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Josh Neer’s Manager Effectively Illustrates the Problem With Josh Neer   [View Full Version]
RhythmAndStyle » Posted 1/25/08 3:12:00PM

Unfortunately Josh was matched up with fighters that wanted to take him down and lay on him to grind out a victory. If you are going to take Josh down then at least try to finish him, just don’t lay on him and hold him down. Most fighters are not going to want to stand and bang with Josh, and they just want to play it safe, hold him down, and get the win. Josh wants to put on exciting fights, and there is nothing more frustrating to Josh than not to put on an exciting fight for the fans. Right now we have a few offers from different organizations that want to sign Josh immediately so we are just weighing our options, and going with the best opportunity for Josh. Josh will be back in the UFC after he wins a few fights outside the UFC. We appreciate all the support Josh’s fans have given him.


emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

Edit the title, please.


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RhythmAndStyle » Posted 1/25/08 3:12:00PM

damn this is the second time i did this bad guys..i also burnin a dvd and not really puttin my mind into it..once again my bad...

Jride » Posted 5/13/09 9:34:00PM

I like Josh Neer but if he is worried about people that lay n pray then he needs to train his ground game more so he can keep it standing

Jackelope » Posted 1/30/07 10:59:00AM

It is incumbent on the fighter to prevent a Lay N Pray. Not matchmakers or anyone else.

I thought the takedowns were pretty exciting, myself. I'm a Josh Neer fan, too.

bjj1605 » Posted 10/11/07 4:18:00PM

Its really not fair for josh to blame any one but himself. I agree Peligrino was trying to lay and pray but Tibau was looking to finish and it was an exciting fight.

IriShame » Posted 3/25/08 7:48:00PM

The reality is that you can win a fight with takedowns and top control. Is it boring? Hell yeah it is. Boring or not though, a victory is a victory. If you don't want it to happen learn to defend it. This is MMA folks, if you have a glaring weakness it will be exploited. Especially in the UFC where a with a few losses you could find yourself jobless.

At the end of the day what's more important to a fighter? Entertaining the fans, or getting the win (and the win bonus that comes with it)? I'm going to guess most guys are more worried about their job security and their paycheck than applause. I'm not saying they wouldn't like to entertain as well as get the win but if you put a guy in the cage with a guy that can't defend takedowns he'd be a fool to not exploit the weakness for a victory. It's called game planning and guys do it all the time. You don't like it? Learn to wrestle.

xdanish020 » Posted 9/22/08 2:18:00AM

sounds like a bunch of excuses to me, but I would like to see him win fights and come back, he is exciting at times

I don't recall Nate Diaz laying on him, Pellegrino pretty much did but Tibau stood and traded a decent amount, he just was able to take Neer down with ease, so why not

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Dude needs to learn take down defense and how to get up after being taken down....enough said!

xtra_chewy » Posted 5/17/07 3:16:00AM

Posted by jae_1833

Dude needs to learn take down defense and how to get up after being taken down....enough said!

Neer is one of my favorite fighers, I hope he can stay with the UFC and make a comeback.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Sorry bro, but he's already been cut. That being said and knowing the fight that Neer brings in there, he should be back in a year to two tops. I would even bet that he gets a little payraise if he does this right. Goes on a win streak in SF or Dream....could have a little contract battle going on over him!

Giant_Ochai » Posted 5/19/09 7:57:00PM

Posted by jae_1833

Dude needs to learn take down defense and how to get up after being taken down....enough said!

Learn it? He knows what to do. He just can't physically prevent superior wrestlers from taking him down or out scramble them to get up.

IowaWrestling » Posted 9/1/09 9:54:00AM

Whatever, hearing people bag on Josh for his wrestling skills is a joke. Multiple state qualifier, and state place winner in the home of wrestling, IOWA. He knows how to wrestle, but he loves to bang. Multiple fight of the night bonuses prove that. I love to watch Josh fight, Ive probaly seen him fight over 100x in my life, I cant think of to many of those that were boring. Yeah he needs to stop the takedown but when he gets in the cage there is only 1 gameplan and that is to finish the fight. I love the fact he brings it on every occasion. To the poster who says he has s****y fights on TV are you serious? Without doing any history checks here, I can think of Melvin Guillard fight, Joe Stevenson, both Diaz brothers, a sick sub win on Danzig. HMMMM all those seem really boring, yeah right. Josh is still young and I think it would be a shame if he did not keep competing at the highest level because that is were he belongs.

telnights » Posted 6/21/07 4:17:00PM

Josh may have good wrestling but he doesn't use it very well to stop take downs. Trying to finish and having exiting fights can go hand and hand with good TDD. There are a lot of guys out there with solid TDD and great stand up that put on exiting fights. If Josh only game plan is to finish then its Josh's fault for having a poor game plan. I would say if anything Josh's main game plan should always be stay on my damn feet.

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Rush » Posted 1/31/07 10:42:00PM

Josh Neer’s Manager Effectively Illustrates the Problem With Josh Neer

Sounded a lot more like the manager was stating the problems with other fighters, not Josh's problem.

This in turn I think this illustrates what I said after the Tibau fight, which is in fact what I think is the problem with Josh Neer. I don't think Josh has an interest in becoming a complete MMA fighter, otherwise we would have seen some sort of improvement. I mean, if we can see an improvement in Kongo's ground game, a guy who has been in MMA as long as Neer should surely show some improvement with takedown defense or some strategy to counter a takedown.

With his manager's comments it underscores the problem that both Josh and his manager/trainer(s) seem to be in denial regarding the issue and seemingly want to deflect the issue on to other fighters. Unfortunately for them, the other fighters are the ones still in the UFC and the ones with "W" next to their name.

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