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Fish_Hook » Posted 12/11/09 1:38:00PM

Sorry if this is the wrong forum...looked like the right one tho.

Penn vs Sanchez:

Diego says it's destiny. BJ says he's here just to have fun. Unfortuneatly for Sanchez, Penns idea of fun is punching him in the face. I think this is another case where BJ is just a step better in all stages of the game. A while ago I'd say Diego could push the pace and hope Bj gasses. Now, Im not so sure that will even work.

Final thought - Penn by being as good or better in every facett of the game!!!

Mir vs Kongo:

My first post was actually wondering what Mir was gonna look like since he had mentioned getting bigger for Brock. He def. looks big and ripped, but I hope this isn't at the expense of his cardio. Kongo seemed downright pissed in the countdown on spike and his weigh-in stunt was strange too. Kongo scares me. Should be a great fight.

Final thought - Kongo scares me, he doesn't scare Frank Mir. And Mir appears to smart to let the new muscle get in the way of his cardio. I'm taking Mur by brutal anaconda choke(Babalu-esque)

Florian vs Guida:

Lets see how Kenny does against Guida compared to Diego. This fight has 3 rounds written all over it. Both are always in great shape. Guida got a chin like Jay Leno, but he may need it tonight.

Final thought- Kenny by 3 rounds of kick boxing.

george112 » Posted 1/24/07 7:00:00PM

i got Linhares for the upset.

im actually suprised that this would even be considered an upset.Linhares is no slouch

Jan 2007

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

this card i am pumped to watch more than the last couple pay per views fights

i am expecting some good fights tonight

RyanC » Posted 8/25/09 5:08:00PM

I just watched the 107 Countdown on Spike so my head is swirling right now on whether or not I am making the right picks.

Penn vs. Sanchez
I know Diego is good, I know he thinks he is better than Penn, but he has never fought anyone on BJ Penn's level. If Deigo could not finish Clay Guida, and barely beat him on the judges scorecards he is not going to beat BJ. Everyone thinks BJ's conditioning is suspect, but seem to be overlooking his last fight against Florian. He looked great, he didn't gas, and it looks like he's working as hard as ever on staying in shape. He is superior fighter in all areas. I'm taking him by KO/TKO in the 3rd.

Mir vs Kongo
After watching the countdown I have no idea what to think other than I can't stand Frank Mir. I used to like him, but he's gone off the deep end since the loss to Brock. Talking about tearing peoples arms off, and snapping bones. I'm also tired of listening to him dismiss every other fighter but himself. He looks like he's in great shape and has been working hard, but I'm taking Kongo by KO. I think people are going to be surprised by his improvements on the ground, and Mir can't stand with him no matter what he says. All Kongo needs to do is not get subbed. (Easier said than done) That all being said I'm not going to be surprised if Mir subs him either. I'm going with my gut here, and a bit of biased.

Florian vs. Guida
I think this one could really go either way, but Kenny is the more skilled of the two, and I just think he's gonna pull out a win here. He needs to bounce back from the loss to BJ, and he is a more skilled fighter. I love Clay Guida, and would love to see him win here, but I think Kenny should take it. Again I wouldn't be surprised if Guida finds a way to win this. I'm taking Kenny by UD.

The more I think about it this card is going to be awesome. I can't wait. Only about another 7.5 hours till it starts!

Hendo67 » Posted 11/18/08 1:59:00PM

Diego Sanchez vs Bj Penn

I think that this fight may be a lot closer than people think, I honestly see this thing going the distance. I'm not sure if Bj has fought anyone who will push the pace and make him work harder than Diego will, It's interesting really. However i do think Bj will weather the storm and take this fight via UD.

Frank Mir vs Cheick Kongo

I want nothing more than for Kongo to KO Mir in about 10 seconds, and i do think it will happen...just not in 10 seconds. Mir is apparently " a better striker " than Kongo, I haven't seen anything impressive with Mirs striking during his whole career? And don't say he looked totally amazing against Nog...I think Nog looked very bad in that fight, thus making Mir look good. I'm taking Kongo by a early KO.

Kenny Florian vs Clay Guida

I think this is a bad matchup for Kenny, Clay is going to come out like a bat out of hell and get the clinch and work the takedows... I don't think Kenny's takedown defense is all that great and i see him spending a lot of time on his back in this fight, however...if he avoids the takedowns and can work his boxing then i think he can win this fight. I'm taking Clay via UD.

submissionartist1 » Posted 5/27/07 10:24:00PM

Sanchez because the yes cartwheel will give him strength

mir because he always wants to tear limbs off ask tim sylvia

Guida may take a decision but i hope kenny can win so we see him and diego

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