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Brandon Vera Wants To Know "The Truth" About Thiago Silva's Urine Sample   [View Full Version]
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DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

And he also hoped that he's the person to welcome Silva back to UFC...once he gets back himself. "I roll with Phil Davis. I roll with Travis Browne. I roll with Junior dos Santos. I roll with the Nogueira brothers. When I'm in the half guard underneath somebody and I have their leg, and my other leg's half-cocked up on their arm pit, I can rock people back and forth. I can rock you and either stand back up or get the sweep. I remember when I was underneath him and I was pushing him back and forth. I was thinking, ‘What the hell? Why is this guy so damn strong?' And I remember thinking during the fight, ‘Yo, I gotta start lifting weights again.' He was one of, if not the strongest dudes I ever rolled with in my life ... There's stuff I want to say about you, Thiago. You know, I'm glad you were happy winning the way you were. It's cool, man. It's cool. If this thing comes back and you did do whatever you did and I make it back to the UFC, on your welcoming back party, I want to make sure I'm the one you get to fight. And I promise if you take me down, I'm going to get back up. Then I'm going to punish you on the feet just like I did while we were fighting, until you took me down. Then you gave it to me, but you won't take me down next fight. So I'm glad you got to showboat. I'm glad you got to win, kind of. But I'm gonna see you again soon, bud."


machodog76 » Posted 6/26/07 10:37:00PM

Do you guys think that steroids give a figher that much of a strength advantage within the weight limits that weight classes place on the fighters? I can see tthe recovery advantage that they provide allowing more muscle mass to be put on in a shorter amount of time, but 205 is 205 to me.

BeeR » Posted 6/28/09 1:36:00PM

if thiago used anything, it was probably to speed up healing

BigBadAl » Posted 6/18/09 8:26:00AM

Thiago made Vera his bitch that night. If it turns out he was using then then considering all the damage Vera received both to his face and his career, I would hope for an unprecidented ban. An example to be made of him. That's coming from a Thiago fan so I hope he's clean.

xburbx » Posted 6/21/07 5:17:00PM

look at him with his fight before veras and then this fight. clear body difference. pushups and eggs dont make your body change like that , that quickly

BigBadAl » Posted 6/18/09 8:26:00AM

Posted by xburbx

look at him with his fight before veras and then this fight. clear body difference. pushups and eggs dont make your body change like that , that quickly

You never know. Lets withold judgement until the verdict is reached yes?

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

i really dont care if Vera gets back in the UFC or not, but if somehow these guys fight again, Silva is just going to embarrass Vera again...and Vera will once again get cut

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steve_mckay » Posted 1/26/07 7:44:00AM

Of course. If Steroids didn't make you stronger there would be little advantage to using them. You hear athletes say... I was using it to recover from an injury... this is also true but they also make you stronger, more aggressive, and even give you a mental edge.

Some steroids like Stanzanol or Winstrol like Ben Johnson took can actually reduce your weight and add solid muscle.

Pskinner_mma314 » Posted 8/2/08 4:16:00PM


EXHIBIT A: Silva vs. Sonnen

even off of steroids i dont see this fight ending differently, let brandon bitch, he has every right to as a professional....but to make it in this game, you have to improve your own game.

Brandon is the same fighter he was back in the day (which was a wednesday by the way, just in case ya'll didnt know, back in the day always means wednesday) as he is now. Brandon could beat alot of people at LHW, but he hasn't IMPROVED his game, which is what he needs to do.

that said

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

I would be pissed knowing I lost to a guy who failed the drug test then got released by the ufc for losing
Vera should get another fight cause of it
Fair thing to do

Svartorm » Posted 1/24/07 8:41:00PM

Strength has nothing to do with it. Silva is a legit BJJ blackbelt and has excellent technique. Saying you can sweep people in practice but get pinned in a fight doesn't equal steroids.

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BeeR » Posted 6/28/09 1:36:00PM

werdum must have been on roids too then eh brandon?

RyanC » Posted 8/25/09 5:08:00PM

Sorry but it takes more than steroids to dish out an a** whipping like that. . . we don't even know what Silva tested positive for yet. It could've been a stimulant, it could've been a banned supplement of some kind. Everyone is assuming it's steroids.

Bustamante-Aoki » Posted 5/22/09 8:18:00PM

Why do we have to guess what Thiago took?

What's going on with the athletic commission? Seriously?

I can't remember any athletic commission being so secretive with their results. I don't know what to make of it, but I get the feeling something fishy is going on here.

Can anyone explain this?

xburbx » Posted 6/21/07 5:17:00PM

roids dont make your technique better but say two guys are at a high level of jitz, striking, wrestling... whatever, depending on what you took, they will help you last longer as the rounds progress, hit a little harder, move a bit quicker and certainly hold particular ground positions easier. he was a totally different fighter than when he fought rashad. he gassed before the bell even struck, he had estrogenic fat build up around his waste and was overall sluggish. then he fights vera and his body type almost completely changed in a 12 month period. again, celltech, eggs, whey protein or any other over the counter stuff doesnt make a body do that. joe rogan seems to be pretty quick to mention any fighters physical appearance when it has changed from one fight to another. if you pay attention, it just so happens that if you know what obvious steroid use looks like, he is usually the same people i would agree with having used. chris leben was one off the top of my head that rings a bell as a clear example. also note, that i am not saying joe rogan is any kind of qualifier of judgment but just pay attention to when he says something about a guy looking more muscular than usual.

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