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For UFC 104's Razak Al-Hassan, the art always came before the martial   [View Full Version]
emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

At first, Razak Al-Hassan didn't know there was a problem.

"I didn't feel it," Al-Hassan told ( of his dislocated elbow following his UFC debut in December 2008. "When the referee stopped it, I was bewildered. I was thinking, 'OK, why are you stopping the fight?'"

The referee, in fact, noticed what pretty much everyone else watching the fight against Steve Cantwell did. Al-Hassan, caught in an armbar, was going to suffer a significant arm injury, but he was refusing to tap out.

The first-round injury has made him into a notable UFC character. Some, he said, criticize him for not tapping out even though an injury was imminent. Others have slapped him on the back and praised him for his toughness in declining to quit.


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matt_black » Posted 6/21/07 7:42:00PM

one of the more gruesome things i'v ever watched in slow motion....brutal

boarderxcosta » Posted 2/2/07 12:41:00AM

He was trying to protect his perfect record.

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