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Ed Soares: Chael Sonnen should fight Demian Maia to determine number one contender   [View Full Version]
xdanish020 » Posted 9/22/08 2:18:00AM

"We've spoken with Chael on many occasions and have the utmost respect for him. He's never really come across in this manner, and it's obvious he's just drumming up hype in hopes to get a bout with Anderson. We are fine if this is what the UFC wants, but if you look at this logistically, Sonnen should fight Demian Maia first. Demian beat up easily, by submission, so why not make them fight first, to determine who gets a shot at the title? It's funny, but really, who actually listens to what Chael Sonnen has to say? The only time people listen is when he talks about Anderson. Who is he, really?


BigBadAl » Posted 6/18/09 8:26:00AM

I would agree if Maia didnt get destroyed by Nate so quickly.

Shawn91111 » Posted 9/21/07 2:56:00AM

Since when has Soares took over for Joe Silva. Maia lost to the man who Sonnen just defeated. Like it or not Sonnen is the #1 contender.

On the comeback trail

mentalcase » Posted 1/23/08 2:35:00AM

yeah great idea soares, so if maia wins where back to square 1 then you can say marquart should fight maia again for the number one

i think sonnen says stuff that makes more sense at this point

Jesse_Canadian_MMA » Posted 1/11/08 5:48:00PM

yeah pass on that Maia just fought and barely beat Dan Miller who Sonnen has also beat and yeah the whole dominating Nate Marquardt and Okami is enough for me to want to see Sonnen for the title

bjj1605 » Posted 10/11/07 4:18:00PM

Maybe Ed Soares has a better memory than me but....

Didn't this fight already happen?

Seriously, it would make zero sense to have these two fight again. I agree that having lost to Maia makes it difficult to name Chael as the number one contender, but in the absence of someone better he's the defacto choice.

icantthinkofanything » Posted 1/16/09 11:38:00PM

obviously i want gsp to get the shot before or after chael, but chael deserves it. Soares makes silv a look bad as a champ by questioning opponents ALWAYS. GSP never chose an opponent, hes a more classy champ imo.

they said nate was number 1 contender b4, now they want a maia rematch? they should have objected before chael steam rolled nate.
soares wants silva to fight maia cause maia cant strike or takedown silva. maia silva would b thales silva part 2 imo.
i wonder if soares would let silva fight fedor, or if fedor would be put down as unworthy for lacking good competition.
styles make fights

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Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

can ed soares shut the hell up and let the UFC decide who the contenders are in any given division? WOW I hate this guy so much. Just shut your fat mouth. Somehow I think there might be a slight conflict of interest between managing a fighter and deciding who he fights. I guess nate, maia, sonnnen and henderson should fight each other over and over again until ed decides they're worthy. If this moron had his way Anderson would be paid to do nothing but interviews until he decided to retire.

here's a headline

me: ed soares should shut the f*** up and stop telling other people how to do their jobs.

sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

Apparently Vitor doesn't deserve a shot , Sonnen doesn't deserve a shot , and Ed Soares thinks Rey Mysterio deserves a title shot if he defeats Ryo Chonan , and Batman in a triple threat match.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

i may not like the match of sonnen getting next dibs but i would like him to face winner of silva/bisping for next shot

look at it this way

winner gets sonnen/ loser of belfort/silva gets marquadt next i bet

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