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Who do you think will win?
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Stevenson via KO/TKO 2 5%
Gomi via KO/TKO 5 12%
Stevenson via Submission 10 24%
Gomi via Submission 0 0%
Stevenson via Decision 21 50%
Gomi via Decision 4 10%
Joe Stevenson vs Takanori Gomi for UFC on Versus 2 card.   [View Full Version]
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seanfu » Posted 11/4/07 10:24:00AM

Posted by warglory

Posted by sbulldavid

A much better match up for Gomi, I think it will be a good fight but, I don't expect Gomi to outlast Stevenson. Gomi looked like he just doesn't care anymore, or maybe he just doesn't have the explosion to get a take down anymore.

Or he wasn't that great to begin with.

Not fair, if the old great champs are an average of B fighters compared to todays fighters then Gomi is a B- I don't think he is that far off. I just think the light divisions are totally badass and too well rounded for the old guard to stand a chance.

I mean he was better than Jens at least. And Jens was the UFC's champ that "beat" bj back in the day.

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

Unless Gomi improves his training, this will look similar to Stevenson-Fisher IMO. Pretty easy solid win for Stevenson but I think by submission.

dirtyreg22 » Posted 8/5/09 12:36:00PM

joe daddy takes it he will be a pitbull on gomi. he'll take him down and control him with top control all night. i see serveral elbows the face of gomi. gomi didnt impress me much in his ufc debut but that was against kenflo. joe daddy's not on kenflo's level but he'll have enough to beat gomi. joe daddy 3rd tko from elbow strikes.

BustedKnuckle » Posted 9/2/09 5:48:00PM

Posted by gartface

Grind fest.

I beg to differ. I see it going a lot like the Florian/Gomi. Trade on the feet for a while then Daddy going to sub him. Seriously though i see Joe taking it via sub. RNC to be exact. 1st rnd.

Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM

Lookslike gomi's goingto have great odds.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

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