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Sinister » Posted 8/16/09 11:18:00PM

"After dispatching Randy Couture last Saturday at UFC 102, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was game to “play” with reigning champ Brock Lesnar if the opportunity became available.

'If they gave me a title shot, it would be awesome,' he told MMAWeekly.

But after hearing Frank Mir’s opinions about his performance, Big Nog is eyeing a rematch with the former champion."


Looks like the rematch is more likely to happen sooner than later.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

God I hope this happens, I like both fighters and I think they could provide for a complete war!! They both box fairly well, with a slight edge in striking to Mir because of his kicks IMO. They are both BJJ wizards with an advantage to Nog as he is much more well decorated. I say let them go at it and settle their dispute. Plus if Nog won then how could they deny him a title shot with the Brock / Carwin winner.

george112 » Posted 1/24/07 7:00:00PM

imo this needs to happen.

the UFC could really benefit from a rematch.

i got Nog by UD

Jan 2007

SamPan » Posted 2/17/09 12:13:00AM

Mir won't knock out Nog again but Id still pick him for a close decision win. Theyre evenly matched on the ground. But Mir's stand ups improved a lot

Sinister » Posted 8/16/09 11:18:00PM

Posted by SamPan

Mir won't knock out Nog again but Id still pick him for a close decision win. Theyre evenly matched on the ground. But Mir's stand ups improved a lot

I think Nog's BJJ is way better. I don't think Mir would get subbed but he is still not as good.

Striking though still goes to Mir.

jlock003 » Posted 9/18/07 5:33:00PM

I don't know. I mean Big Nog is definitly a beast on the ground, but you can't deny Mir is at leaste close to his level....not so much with the seemless transitions that Nog has but Mir is creative with his with his reverse kimora against hardonk??? Was it hardonk??? Anyway it was sick.

Chrrowley » Posted 2/24/07 5:12:00PM

Yeah but it was Antoni Hardonk...not really known for his BJJ defense....still sick tho

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

I would say Nog's BJJ skills are superior to Mir's,but I think it really comes down a lot to a matter of opinion.
Just looking down the tale of the tape,Mir seems to be able to get submissions faster than Nog but I don't think Nog minds taking his time to work for the submission.
Then I think you have to look at their records.
I don't think it's hard to see Nog has definently had more top fights than Mir to speak of.
That's not saying Mir hasn't fought good competition,but just look at Nogs record.I think it speaks for itself.

I would say one of my deciding factors in stating Nogs BJJ is slightly better than Mirs is the fact that Mir didn't seem eager at all to go to the ground with him.
His whole gameplan seemed to revolve around beating him at the standup,GNP as little as possible and then let him up.
Executed perfectly.
But I don't think Mir was wanting a ground war.

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