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NY Times profile: Carano a very secluded person   [View Full Version]
emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

LAS VEGAS — Gina Carano lives on a cul-de-sac where all the houses look the same. For companionship, she puts up two pit bulls and a convicted felon. She stays out of nightclubs, maintains few friendships and drives a foul-smelling Impala. She never finished college. She has never heard of Chuck Berry. In conversation, she assumes you have never heard of her.


"I'm like the superhero coming in with the anti-bullsh*t." - Nick Diaz

pv3Hpv3p » Posted 1/24/07 6:08:00PM

So I was just thinking... seems it'd be fair to say at least Gina gets a good bit of press, seeing that she's in the NYTimes and was a American gladiator aand all...

I think it's great that women's mma is gaining popularity, and it's pretty obvious that Carano is it's figure head... she's a great fighter and smokin hot...

What I'm wondering is... if people tune in to watch her fight against Cyborg and (I'm not saying it'll happen, but...) she gets completely obliterated by Cris... imo it could turn a lot of people off to the sport... I mean newer fans don't want to see the hot chick get beat up by the scary chick, and I think a lot of people could be turned off; especially if it's real woopin gets laid down.

The real question is... how I,mportant is this fight for mma in general, not just the women's side?

scoozna » Posted 1/25/07 12:53:00PM

I'm a bit of a pessimist in the sense that I think that most already have their minds made up. In the event that Gina gets beat up badly, I think those that dig women's MMA will still dig it. I do think that it could have a negative effect on women's MMA - because there just aren't that many good matchups out there - but I don't think it will effect men's MMA in the slightest.


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