The face, or at least the person they're trying to make the face of the UFC(Jones), doesn't need to be on the sidelines for 6 months to a year.

I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic. Anyway, I agree that Machida doesn't deserve a shot. It sounds like a lot of people are justifying this move because they don't want Jones to be on the shelf. How exactly does Rashad being delayed 3 weeks from training put Jones on the shelf for 6 months to a year? It sounds to me like the UFC had no idea who would headline 140 and lucked out when Rashad got Jones to agree to meet him at 140 before he found out he wouldn't be cleared in time to get an adequate training camp in. I can't imagine that the UFC was banking on Jones-Evans to headline 140 the whole time. Jones just fought a couple of weeks ago and Evans is recovering from injury. Jones could have gotten knicked up against Rampage or been put on a medical suspension that would have made 12/10 too soon to return. I just get the feeling that the UFC just screwed Rashad because they didn't have a headliner for 140. Machida just lucks out. What makes me dislike this move even more is the fact that Machida declined a fight with Rashad earlier. If he would have taken that fight and won, then he would rightfully be #1 contender.

BlueSkiesBurn » Posted 6/1/08 3:18:00PM

I'm not at all convinced that Machida doesn't deserve a shot since Rashad can't go.

ESPN's Josh Gross makes a compelling argument right here.

Let's be real about this. Rashad has fought once in the last year. Tito stepped in last minute to replace Davis. That's the same caliber of a win as Lyoto had against Couture.

The difference between Rashad and Lyoto is that, while Lyoto lost his fight to Rampage, he's been the more active fighter. Rashad has been up and down with taking fights after his bout with Rampage. He would have had to face Lyoto anyhow if Machida's demands hadn't been so high.

Dana also has to take into account that Rashad might not be ready to go even if he does postpone the fight. How many times has an athlete had an expected return date only to have medical complications arise and they need more time. Peyton Manning comes to mind.

They had already announced Jones vs. Evans at 140 when Rashad pulled out. Tickets may not have been on sale, but Jones is one of their highest profile athletes. If they can get get one more PPV out him in 2011, that's exactly what they're going to do. To be honest, it's a no-lose situation for Dana. If Jones wins, he fights Rashad anyhow. If Jones loses, Dana can match him and Rashad up and the winner fights Machida. Who gives a shit? Hell, even if he doesn't match-up Rashad and Jones for a shot at Machida (which he would), Evans gets a rematch against the only man to ever beat him.

There's nobody available for Jones to fight right now. He dismantled Shogun (who is fighting Henderson anyhow). He just beat Rampage. Evans can't go. What's left? Phil Davis or Alexander Gustafsson? Should we bring King Mo over and feed him to Jones? Machida has only lost to two men in his career. One of those losses was questionable, at best. Simple fact remains, Jones wants to fight, Machida is there, many people feel that Machida has the best shot anyhow, let's just whip through it and see what happens.

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