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Amir fight stoppage one of the worst ever?   [View Full Version]
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whardin19 » Posted 7/25/07 9:08:00PM

The Amir Sadollah fight stoppage has to be one of the worst stoppages I've ever seen! Not only was Mirgliotta out of postion to see anything. Hendricks was hitting Amir in the back of the head while Amir was getting up. Everytime I see Mirgliotta ref he consitantaly makes bad calls and this one was the worst. What do you guys think?

george112 » Posted 1/24/07 7:00:00PM

why isnt this in the spoilers forum

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haggiswashere » Posted 7/30/07 3:48:00PM

He will be devastated. It sucks so bad man. Poor kid. Why is Dan Mirgliotta still employed? We need Big John back again.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Moved to spoilers

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raider8 » Posted 1/26/07 4:38:00PM

I think Big John burned some bridges when he left UFC in hopes of working with another promotion. I dont see him working another UFC event again. But I agree that it was a early stoppage of the fight. Amir was trying to get back up.

RearNakedJoke » Posted 8/11/08 6:25:00PM

looked to me when amir was on all fours all of hendricks puches were to the back of his head. only one seemed to fully connect though.

my opinion it was early but probably going that way. but what do i know mirgliotta had the better view from behind hendricks.

Irish_Pride » Posted 7/12/09 7:13:00PM

That was a horrible stoppage. Not only was Hendricks hitting Amir in the back of the head. Amir looked fine, I mean when your down there is only two things to do get back up and get into guard, Amir was trying to get back up. At no point in the fight was Amir knocked out, he seemed fully aware of his surroundings.

miphi1991 » Posted 6/3/08 9:39:00AM

Looked clean to me. he had taken 5 or so uppercuts and about the same amount of punches while he was down on the ground. getting up or not he was getting punished.

kopower » Posted 7/3/07 12:31:00AM

bad stoppage but I picked Hendricks so wooo!!!

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Khaos » Posted 6/27/07 8:20:00PM

I don't think it's the worst. I've seen worse. I can see the arguement that it was a justified stoppage. I personally think it was a good stoppage, but by no means am I an MMA ref.

joshryanshepherd » Posted 2/7/08 12:44:00AM

All i know is that Amir's Muay Thai looked AMAZING, to bad dirty boxing shut it down...

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Styles » Posted 9/13/07 6:01:00PM

I think it was an early stoppage but good for Amir, if he would have made it up, Hendricks would have knocked him right back down. There were no good clean shots landed when Amir was down and Amir was on his way back up. I know we talk about fighter safety and all, but damn dont have to be that safe, he should have let Amir taken the shots once he got his hands off the ground and then stopped it.

Hopefully Hendricks has been working on his cardio though, guy seems to get burned out towards the end of the 2nd.

fizzle » Posted 12/23/08 10:54:00PM

Slightly early if anything. At first I thought it was premature but after seeing the replays, Amir was in trouble every second that Hendrix was pounding him. Back of the head or not Amir was in trouble and I have no problem with the stoppage.

bojangalz » Posted 5/25/07 9:00:00PM

Posted by raider8

I think Big John burned some bridges when he left UFC in hopes of working with another promotion. I dont see him working another UFC event again. But I agree that it was a early stoppage of the fight. Amir was trying to get back up.

Just an FYI, Refs don't work for the promotion. They work for the state athletic commission. And Big John didn't leave the UFC, he retired from reffing to take a spot on the Fight Network. He's reffing again now, but only licensed in a few states (California for sure, but I know there were a few others as well.) He's not currently licensed in Nevada, and last I heard he's not interested in getting licensed there either.

But it should be very interesting to see what happens when the UFC rolls into cali shortly. I wondering if they'll pull strings to keep he off the show.

And as El Guapo always says- "God speed, and party on. Whoap!"

PABLOMAFIOSO » Posted 6/24/07 12:50:00PM

The stoppage was justified IMO. Amir was in a bad spot after getting dropped, if the ref let it go on he would have been KO'd. there have been a lot of worse stoppages.

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