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argile » Posted 2/4/07 1:20:00AM

Mine would be grilled cheese and macoroni cause when i wwas growing up and completey innocent i remember the most peaceful time in my household and we used to eat that when we sat down to eat.

Hurricane_Brad » Posted 3/21/07 11:47:00PM

I'd see if I could convince them to roll me a joint for starters. I would have to go with a steak dinner: 12 oz steak, baked potato with bacon and sour cream, caesar salad, and maybe some corn on the cob as well. Throw in a few pints of beer, and maybe a cheese cake or pie for dessert. Mmm, tasty.

hcazlekker » Posted 2/8/07 3:02:00PM

I could go one of two ways...

Chicken Fried Chicken smothered with Gravy. Mac and Cheese Casserole. Mashed Potatoes. Green beans. Crescent Rolls. Dr. Pepper.

Or, Grilled Angus Rib Eye (rare, a little salt, pepper and garlic will do). Grilled Prawns. Sassy Shrimp Roll. Volcano Roll. Ninja Roll. And a decent champagne to chase my xanax bar with.

As much as I love home cooking, I'd probably go with my second choice, it seems like a pretty classy way to end it.

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