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Dana White: “Dan Henderson is Definitely Next in Line for the Title Shot”   [View Full Version]
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cloud301336 » Posted 7/24/07 12:31:00AM



BigIP » Posted 4/19/08 6:24:00PM

He deserves it. Definitely did not want to see Franklin vs Hendo 2. Lunatic Fringe, I know you're out there!

sclasclemski » Posted 3/28/09 12:47:00PM

I like it alot...Dan pushed Anderson at least...even if he did get handled in the second round...between Hendo and Forrest in his next two fights the Spider should have ample opportunity to build his credibility back up with teh casual fans that have lost faith in him

lohmann » Posted 6/1/07 8:17:00AM

I wonder if Dana White would be guaranteeing this if Dan Henderson had decisioned Michael Bisping, showing up as Decision Dan instead of Right Hand Dan. I think all the new fans he made and older ones he reinvigorated with that highlight reel, potential knockout of the year, TUF finale, UFC 100 knockout probably helped Dana White figure out who is the next to face Anderson Silva. It will probably be more marketable and sellable than the first one since Henderson has had more exposure stateside with his last two fights.

Good fight. If Henderson wins, it may create a rivalry that I have been hoping for for Anderson Silva.

xdanish020 » Posted 9/22/08 2:18:00AM

Good for Hendo, he deserves it...he fights quality opponents every time.

I think he'll have a better gameplan coming into his second fight with Anderson. Hopefully it's setup before 2009 ends.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

he derserves it more than franklin did when he fought silva a second time

mshalosky » Posted 2/16/09 8:09:00PM

Hendo is andersons worst stylistic matchup. i went back and watched the first fight between these two and i was surprised at how well hendo was doing on his feet. He hit anderson with some real hard shots on the feet and finished it off with a takedown and some gnp. Im still puzzled why he looked so drained when he went out in the 2nd when he went 5 hard rds against rampage i guess maybe the weight cut. Anyway i think hendo has a real chance i may pick him to win depending on how the cut seems to have affected him.
war hendo

EpicTerran » Posted 8/23/07 3:24:00PM

I would be so full of joy if Henderson wins the MW title via KO. Making him the first guy to beat Anderson in the UFC, and the first to KO Silva. I might just go crazy in my living room if it happens.

jascri » Posted 2/4/09 12:19:00AM

Hendo! Hendo! Hendo! Hendo! Yea f*ckin Hendo!!!!!

seanfu » Posted 11/4/07 10:24:00AM

If Damian Maia wins in spectacular fashion and doesn't get the title I'll be pissed. Hendo had his shot, and should get another definantly, but not before an undefeated fighter with 6-0 record coming off a spectacular win.

Assuming of coarse he wins and does so spectacularly, or even convincingly.
Maybe, as much as I preach against it, I'm a rank whore myself, but in this case it'll just be logic.

Hedo is a hero to us all but come on.

Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

Hendo has faced better competition and is 3-0 since losing his belt. Maia can wait one more fight.

UFCmma666 » Posted 9/7/08 10:01:00PM

i want almost nothing more then to have hendo be a champ once again

MisterFreeze » Posted 4/18/09 4:51:00PM

Well I certainly hope Hendo beat Silva. I like Silva alot, but I believe he has become too arrogant and i'm sick of hearing him talking about retiring.
Anderson Silva NEEDS someone to beat him. I believe that will keep him from retiring.
Also as for Demein Maia, I think he is going to lose a decision to Marquardt, so I don't even expect him to get to Silva.

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

After the destruction of Bisping it is easy to say Hendo deserves a title shot. And if by chance Hendo can not make weight or is injured then Damian Maia should be next in line.

bigox420 » Posted 6/24/07 5:34:00PM


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