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Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

What exactly is your background. I go through this on almost every forum. I know I sound like an asshole so I'll beat you to the punch, I am. Not that I'm trying to be it's just that I've done this for soooo long it gets to me sometimes. I'm sure some of you know what I"m talking about. So if you're going to give out advice about what to do and so forth what qualifications do you have? I think that's only fair.

For the record I've coached Kickboxing for 10 years and MMA for 9 years now, I retired from Pro fighting in 2004, I own a MMA gym and teach for a living. I have a Blackbelt in Judo, SAMBO and Jujitsu. I teach kung-fu but it's my kung-fu; consider it JKD if you must.

anaconda108 » Posted 1/16/07 12:58:00AM

I've only been doing BJJ for 4 months, and Muay thai for like 2 months. I'm still young, only 16 ..I got a long road ahead of me...and I plan on fighting in the future. A bit scared but I'll make it.

evilslutt » Posted 1/12/07 5:26:00PM

It's good to hear we have some real athletes and aspirants in the forum. Do you have websites we can look at or an online photo gallery of some sort?

I used to be in muay thai for about 2 years, just for the training, workout and some defense work. But training dogs got the most of me. Then I just got too damn busy with work and all. Now I just wanna watch fights and events.

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

Eh, I'm not much into pimping my website. I did that in the past and ended up being trolled, my school is my life and I don't need that level of drama. I have a few fun videos on you tube that's about it.

WaikruMass » Posted 1/17/07 9:26:00AM

where do you teach?

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

California, you train with Kirik?

Red_Elvis » Posted 1/14/07 9:22:00PM

Have trained in:

4-5 years Wrestling
6 years GJJ/BJJ (w/ gi)
2 years freestyle BJJ (no-gi)
2 years shooto/catch
2 years CSW
3-4 years vale tudo / MMA
4 years Muay Thai
2 years Aikido (meh)
2 years FMA (off & on - hated it)
1 year DBMA & PTK
2 years JKD (Hated it)
a little western boxing

Couple years teaching to friends & co-workers for free sparring partners. he he

Don't expect any advice though...
Bah! I leave that to Omega!

www-WeLoan-us » Posted 1/17/07 8:46:00AM

I have been a double black belt in CLosing MoFo's..Closing is an art I have been doing it since I was 3

Red_Elvis » Posted 1/14/07 9:22:00PM

Posted by www-WeLoan-us

I have been a double black belt in CLosing MoFo's..Closing is an art I have been doing it since I was 3

I'm a double black belt in Domino!

Domino motha F-ers!

WaikruMass » Posted 1/17/07 9:26:00AM

yeah you know him? I just signed on beginning of january, started with giordano

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

I travel back east every once in awhile. Kirik was one of the teams I've trained with.

Dai » Posted 1/16/07 2:05:00AM

Copy-pasted from my Bullshido profile:

ATA TKD 1992-1993, Rampart High School wrestling 1998-2000, WTF TKD 1998-1999, OSU TKD 2000-2006, OSU BJJ club 2001-2002 (club dissolved in 2002), OSU MMA 2002-2003 and 2004-2006, OSU Judo summer of 2003, Kansai Gaidai University Judo fall of 2003, OSU beginning kickboxing & MMA classes assistant instructor 2004-2006.

Currently looking for a place to train in the DC area. There are plenty of good places and all, but I kind of need to secure that whole job thing first.

evilslutt » Posted 1/12/07 5:26:00PM

I was wondering how you guys train from one discipline to another. I never did any MMA myself, just some basic MT in the past. I never thought of how people train kickboxing to bjj to sambo. Do you train the theories only and apply them in MMA or get a certain degree of say bjj belt before moving to another?

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

I've been training since 1978 (old man here). I usually grapple one day, strike another mix another unless I was getting ready for a fight. Then I would do 1 hour each per day 4 days per week

loller90278 » Posted 1/16/07 3:05:00PM

hey omega wheres your gym at?

so far.. i've gotten..
5 years tae kwon do (such garbage..)
4 months bjj
8 months boxing

i'd love to learn sambo!

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