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ADCC Results (match by match, real time - SPOILERS)   [View Full Version]
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xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

We're back with the first match being Leozinho Vieira vs Sim Go. Meanwhile, Jeff Glover wins against Jamie Ballard by flying triangle. The fight goes to the mat (Vieira in Go's guard) briefly. It goes to the feet but then goes right back to the mat. Vieira takes Go's back. Go avoiding the rear naked choke. Sim escapes and it is back on the feet. Vieira brings it back to Go's guard yet Go gets up once again. Vieira has Go's back briefly but the fight ends. Vieira wins by points.

They go to Javi Vazquez and Naoya Uematsu. They annouce Bruno Chavex def. lair Tugman by submission. Vazquez vs Uematsu is over. The score is 0-0 so the judge makes the decision in favor of Uematsu.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Renato Migliaccio vs Yoshitomi Mishima is now being shown. Mishima in Migliaccio's guard. Migliaccio attempts a gogoplata but Mishima avoids. Mishima pulls an unusual guard and attempts a leglock but fails. They stand up, Mishima gets it back down. Mishima gets to half guard and Renato tries for a guillotine but it's not deep. They scramble and Mishima back to Renato's guard. Mishima trying hard to pass but Migliaccio doesn't let him. Mishima finally gets mount. A scramble land Mishima in side control. Mishima back to mount but the whistle blows. Mishima wins by points.

They transfer to Fabricio Werdum vs Karol Bedorf. Werdum gets mount but there is a cut that stops the fight. The cut isn't a problem and the fight is resumed. Werdum still in has mount after time passes. Marcus Oliviera vs Pe De Pano is about to start. Werdum gets an armbar and wins by submission.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Pe De Pano vs Marcos Oliviera now happening. Pe De Pano tries to pull guard a twice but fails. Olivieira and Cruz are in a stalemate. They announce Darren Andy is successful in his match. They now go to Rolles Gracie vs Mario Rinaldi and Rolles has back mount with both hooks in. The match is back to the feet but Rinaldi gets a quick takedown. my computer keeps lagging but Rolles is on top of Rinaldi and now the match is standing. Rinaldi gets Rolles back briefly and the whistle blows. Rolles Gracie gets the win by points.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

xande Ribiero vs Tim Carpenter is now being shown. Ribiero soon wins by submission.

Next is Cacareco vs Radek Turek. Kelly paul wins by submission meanwhile. Radek defending against Cacareco from guard and half guard but gives up his back. Cacareco goes back to side control. Robert Drysdale just defeated Steve Rusk. Braulio Estima just swept Chris Lazzario to mount while Stacy Cartwright vs Emily Kwok is being shown. Kwok in Cartwright's guard. Estima is announced the winner by submission. They now go to the match between Demian Maia vs Rafael Lovato Jr. and announce 12 matches remain today. Maia and Lovato are now standing. Maia keeps trying to pull guard. Maia in Lovato's guard. After no one advances the match is back on the feet. Maia takes Lovato's back and brings it to the mat. As both hooks get in the match ends. Maia wins and Cartwright beats Kwok.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Next fight being shown is David Avellan vs Tarsis Humphreys with Popovich vs Daisuke Sugie about to start. Avellan gets Humphreys back after a stalemate. Humphreys scrambles but Avellan remains the dominate one. The fight is brought back to the feet. Humphreys shoots and Avellan snuffs. Avellan tries to take back mount while displaying good control. They bring the match back to the feet again. Avellan tries for back mount again and after a scramble it is back to the feet. Avellan keeps trying to take Humphreys back after multiple attempts. The score between the two is currently 0-0. Andre Galvan gets the win over Mark Bocek and Pellegrino vs Garcia is about to start. Humphreys and Avellan once again go to the mat and Avellan tries for back mount again.

