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Jeffanori-Gomi » Posted 1/24/07 3:29:00PM

Posted by FortySixBelow

Ok here goes.

I have played sports all my life. I work to help people everyday with health. I sell fitness equipment.

Been working out for 8 years.
Football for 15 years...could have had a shot in the CFL but it's just not worth it for $42k.
Hockey for 8 years.

I have went on some crazy journeys...

Current stats
Weight 255
Bench 225 X 18
Squat 405 X 13(no belt or wraps)
Deadlift 405 X 17

you are repping my 1 rep max!! good work!

FortySixBelow » Posted 3/10/07 6:21:00AM


Sidelined right now since i concussed myself in a car accident.

All those deadlifts prob prevented my neck from snapping!

I have been reading up on ways to bring up my conditioning and am thinking there are some nasty nasty compound movement circuits that will abolsutely kill me.

anndruu12 » Posted 3/25/07 12:56:00AM

I have trained in Hapkido for about 1.5 years. I also have >1 year in BJJ training but my main focus is HKD.

otacon279 » Posted 1/24/07 7:23:00PM

i have a black belt in smoking weed

and a white blet in bjj 9 months

weed and bjj do not mix FYI

FortySixBelow » Posted 3/10/07 6:21:00AM

You are the man...i can't really smoke weed much..

Asthma...cardio... and weed DEFINITELY don't mix..

But i swear that inhaler that i use gives me an extra edge!

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

Posted by otacon279

i have a black belt in smoking weed

and a white blet in bjj 9 months

weed and bjj do not mix FYI

Tell that to Eddie Bravo...

Mastodon2 » Posted 3/14/07 4:45:00PM

I am an orange belt with bars in Judo, I could have gone further but I didnt really enjoy Judo all that much, and didnt attend as many gradings as I should have. Still I trained with a good sensei and got a good grounding in Judo throws and ground fighting techniques.

I currently train Muay Thai with Jaruenmong (King's Cobra) in Newcastle. My trainer is Master Sean Dooney, who has achieved the Rank of Master, was a 2 time European MT champion in his weight class and is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun. He has also trained students to a very high level, one his students (who recently passed away in an unfortunate accident) was a 5 time UK champion in his weight class.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Wrestled 8 years, placed 4th in Iowa state tourney.

Boxing 3 years 3-1 record in amatuer fights.

Tae Kwon Do for about 6 months... I'm about 2/3 torso so I couldn't kick for nothing lol

planning on staring BJJ training part time next fall.

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

otacon279 » Posted 1/24/07 7:23:00PM

Tell that to Eddie Bravo...

astfgl » Posted 2/20/07 11:15:00AM

Bjj for 4 years. Started doing full MMA very recently and then tore shoulder ligament, so thats on the backburner for a while.

StevieC » Posted 6/28/07 11:30:00AM

1 year Muay Thai
1 year BJJ
I have a wrestling background with years of dirty boxing!

ko-kbo130 » Posted 5/25/07 6:37:00PM

im only 16 and ive been wrestling for 8 years and
boxing for about 3 months but my trainer also mixes in a little bit of the basics everything like bjj/muay thai/mma. and im hoping to start training bjj in the next few months.

KO » Posted 5/31/07 3:52:00AM

I have to disagree with Taekwondo being garbage. I have done it for 2 1/2 years. It just depends on what your looking for.

akumairon » Posted 6/3/07 4:48:00PM

4 years of Traditional Jujitsu, 3 years of Brazilian Jiu jitsu, 1 year of kick boxing, 10 years of free style wrestling, and 6 months of judo

Jonny_Muzz » Posted 3/15/07 1:04:00AM

I have done a little martial arts training:

I trained in Australia under John Will, one of the dirty dozen (first 12 non Brazilians to earn a black belt in bjj)

2 years bjj
2 years shootfighting (combination of Boxing, Muay Thai, Silat etc)

I like many other people stopped due to work commitments. I have just started a new job for a software company that is part time so in the coming weeks I am looking at getting back into some MMA training.

I have been studying and reading health books for many years and am In the process of compiling a wellness and training manual.

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