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Anyone train with a permanent bonded retainer?   [View Full Version]
Reemo » Posted 4/1/11 1:57:00AM

I am looking to get back into MMA.

I wore braces, but had them recently removed. I now have a permanent bonded retainer on the rear of my upper teeth.

I'm wondering if there will be synergistic issues with the bonded retainer, the mouth guard, and getting hit.

Anyone here train with a permanent bonded retainer? Experience any issues?

cagerage920 » Posted 12/2/10 5:25:00PM

ive been waiting for a response on this. i have bonded retainers on my top and bottom teeth and ive been wondering the same thing.

Taylor8766 » Posted 6/24/07 5:32:00PM

I have braces and it sucks training with them on, i just bought a mouthguard that covers both top and bottom teeth works alright.

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