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Who is the best CHAMPION to come from TUF? ...and why?   [View Full Version]
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Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

I gotta say Forrest. Serra won the Ultimate Fighter and got his shot right away, and even though he beat GSP, I don't think he earned it as much as Griffin. And Rashad has not faced the same type of competition IMO as Griffin has. Forrest has fought the toughest competition out of all the 3 champs, and even though Evans beat Forrest, it had a lot to do with just getting caught.

Forrest Griffin had to win the very first show and fought is way up to the top, he subbed Rua, and then beat Rampage in one of the best UFC fights I have ever watched. Evans got a few knockouts in fights he was losing, if you think about it Liddell and Griffin both have questionable chins, and were beating Evans until he got the KO. Since none of them have a defense, I'm basing my decision on the title fight and how they got there.

Griffin had the best fight. I'd say going toe to toe with Rampage for 5 rounds and recovering from multiple power shots and knockdowns, and still being able to fight competetivley and win a close decision (which I think was the right one) against one of the best of all time is more impressive than two out of nowhere semi-lucky KOs. I hate to call them lucky but if either of those KO's didnt happen when they did I think the fights would not have resulted in wins for either Serra or Evans..if that makes sense haha

jiujitsufreak74 » Posted 9/24/07 7:28:00PM

Posted by EvenFlow

posted by ocho-cinco

Well Rashad proved he's better then Forrest when he beat him

until Rashad caught the leg kick and knocked him out.

that would imply that Forrest still lost so i really don't think that is a good argument.

mkiv9secsupra » Posted 1/30/07 1:49:00AM

forrest....he whipped rashads a$$ until he got injured, the end. Rashad couldnt KO forrest "glass chin" griffin?!?! rashad isnt worthy of a #1 TUF winner spot

JustizzleFoShizzle » Posted 9/23/07 1:28:00AM

I think you'd have to say Serra because like you said he beat the biggest name, but unfortunately, I'm not really sure any of them will be considered great champions years from now because none of them defended the belt after they won it. The only one who will be remembered would be Serra because it was most likely the biggest upset in the history of MMA...oh wait, that was Seth Petruzelli knocking out Kimbo Slice right lol

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