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kingkicker » Posted 6/28/07 8:57:00AM

for all the folks that boo or want the fight to be stood up all the time should go watch K1 and let MMA be MMA

SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

Could not agree more!

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Khaos » Posted 6/27/07 8:20:00PM

Posted by SmileR

Could not agree more!


emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

And a big f*ck you to the refs (Dan Miragliotta) who let the crowd influence their decisions...

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prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

i hate it too
i have never booed a fight ever i might have said this fight sucks underneath my breathe though but never booed out loud
but do people have the right to boo a fight?? shelling out 500 dollars for a seat they can do what ever they want,

spikerman19 » Posted 6/22/07 1:23:00AM

I was going to start a thread, who had a worse night, Dan Miragliotta or The Fans. I dont see the UFC going back there for a while, probably the worse fans I heard in a long time.

RyanC » Posted 8/25/09 5:08:00PM

I was going to start a thread about this also. The Fitch/Saunders fight had to be one of the worst referee stand ups of all time. Fitch was active as hell on the ground and they still stand him up. Complete BS.

kopower » Posted 7/3/07 12:31:00AM

I figured with the fight being around the New Jersey area that there would be tons of booing. I could tell at the Q&A a few days before the fights it was gonna be bad. Fans were getting booed by other "fans" just asking Dana questions.

And I agree that having the fans influence where the fight takes place is a joke.

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Kaem » Posted 11/15/07 8:23:00AM

I hate hearing the crowd boo. I guess thats what happens when you have a fairly uneducated crowd. I hope the fans that come out to the first Vancouver show act like the fans at the first Australia show. And I hope the refs never again let the crowd effect the way they call a fight.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

It's hard for me to not get angry when fans are booing, I could control it during Kimbo vs Houston, I understood it during Quarry vs Starnes, but most of the time it pisses me off.....that's one of the reasons I understand the fighters loving the Japanease fans so much. I would love it too!

gartface » Posted 7/29/07 7:00:00PM

Technical ground matches are sometimes more exciting to me than wars on the feet. It's such a chess match on the ground sometimes and I love it. Screw the fair weather fans.


Edwards » Posted 4/2/08 3:25:00PM

anybody that boos mma should maybe buy a couple mma dvds and learn the sport before u start booing something you dont understand,this is no drunken bar fight these guys are trained athletes that put their lifes into a sport they love so if u want to see 2 guys punch each other until theres a bloody mess go to your local bar and let the true mma fans enjoy whats happening in the fight instead of listening to a bunch of boos but in the end i always say when people are booing im learning.

vomitshovel » Posted 11/12/09 12:29:00PM

God damn Meatheads will always boo.
Just goes to show the fans from the fags

shotokansun » Posted 3/20/10 5:09:00PM

From what I could here from the audio in the PPV, the crowd was absolutely terrible. It amazed me at the double standard that they put in place between Jon Fitch and GSP. Fitch and GSP employed the same strategy of grinding out a UD win, but the crowd went nuts for GSP (granted he did have some exciting sub attempts), but continued to boo Fitch whenever it went to the ground.

I donno if this is what the expectations of mma have become, or if its just because New Jersey sucks(kidding of course), but either way, I don't like it;.

RiseUp21 » Posted 6/9/08 9:45:00AM

Just saying, I was at 111 as I live in PA, and GSP did get booed here and there. Fitch got booed a lot. I think it has to do with who each guy is. Also, I havent seen the PPV yet, but I know from also being at 101 and seeing that PPV (and other guys who have been to live events will probably agree) that the crowd noise doesnt get very well represented on the PPV.

Another thing, Brock Lesnar made a few entances to the cage side seats in the middle of fights, and the whole arena erupted in boo's. So that could have made the fans in attendance seem like they were booing the action when they really werent.

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