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Bonnar Loses Appeal, Possibly Gets K-Sos Rematch   [View Full Version]
DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

The Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales, Australia, which was tasked with regulating UFC 110 in Sydney, has ruled against Stephan Bonnar with regards to his appeal of his 110 loss to Krzyzstof Soszynski, meaning the official fight result-Soszynski win by TKO-stands. Bonnar appealed claiming it should've been ruled a no contest because the cut causing the TKO was caused by a accidental headbutt, with the likely outcome being changed to a Draw if the appeal won. Multiple reports indicate Bonnar will get his rematch at the TUF 11 Finale in June, but Bonnar did not confirm the rumors yesterday. Soszynski was unavailable for comment.


GSPCanada » Posted 3/15/08 9:03:00PM

I really don't understand how these fighters lose their appeals. it was a headbutt, we all saw it so why is it so difficult to change?
anthony johnson vs kevin burns - he poked him in the eye we all kno thats what caused the end of the fight, so why is it still declared a loss??
did any word come out on jones vs hamill appeal

MMA-San » Posted 4/17/09 10:47:00PM

The Jones/Hamil appeal was warranted. He used an ilegal move on purpose. It doesn't matter if he didn't know it was illegal, it was, and he did it on purpose.

It doesn't mean Jones is a cheat, only that he made a mistake...but the ruling was the correct call.

However, the burns eyepoke, and Bonnar headbutt were obviously accidents that should have resulted in NC's.

telnights » Posted 6/21/07 4:17:00PM

In this case I think it was the wrong call but ended the same way even if the right call was made. The fight was in the 3rd round and I'm fairly sure Soszynski was ahead on the cards. Since the headbutt was caused by both fighters it should have went to the cards. Very very rarely will a fight ever get overturned unless a fighter test positive for drugs. Even if its clear the Ref made the wrong call. This is because they don't want it to look like it was the wrong call to begin with. They want the commission and its staff(IE Refs) to appear infallible. Now I don't agree with this stance but that's how it is.

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prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

i heard fight would go down at tuf finale
dangerous for bonner though another lost he could be gone

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