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Elvis sinosic interview wanted !!   [View Full Version]
keith-hackney1 » Posted 2/19/07 4:38:00PM

Can someone try and find me a video interview of elvis after his fight with bisping??

Kastro » Posted 4/21/07 7:05:00PM

Perhaps he's on myspace? I know a lot of fighters have myspace pages or even there own website (like crocop).

Sinosic has my respect after his performance and display of courage on Saturday night.. I hope the UFC doesn't shaft him..

Mastodon2 » Posted 3/14/07 4:45:00PM

I dont think UFC will shaft him, he does a good enough job of shafting himself. He never wins against any names, so until he can start doing that, if he will ever even be capable of that, he might be something more than another guy to feed to guys the UFC wants to push.

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