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The Ramifications of DREAM.11   [View Full Version]
emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

Last night, DREAM returned to primetime on the Tokyo Broadcasting System for the first time since May. Following the show, event producer Keiichi Sasahara remarked that he was "expecting a good TV rating," and today it looks like he was right.

Via Tony Loiseleur:

Sasahara reporting that last night's rating for Dream 11 on TBS was 12.7%, clocking in at no.2-most watched show during the primetime slot.


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jiujitsufreak74 » Posted 9/24/07 7:28:00PM

that is refreshing to hear. the Japanese and their affinity for the Super Hulk match lol. but in all seriousness this is a great sine for the health of global MMA and shows Dream has some real lasting power

SpiderSilva » Posted 7/10/07 6:44:00PM

I hope it got good ratings cause it was a hell of a show

11-7 av bets

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IriShame » Posted 3/25/08 7:48:00PM

Thank god. I really hope Japanese MMA can continue to thrive and support two major organizations in DREAM and Sengoku. The two seem to compliment each other perfectly and could form a mutually beneficial "rivalry" that could stoke the fires of Japanese MMA for years to come.

Plus, as long as Japanese MMA lives on we will always have an outlet for a good old fashioned freak fight. Which, I would argue, is a cornerstone of MMA and though it may seem asinine to watch a 7'2" korean guy fight Jose Canseco, it's certainly entertaining. The freak fight must never be allowed to vanish from MMA entirely and Japan provides the safest haven for MMA's guilty pleasure.

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