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Dan Miragliotta Defends Stoppage of Johny Hendricks Amir Sadollah Fight at UFC 101   [View Full Version]
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Shadymlm » Posted 6/23/09 1:00:00AM

It was definitely an early stoppage and like said before Hendricks punches were grazing Amir at bes andt half of them missed. This was not a Miller lite Bad call!

I wonder if everyone who is saying that they don't have a problem with Dan or the stoppage would be singing the same tune if it happened to their precious Fedor... just food for thought

Brain_Smasher » Posted 1/27/07 9:19:00PM

I am ussually the first person to stand up for a ref. People have always complained about every ref in the UFC. Its ussually due to the fact they know the ref, his name and are comfortable with him. At the same time the Pride ref could mess up and few care because knowone knows who he is. BJM got the name Big John McStoppage, everyone said Herb Dean sucked around the Phil Baroni stoppage era. Larry Landless was hated. Now you have Levigne who seems to never be able to do anythign right. Mirgliotta and Mazzigoti.

To tell the truth there is only 2 refs i have a problem with. Yves, because he just seems incompetent. Just one of those people who cant do anything right. I have seen him trip over people trying to stop fights. One fight he even fell and busted his ass during the fight while back peddling. He seems more suited for Revenge of the Nerds sequal than refing MMA infront of millions of people.

The other is Mario Yamasaki. He is actually a very good ref but he is very bias. This allows him to see what he wants to see. I saw him during the Gracie fighting championship event allow Daniel Gracie to throw multiple knees at Wes Simms whil o the ground to the head. While standing 2 feet away starign staight at it. Then penalizes Sims for a head butt. Mario has been teching Martial arts for a long time. He knows his stuff but he is very biased.

I do think Mirgliotta should only ref HW fights. I also think there should be a rule that smaller refs ref light weight fights. When you have smaller fighters they can punch much faster than big guys. So if you have 300 lb Dan trying to stop a GnP and it takes him 1 second longer than it does som eone smaller. A LW can throw problably 5 punches in that 1 second. This is why Mirgliotta seems to be always out of position. Dan, to stop a fight as quick as a smaller ref may have to anticipate the stoppage sooner and get a jump on it. This causes much more early stoppages.

nickcuc547 » Posted 1/27/07 12:52:00PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

I still stand by my original thought, not being even pissed about it cause i didin't really care for the outcome of the fight... but i don't think a fight should get stopped when a fighter is already halfway back to his feet. Only my take of the whole thing.

I agree, nobody likes a late stoppage but that one was still iffy. as was the werdum vs. vera stoppage and kimbo vs. james thompson stoppage as well, the guy has a track record

gartface » Posted 7/29/07 7:00:00PM

Posted by finnish_line

Posted by XblacksheepX

Miragliotta is the worst ref in the ufc right now.

Worse than Mazzagatti? Surely not.

Agreed Finnish. Also the UFC doesn't employ referees.


whardin19 » Posted 7/25/07 9:08:00PM

How does Miragliotta see that Amir was knocked out but doesn't see Hendricks punching him in the back of the head? I really question this guys integrity. If he'd just admit he was wrong I would think more of him.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

i actually agree with dan for once
yes amir was getting up but so was johnny still unloading at his head, one more shot would have knock amir's lights out, dan saved amir from any more damage

haggiswashere » Posted 7/30/07 3:48:00PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i actually agree with dan for once
yes amir was getting up but so was johnny still unloading atTHE BACK OF HIS head, one more shot would have knock amir's lights out, dan saved amir from any more damage

Corrected your post...

runningman08 » Posted 8/9/08 12:37:00AM

Dan Miragliotta is will out a doubt the worst ref right now but the stoppage i didn't have much of a problem with. Amir was rocked and Hendricks gave him a couple of unanswered blows. From Dans angle it looked like it was time to stop the fight. If he was anywhere else i might have more to say about the situation but i have seen way worse stoppages. Ive seen every ref make mistakes. Even Big John. I remember when Brain Johnston won at UFC 11 Big John dove in to stop the fight and hit Johnston's nose with his shoulder and broke it. The guy won his fight by KO and couldn't continue. Since Big John left id say Herb Dean is the best ref they got right now.

Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

Hold on, let me get my Mitagliotta-goggles so that I can see the exact opposite of everything that actually happened.

Please find a new job.

Brain_Smasher » Posted 1/27/07 9:19:00PM

Big John is ref'ing fights now. He only left for a short while.

george112 » Posted 1/24/07 7:00:00PM

do i think it was an early stoppage?? YES

do i think hendricks was going to knock him out somewhere in the next 20 seconds?? YES

Jan 2007

Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

yeah but the whole idea behind an early stoppage is that no matter what any of us thinks would have happened, we will never know for sure, and the fighter should have been given the chance.

Hendricks also landed like 4 punches to the back of Amir's head and wasn't even warned.

Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

He should just own up to it--he made a mistake. That he's looked at a replay, and still believes he made the right call is baffling. I watched the replay a couple times--and it looks like barely any of those shots connected when Amir was on all fours.

Too bad, because it looked like Hendricks suffered a hand injury afterwards, and that probably would have been easy money for Amir had it continued.

I will say though, that Amir was in a really bad spot, and when I saw it the first time I was pretty much in-between on the stoppage.

RearNakedJoke » Posted 8/11/08 6:25:00PM

definitely an early stoppage but im not sure Amir would have recovered enough to mount a significant comeback. Mirgliotta missed the punches to the back of the head, which CAN cause brain damage. luckily only 1 of them looked like it connected solidly.

but i have to agree theres been worse stoppages(or lack of) lately. novar bradley and sell brown come to mind.

Mirgliotta>Mazigotti imo

oh and torres bowles! miguel took about 4 extra punches and he was clearly chillin on candy mountain.

MMA-San » Posted 4/17/09 10:47:00PM

Hendricks would have won anyways.

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