They transfer to Garcia vs Pellegrino. Pellegrino gets tripped by Garcia and Marcelo gets his back. Avellan was put to sleep by Humphrey's from a rear naked choke in overtime. Garcia patient as he works for the rear naked choke and finally sinks it in causing Pellegrino to tap.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Next is Mike Fowler vs Saulo Ribeiro. Ribeiro pulls guard on Fowler and after some work, he gets Fowler's back. Ribeiro working for the choke but after some time, Fowler escapes to guard. The feed is transfered to Jeff Glover vs Leozinho Vieira. Glover tries for the darce but Vieira survives. Vieira currently in Glover's guard. Vieira gets to half guard but Glover reverses. Glover tries for a ankle lock but Vieira has none of it. Popovich is announced the winner over "Amazon". Vieira and Glover continually scramble for position and the feed is switched to Fowler vs Ribeiro right as Fowler wins by submission due to a toe hold.

they go back to Glover vs Vieira and the two are still scrambling for position. Leozinho tries for back mount but is unsuccessful. They continue to go back and fourth for position but the time runs out. Vieira is awarded the win by points.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Next is Tetsu Suzuki vs Naoya Uematsu but then they transfer to Kyra Gracie vsCaoimhe Mcgil. Kyra has guard. Gracie tries for a few submissions and sinks one in causing a tap by Mcgil.

They now show Mishima vs Baret Yoshida with Mishima in Yoshida's guard. Mishima goes for a leglock and it costs him position. He soon switches to top position in Yoshida's guard. After some time passes, Mishima gets to half guard. Yoshida is attempting a triangle on Mishima. He rolls on to of MIshima and causes a tap.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Next up is Megumi Fujii vs Rachael Wheatley. Fujii working for a leglock but is unsuccessful. Wheatley gets fujii's back but ends up with guard. Wheatley gets Fujii in a triangle but Fujii escapes with a slam. They now go to Felisha Oh vs Leticia Ribeiro. Felisha has guard and tries for a guillotine choke but can't finish it. The stand briefly and now Leticia has guard. Felisha passes to side mount and soon takes Leticia's back. Leticia defends well and brings it back to Felisha in side control. Felisha gets a north/south position choke but Leticia refuses to tap and escapes to guard. Felisha again passes to side control. The clock runs out and the winner is Felisha Oh by points.

Shiata wins to move on.

Last match of the day, Laura D'Auguste vs Laurence Cousin. D'Auguste tries for a triangle but Cousin keeps composure. Laurence escapes and is now on top in half guard. Both competitors try for better position. Finally the whistle blows. The winner is Laurence Cousin by points.

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Here is the Men's Semi Finals:
Over 99 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Fabricio Werdum vs. Darren Andy
Pe De Pano vs. Rolles Gracie

Under 99 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Xande Ribeiro vs. Robert Drysdale
Cacareco vs. Braulio Estima

Under 87 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Demian Mala vs. Tarsis Humphreys
Flavio Almeida vs. Romulo Barral

Under 76 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Pablo Popovitch vs. Luis Galvao
Marcelo Garcia vs. Mike Fowler

Under 65 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Leozinho Vieira vs. Tetsu Suzuki
Rani Yahya vs. Baret Yoshida

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Here is the Women's Semi Finals:

Over 67 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Rosangela Conceicao vs. Lan Stefanac
Penny Thomas vs. Celita Schultz

Under 67 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Kelly Paul Vs. Marloes Coenen
Stacy Cartwright vs. Hannette Staack

Under 60 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Tara LaRosa vs. Takayo Hashi
Kyra Gracie vs. Hitomi Akano

Under 55 Kgs - Weight Class Results
Megumi Fujii vs. Felicia Oh
Blanca Barreto vs. Sayaka Shioda

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Fabricio Werdum def. Darren Andy by submission.

Rolles Gracie def. Pe De Pano so he final will be:

Over 99 Kgs
Fabricio Werdum vs Rolles Gracie

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Braulio Estima def. Cacareco by submission

Demian Maia def. Tarsis Humphreys by points

Xande Ribeiro def. Robert Drysdale by pionts

The mens under 99kgs final is:
Braulio Estima vs Xande Ribeiro

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Flavio Almeida def. Romulo Barral

The mens under 87 Kgs final is:

Flavio Almeida vs Demian Maia

Marcelo Garcia def. Mike Fowler

Pablo Popovitch def. Luis Galvao by submission and the men's under 76kgs final is:

Pablo Popovitch vs Marcelo Garcia

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Leozinho Vieira def. Tetsu Suzuki and Rani Yahya def. Baret Yoshida by points

the men's under 65kgs final is:
Leozinho Vieira vs Rani Yahya

xthe_scottx » Posted 1/28/07 9:16:00PM

Kelly Paul def. Marloes Coenen by submission

Penny Thomas def. Celita Schultz
Lan Stefanac def. Rosangela Conceicao with the women's over 67kgs final:
Penny Thomas vs Lan Stenfanac

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