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Rickson not sure if Belfort is ready for Anderson title fight   [View Full Version]
ThaAxeMurderer7 » Posted 1/16/08 9:55:00PM

Rickson Gracie believes that Vitor Belfort is not ready to face Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title after having just one fight in the organisation since he returned to it. Belfort blitzed former middleweight champion Rich Franklin in the first round of their fight at UFC 103 but Gracie believes that fight was too short to have made Belfort comfortable in the Octagon again.


Rush » Posted 1/31/07 10:42:00PM

What I think is more important in this article is that Rickson states that he is 100% retired.

ThaAxeMurderer7 » Posted 1/16/08 9:55:00PM

You never know though. He may go out this weekend, get into a couple of street fights just to pad his record a little more.

Shawn91111 » Posted 9/21/07 2:56:00AM

Well finally he says he is retired, that being said ...Rickson by armbar

On the comeback trail

Sir_Karl » Posted 9/7/07 9:27:00PM

I don't think Vitor is ready either. I would have to agree with Rickson. I don't think he is ready for different reasons though. Vitor is nowhere near the level of fighter Anderson Silva is. I don't think he ever can be. Vitor vs. Anderson won't be a very long fight. I see Silva putting him away fast. Vitor might have fast hands and he may have some power...but he has poor footwork, weak form and stance and not much stamina. Generally Vitor bum rushes his opponents from the start. What happens when he doesn't KO his opponent during his initial barrage of punches? He gasses and is usually in trouble. Anderson will avoid his initial attack and then eventually pick him apart...knocking his ass out. More than likely in Round 1.
There is a small chance Vitor will connect in his initial flurry...but I just don't see it happening. All Vitor has is some power and fast hands...and generally they both wither away pretty quickly.

ChokeUout » Posted 6/28/07 1:48:00PM

As far as not earning a shot after one quick win in his return to the UFC, I guess you could make that argument. But considering SIlva got his title shot after 48 seconds of total UFC action, I won't really complain about vitor, considering the other two top contenders already got stopped convincingly by silva.

However, I don't think Vitor is ready for silva, for the exact reason the dude above me stated. For as quick as vitor is, silva is just as fast, if not faster. Plus, he's more precise, has much better footwork, and it much more technical. All silva has to do is to survive the initial flurry, and he'll pick vitor apart, probably stopping him before the end of the second (I'm feeling generous).

On the ground, they are both skilled, but let's be serious. This fight will be a stand-up fight, and silva will win.

I normally don't do AV bets, but I might consider it if someone wants to pick Vitor and wants to sport a Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite avatar for a while.

tomp6581 » Posted 1/29/07 10:53:00AM

The only way I see Vitor winning is if Anderson gets sloppy.

Everything Vitor does, Anderson does better.

Will Anderson have a reach advantage too?!

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

Posted by tomp6581

The only way I see Vitor winning is if Anderson gets sloppy.

Everything Vitor does, Anderson does better.

Will Anderson have a reach advantage too?!

I think Vitor can take this on the possiblity of Anderson getting too cocky in the octagon as well.
I don't think Anderson will take Vitor lightly,but if he does,he may be making a mistake.

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