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Tito Ortiz Loves Matt Hamill, Vows To Cave His Face In   [View Full Version]
DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

Or as the old saying goes, "nothing personal. It's just business." That'll be the case when the TUF 3 coach & student face off at UFC 121, which Ortiz relunctantly has signed his contract for. "Matt, I’m sorry. Business is business, though.... It sucks, but this is business.... UFC made the decision, I was bummed, I love Matt, I think he’s an awesome athlete and he’s an awesome person. You won’t see any **** talking from me about Matt Hamill because I think he’s an awesome guy, but it’ll make it even a better fight when it comes October 23 when I cave his face in. No bad feelings. No bad emotions. Just punishment."


bjj1605 » Posted 10/11/07 4:18:00PM

Doubt it. Only match up that I can think of that would as boring or more boring than this one would be Jon Fitch vs Josh Koshcheck. Put two wrestlers together who also train together and you get a dull fight.

sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

I think wrestler vs wrestler usually provides a fast paced fight with lots of scrambling and swinging for the fences. The biggest problem with wrestler vs wrestler is that a lot of energy and adrenaline gets used up, and they usually end up trashed by the second round. I think Tito can win this fight but, I am not going to pick him because his cardio is suspect now days, I think he's the better wrestler in an MMA environment,but I don't see him being effective after the first round,

Taylor8766 » Posted 6/24/07 5:32:00PM

Should be an interesting fight seeing as how the do fight similiar styless, however as much as i like Ortiz i personally seeing Hammills stand-up being the difference in the fight, his jab will be very effective against ortiz.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

I see Tito having a slight ege on the feet due to technical skill and slight speed, but really Matt hits hard, and I think he will be able to win on the ground as well, I also don't think he will be star struck like he was when he fought Rich Franklin. Hamill has defeated at least 2 fighters that remind me of Tito due to styles, Mark Munoz, Reese Andy, not to mention Boetsch, Petruzelli, and Forbes. All of which are wrestlers with varying skills in the stand up.

Wand_is_GOD » Posted 1/28/10 6:13:00AM

Tito will get his face caved in

TimW001 » Posted 3/30/07 6:31:00PM

Posted by Wand_is_GOD

Tito will get his face caved in

Most likely.

whardin19 » Posted 7/25/07 9:08:00PM

He better bring a "Hammer" to the ring with him if he wants to cave his face in. Because Matt can take shots from the best of them and keep coming. More like Tito will get smashed by Matt. I see Tito's only shot of winning this fight is on the ground.

(Sorry just had to use the pun at the beginning, yeah I know I'm lame. LOL!)

chickmagnet » Posted 7/5/07 2:53:00PM

No way will Tito even get Matt down

MaxOne » Posted 7/26/07 3:12:00PM

Posted by chickmagnet

No way will Tito even get Matt down

i don't see Tito's shot being able to take Matt down either. Matt has amazing take down defense. I think matt has the edge because he can dictate where the fight takes place but if it does go to the ground Tito should have the edge in submission skills.

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