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Brett Rogers: When I Beat Fedor, I'll Become the God of MMA   [View Full Version]
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prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

god of mma??
is there such a thing??

crushedbacon » Posted 6/11/07 6:31:00PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

god of mma??
is there such a thing??

Yes. His next fight is against Brett Rogers.

EliasG » Posted 10/20/07 12:55:00AM

I really like Rogers and ANYTHING can happen in MMA. If you don't think haven't been watching the past year or so.

But, I think Fedor will win this. I really gave Silvia and Arlovski better chances than it turned out to be...but I give Rogers a chance too. He's a good STRONG BIG fast fighter with power. He can take a shot too so I think this fight could go the distance. But Fedor is MORE explosive than Rogers and more explosive than any heavyweight I've ever seen. Those who are just seeing him in the last 2 fights seem to be missing that too....dude looks like he's going to sleep one second and KO'ing you or armbarring you the next second.

telnights » Posted 6/21/07 4:17:00PM

If he beats Fedor he will get major props and be consider a legit HW contender but I don't think he would be or should be #1. But I would love to see him beat Fedor because I think we would see Fedor start focusing on getting back to the top and he really cant do that outside the UFC. Also I think it would spell the death of M-1 and that makes me happy. I would hope StrikeForce stays around but would be more than happy to see M-1 go under because they have done nothing but cause headache's for fans of MMA.

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supatolacyl » Posted 8/23/07 8:14:00AM

You can't count out a guy that hits as hard as Rogers does. I'm not saying he going to win, but to say he stand no chance is just dumb I give Rogers prolly 20 percent chance of winning and that's about as far as his punching power will take him. I'm a big fan a Fedor, I like his attitude towards fighting as much as him actualy fighting, he has no cross words to say about anyone, but if he gets hit square on his jaw by a 260+ pound man with proven power, he will do the same thing as everyone else and that will be kissing canvas. Again I'm not saying he is going to give up his jaw, but it can happen and to overlok that isn't smart especially when every fight starts on the feet. Personaly I think the man outside of the UFC to beat Fedor is Gegard Mousasi, I see him as a younger version of Fedor, from his skill down to how relaxed he is before and during the fight. If that fight were to happen, it would be fight of the year for damn sure.

Daze » Posted 2/6/09 3:35:00PM

If Rodgers wins it will probably damage MMA big time, cause FEDOR is the tyson of MMA. Who else is on his level in MMA?

you guys are underestimating The Grim, He has sledge hammers in his fists and one thing is he won't fear fedor he will actually trade with Fedor even if he gets knocked out doing it.

If I had some cash I would bet it on Rogers I mean he is gonna be a super huge underdog. I would put 100 bucks on him just in case he pulls the upset, I lost more then that at casinos.

He has to stay away from the ground.

crushedbacon » Posted 6/11/07 6:31:00PM

LOL I'm still under the impression Fedor doesn't get KO'd.....see Fujita. He just goes into the crazy fish dance and regains composure, so Rogers can bring the power....he's not gonna get to use it anyway. I see Fedor coming right at Rogers using his speed...... body lock.....throwing Rogers to his back, landing in side control and then from there yikes.......

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