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Cole Konrad Is The Key To Brock Lesnar's Success   [View Full Version]
DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

That's according to MMA analyst Franklin McNeil, who shares a few words from the undefeated Bellator Heavyweight Champion on "There are a few areas in Cain's game where you can exploit some openings, and he's pretty vulnerable for some heavy shots. Some of [the vulnerabilities] stem off his wrestling style in some different positions. I know Brock has worked on those positions extensively. Cain is an athletic, tough dude; there's no other way around it, but he's got some holes Brock is looking to exploit ... [Lesnar's size] will play a huge role. He's 265 pounds, he's solid and it's a big load to carry around. It gets an opponent tired; even if he has good wind, he's going to get tired having that weight that's constantly moving and pulling and jerking at him the whole time. It's a big advantage for Brock. Besides, he's so focused now; his improved diet was just another piece to the puzzle. He comes in every day, and he's on his A-game. He has better endurance every day and he brings it every day in practice. He's in great shape."


BlueSkiesBurn » Posted 6/1/08 3:18:00PM

So a guy that won in riding time against Velasquez is the key to beating him

cowcatcher » Posted 1/16/07 1:02:00AM

every time i see konrad all i think is "move over sam hoger, theres a new sausage tits in town!"

in all seriousness, konrad is a good guy to have around as a wrestling training partner, but in cains mma career so far he hasnt looked like a wrestler a whole lot. the fact is lesnar has to train for cains stand up more than anything else and how he handles it will determine who wins the fight.


icantthinkofanything » Posted 1/16/09 11:38:00PM

Brock and the guy who teaches the submissions are the keys to Coles success . I dont get why some wrestlers like Cole and Cormier carry soo much weight in the form of jelly rolls. Brock is ripped at 265, Cole would prolly be ripped at 205, if he could ever stop eating jk imo.

submissionartist1 » Posted 5/27/07 10:24:00PM

Who posts this crap? cole conrad is a lay and prey champion maybe its not the guy postin it but what has cole Konrad done? layed on brock so he can practice escapes the sub that comrad used in his last fight was sloppy and wrong the guy tapped after konrad removed his arm from the lock and it wasnt even a compression submission it was a wrestling move...

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