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The-Don » Posted 11/11/07 7:40:00PM

Posted by Jackelope

I could have sworn I replied to this but I couldn't find my post when I went through. I've been giving out a lot of advice and I don't want people to think I'm unwilling to share my background.

My background is mostly mix and match because I've moved around a lot (thanks, U.S. Army) but as for official times studied at schools-

Kenpo Karate- 3 years
Wing Chun Kung Fu- 2 1/2 years
BJJ- 1 1/2 years
Enshin Do Karate- 8 months
Wrestling- Middle school through most of high school
MT- 1 1/2 Years

For the past year and a half I've been between one gym and another training MMA whenever I can. I've only recently (for the past 3 months) been able to truly dedicate a major portion my life toward it. I've been training with some pretty well known fighters and a lot of great up and coming talent in the UFC and other orgs.

Unofficially I can say that I've been training Kenpo Karate for about 6-7 years, BJJ for 3 1/2, and Wing Chun for 4. I've fought in several army boxing smokers and many regional school tournaments. Boxing wise I'm not that great, but I hit hard enough to impose my will and can take a decent punch. Kind of like Chris Leben in a sense haha. (Except much prettier!)

As for my medical experience I'm a certified EMT in the state of Arizona and I volunteer my time in the ER and at local fire stations while attempting to get hired as a fireman. (No dice at the time of writing this) In the future I hope to raise my certification to the full on Paramedic level, but for right now I'm just an EMT-B. I was also a combat lifesaver in the Army so I'm trained on stupid stuff like administering IV's and general combat effectiveness health related questions.

For general health and fitness tips I've been an athlete all of my life and I'm actually midway through obtaining my personal training certificate.

Cool.. I am an EMT-IV Though I am no longer practicing as I work for Dell.... Go figure...

Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

I've been in and out of Judo for 18 years. I received my black belt from (Olympic medalist) Jimmy Pedro. Curently I've been away from Judo for a few years after I moved across the state and I'm currently training in BJJ and Muay Thai.

I've trained in a lot of different martial arts as well here and there along the way.

Shotokan Karate (3 years)
Aikido (a few months)
Muay Thai (1 year)
Kick Boxing (about 5 years)
Kempo Karate (about 2 years)
Michael Macaris's Kung Fu (3 years)
BJJ (a little over a year, almost two but under different instructors, currently a blue belt)

I've learned a few things having been in martial arts all my life. One is that Karate is an awesome art for kids to begin with. It really helps your balance later on in all other martial arts. Another is that I really wish I had trained in wrestling back in high school. Judo is a really good base to have in BJJ because BJJ guys aren't used to being thrown and us Judo guys have insane posture power. And one final thing, some guys just cannot be submitted by the achilles crush lol!

Tizzy » Posted 11/9/08 9:28:00AM

I've got about 13 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 10 years boxing and 8 years Muay Thai Kickboxing. I've been training and assistant training people for 6 years.

I have sports asthma so my challenge has always been finding different ways to work out to increase my lung capacity and my cardio.

Being old and broken my research is really paying off. I stopped training people a few months ago and began to train to fight again. I am also writing articles on mma fitness and general athletic performance:

Amigop » Posted 10/6/08 12:44:00AM

wrestled 2 yrs . state placer took 4th at a regional tourny been training muay thai and tenth planet jiu jitsu for about 5 months

innovater450 » Posted 4/7/07 2:38:00PM

13 years freestyle/scholastic wrestling (k-12)
9 years submission wrestling on and off
3 years jj
2 years boxing
3-1 amateur mma record
28 years of living in fayette county, pa (that's enough to make you a bad a$$)

Joemoplata » Posted 6/18/09 10:50:00AM

I am a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Yamasaki Academy. I started training in November of 1998 and received by brown belt in November of 2006 from Mario and Fernando Yamasaki. I have competed in just about any type of BJJ and/or Submission Wrestling tournament you can name over the years and am the head instructor for the Yamasaki Academy Woodbridge, VA school.

Obviously my expertise lies in BJJ and Submission Grappling, but I assist with some of the MMA fighters we have as well and have cornered a couple of fights for our guys.

kamikaze15208 » Posted 3/28/07 11:43:00AM

wrestled for 3 years in high school, been training seriously for mma for about a year now, have been taking submission grappling classes here and there for about a year before that. 6-1 amateur mma record.

ko-kbo130 » Posted 5/25/07 6:37:00PM

wrestled for 10 years
few months of boxing
Sports Science Human Movement major in college
going for my DPT (doctor of Physical Therapy)

Bustedup477 » Posted 10/19/09 4:08:00AM

I train BJJ

mmacombine » Posted 7/25/10 7:16:00PM

Hey Guys,

Has someone sent me a link to this strength and conditioning program has anyone bought this or heard anything about this?

It's called The Ultimate Mma Strength and Conditioning Program:

I am just looking for a good training video for strength.


decken » Posted 8/20/07 11:53:00AM

High School Wrestler took 3rd in State.
Have trained no-gi BJJ for 3 years.
Fighting MMA for 1 year. 4-0 as an amateur.

Kpro » Posted 1/27/07 9:53:00PM

I've been to an oxygen bar before.

That probably doesn't qualify me for many topics.

But if anyone needs advice on paying for something you can freely get anywhere you are, I can probably help you out.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

BradleyCooper » Posted 3/13/12 1:33:00AM

hi..You should visit mixed martial arts site to refresh your memories of muay thai kickboxing.

Paleojiujitsu » Posted 4/2/13 8:26:00PM

13years Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. GI and No GI

7 years Muay Thai

2 years JKD


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