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UFC champ Jose Aldo knows featherweight division won't be a permanent home   [View Full Version]
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BlueSkiesBurn » Posted 6/1/08 3:18:00PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

im impatiently waiting for his move to 155. if he beat florian, it wouldnt hurt my feelings if he went on up

"IF he beat Florian?" It's a title fight, of course Florian will lose.

poppa_gump » Posted 7/1/10 9:33:00PM

Aldo looked terrible in that fight with Hominick and if cutting weight this time hurts him as bad as it did last time then Florian will beat up on him badly.
I was behind the big screen at the weigh-ins in Toronto for 129 and the guy nearly passed out. He couldn't even make it back to the dressing room without sitting down. Aldo is amazing and what an awesome fight to see live but this guy better be careful.

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

Posted by Pookie

Posted by Kpro

Posted by Pookie

Posted by Kpro

Posted by Bubbles

he is really going to have to work on his defensive wrestling when he moves up. there arent a whole lot of guys who will want to stand and trade all fight, and the top of the LW chain is wrestler heavy (Edgar, Maynard, Guida, Bendo). i only really see guys like Guillard, Siver, and Stout willing to stand toe to toe

I realize all we've seen is his stand-up but his very active black belt Nova Uniao BJJ is no joke for the mainly BJJ-deficient 155 wrestlers. I don't even think most upper level 155 wrestlers would be willing to attempt to pass his guard because of what it would open up for Aldo offensively from the bottom. Aldo isn't a stand-up fighter; he's an elite complete mixed martial artist.

Sshhhhh, let them think Hominick exposed him.

I meant to say Aldo has no ground game at all and all wrestlers at any weight class would dominate him so badly he'd quit the sport.

I mean, clearly! Didn't you guys see what Hominick did to him on the ground?

yeah because very active BJJ black belts never lose to wrestlers. who says the wrestler has to pass guard anyways? last i checked, the guy sitting in guard is winning the fight in the judges eyes. and how many times have people complained about Maynard and Guida "lnp-ing" their way to victory?

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