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Warriors I 2 18%
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rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM



comments and feedback appreciated

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rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

at least hes honest!

Manfred » Posted 2/3/07 11:32:00AM

Didn't like the song choice in #1 personally. Too much screaming and not enough beats IMO.

Not bad though, better than I could do.

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

thanks man, i appreciate the feedback.

Yeah, that was my first, need to remember that not everyone likes that stuff... lol

pv3Hpv3p » Posted 1/24/07 6:08:00PM

haven't got to watch the vids yet, but I like the Genki pic... So as long as that's a good sign, I'll give you a pre-, and I'll edit later to let you know what I thought of the HL's...

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

my fav pic of all time...

as far as the vids, theyre my first, so keep that in mind! lol

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

ouch! At least if youre going to vote they all suck, let me know why... Im just learning, and Im looking to get feedback, not just random anonymous man up!

I like feedback good or bad, just put a little effort into it if youre going to knock someone!

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

Personally, I think if you made your own clips and didn't rely on Sherdog clips, I think you could have made this more your own. At the moment, it just looks like a hodgepodge of semi-organized clips put to music. It will take time to make your own clips, but the best hl reels really are put together with alot of heart. I enjoyed the song choice in the second clip (and I did njoy the music in the first, I just dont think hardcore goes with mma hl's for some reason).

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

thanks man, I appreciate the advice... Quick question... as far as finding original clips, are you best ripping your own dvd's, etc to your computer, or are there sites that members share footage on? Using the sherdog stuff killed me, so I agree whole heartedly, tried to rip a couple of my dvds, but I need better software I think. Thanks for any further tips you can give me on finding better material.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

As far as finding fights. That is one of the hardest things to do when making a highlight reel.
The best Fighter highlight reels are the ones that have some rare footages of fights. I personally dont have a DVD burner but i have some really olds fights on DVD and i want them ina Highlight reel so bad.

Your highlight reels were pretty good for the first ones. The hardest ones to do are about a single fighter. I found yours didnt seem to have a theme except maybe Pride fighters. The music in the first one was a good choice, but the second one not so much.
Its good to chop up songs in a highlight reel too. Take only the part of the song with the upbeat. That way rather than making a highlight reel according to a song you can make the song to the HL reel.

Here is a link to my last HL reel, Slam Time .
I find the best way to learn how to make a HL reel is to watch others and figure out what works and what doesn't.

Oh and for fight footage. Try the forums. They are known for having links to downloadable fights, or you can stream fights off the site.

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

madmarck summed it up well. I think it also depends on what software you have for creating your vids and how much multimedia knowledge you have. The best, most pure way to get your hl reels perfect is to rip dvds and make them into avi/mpg files on your computer (or if you have a mac, .mov files which really are the best format), from here, you can cut bits and pieces and insert them as you see fit (this requires a pretty decent program, which you can download because they are usually absurdly expensive).

EDIT: I had another obvious thought, go download some torrents of mma events and rip footage from these. Alot simpler than ripping dvds directly.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

They best UFC fights come from UFC on Demand. Its .99 cents a fight. But the quality is fricking amazing. I never downloaded em but i found one someon uploaded and i got it. Diaz vs Tibau.

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

wow, guys... thanks a lot for the words and advice, it really helps... I used WMM, which seems very easy to use, but it wont allow .avi files, so I was limited. Im going to look into the site you suggested, Im also going to look into a dvd rip program.

As far as my multimedia knowledge goes, very limited, but I pick things up quick... Im not sure what 'torrents' are, but Im searching, and Ill figure it out.

Again, thanks for the help. Its so much easier just to click the "both suck" button and move on. Your comments helped a ton, the both of you. Im going to keep on trying, and hopefully I can improve, as it sure is a fun time to make those vids..

PS: asked for advice on sherdog, and got bashed beyond belief... lol. Thats why this place is so much better...

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