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Ben Saunders ready to ‘whoop’ Mike Swicks ass with his ‘blades’ on June 13   [View Full Version]
MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM

“I don’t believe his hand speed will be that big of a difference, especially with the lack of a reach advantage, which he has had in almost all his other fights. It means I can hit him without getting hit and close the distance easier than him. He needs to be worried about my blades. The clinch is only one aspect and not something I feel I have to get. People seem to think that because I used it so well in my last fight, that it’s my bread and butter. I love the clinch and feel very confident there, but it is by no means my best and only form of attack.


wrona666 » Posted 6/21/07 3:31:00PM

This fight is a hard one to call IMO.....I like both fighters, and Saunders has looked a lot better then Swick in there last couple fights.....I think i might go with Saunders on this one due to size and reach......

Wallass » Posted 10/7/08 5:39:00PM

Yeah this is going to be a close one. I hope Saunders beats Swick but it could go any way.

Giant_Ochai » Posted 5/19/09 7:57:00PM

Saunders has no experience at this level. Swick has tons. Saunders gets exposed here.

MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM

I don't have this as being close at all.

Swick by domination.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Watch out for people jumping from the firely pyre that was the Ben Saunders bandwagon as it crashes back down to earth from the heights of his destruction of Brandon Wolff.

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

I like Ben to destroy Swick and KO him brutally. Swick hasn't look good at all at 170. he lost that speed advantage he had on almost every middleweight and now is just barely getting past the welterweights in tough fights.I thought he lost to Burkman, the Davis fight really did nothing for me and the only thing the Goulet fight did for me is tell me that Swick actually can still fight because he did what he was expected at least. Ben's like the exact same fighter but is more natural at 170. Finishing people off impressively. I think impresses once again and moves closer up the rankings and fights another top guy to see if he's ready for a real big fight.

ravanunen » Posted 1/2/09 5:11:00AM

Gotta go with Swick, more experience in the ufc and more wins against quality opponents.
Yeah Saunders dominated Wolfe, but so did everyone else who fought Wolfe in the ufc. In fact, Saunder's last 3 opponents have a combined 0-5 UFC record. Swick's recently taken out Davis and Goulet, and his past 3 opponents have a combined 17-10 UFC record.

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