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Fedor Emelianenko Wants One Fight Deal With UFC   [View Full Version]
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Frost_777 » Posted 5/19/08 4:52:00PM

Mir vs Fedor is a fight i would love to see, imagine the hype behind that fight. The former ufc champion who got in a motorcycle accident makes his comeback to ufc gold and fedor beating the one man everyone says could have the skills to beat him ( barrnet). I just would love to laugh if the ufc were to somehow sign fedor to a longer deal and he runs through barrnet and the winner of mir/lesnar and they still try to promote anderson as the top p4p fighter.

the fight probably wont happen but if it does i will crap my pants and make that my display picture lol

slapshot » Posted 6/22/07 2:16:00PM

So its a good idea to let Fador walk into the UFC distroy your champion and use your brand for publicity just so he can walk out and leave a title vacant as well as take all the intrest in the weight class with him?

I call BS on the whole Idea he even wants the one fight contract, I think he is just staging a publicity stunt.

Eventually if he wants to keep fighting MMA he will have to come to the UFC because he's running out of legitimate challengers and soon the only fighters he has yet to face that can create draw will be the ones in the UFC.

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