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New HL, check it out   [View Full Version]
rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

hey guys,

I know not everyone likes him, but I always have been a fan... even through the bad times, lol

heres my newest HL video, thanks to all of you that helped me out with locating better footage.

The Hammer

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

It was a really good highlight for the first half man.
But when You showed him losing to Nog it kinda lost me.
Good job though. keep makin em.

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

Yeah, Coleman's a tough one because most of his good stuff came in losses, lol... I just hate when HL's show only their wins, especially a guy like Mark... He loses a lot, but that first 30 seconds is intense! Just ask Fedor! lol That, and I felt like a few clips were used too much (ie his knees to the head in pride), and I wanted to avoid using them.

thanks for watching it!

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