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Brendan Schaub Will Respect Mirko Cro Cop-By Trying To Take His Head Off   [View Full Version]
DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

And he intends to have a killer instinct against Cro Cop, something he notes while also taking a jab at Mirko's most recent opponents. "I think guys get so caught up in respecting Mirko so much they don't approach him with a killer instinct. They don't look for the finish. If you look at his last few fights he fought some tough guys, Frank Mir and Pat Barry, but they go out there and show him too much respect. I respect the guy just as much as those guys do if not more. It was the same with Gonazaga. I respect these guys so much that I give them the best fight I can on the night. That's my way of showing respect to these guys - I go in there and try and take their heads off. I put the pressure on them. There's going to be no high-fiving. There's going to be no hugging. I can tell you that."


Shawn91111 » Posted 9/21/07 2:56:00AM

Now if Mirko can come in with same said attitude then we might have a fight. Sadly it will not happen

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emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

Posted by Shawn91111

Now if Mirko can come in with same said attitude then we might have a fight. Sadly it will not happen

Agreed. We'll see the same ole' tentative, unable to pull the trigger Cro Cop that we've seen ever since the Gonzaga fight. It's a shame and it's to the point where I don't even look forward to his fights anymore.

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sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

I think Schaub is a winnable fight for Cro Cop, I thought Mir was very winnable but Mir stuck with his game plan, I think Schaub is taking Cro Cop lightly just like he thought he was going to walk through Big Country, Schaub needs to win this fight in the clinch and smother CC much like Kongo did.

hackdog99 » Posted 9/21/07 5:10:00PM

I wish Cro Cop would stop fighting. This however is another very winnable and decent on paper fight for Cro Cop. The UFC has been very nice to him as they haven't just fed him wrestler after wrestler.

I was thrilled with the Pat Barry fight and was hoping that would be the last one. I have interest in a rematch with Nog but not really much else for Cro Cop.

Schaub isn't that technical of a striker and Cro Cop should see openings to attack. If Cro Cop can't let go at all against Schaub hopefully UFC will just stop giving him fights. If Cro Cop wins give him Nog or Randy. But please stop letting him sniff real fights, the old Cro Cop is long gone.

Now it is time for novelty Cro Cop which isn't even fun to watch since he won't throw a damn kick anymore.

All that said I will root strongly for Cro Cop and be very excited if he wins lol

Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

When are they going to do Cro Cop vs Nogueira again?

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