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prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

alot of good fights,
i think the most impressive was frankie edgar
he picked sherk apart, for the 3rd fight he transforms into a kickboxer
stick to the ground n pound sherk
frankie had a game plan, looked good, looked very crisp
i think he might be one more fight away from a shot
a guida or tyson griffin fight would be good, i think they might throw huerta to him

machida looked very good as well, but he always has
mcfedries surprised me some with the quick ko
u can tell in his eyes whenthey interviewed him in was pretty much do or die to stay in the ufc, he knew that

no who was the worst

philipe nover losing to bradley
pat barry losing to hague " gentle giant" hague who is the new tim cry baby slyvia some one should tell him there is no crying in mma,
or sherk losing to edgar

my pick is too nover, he was more than a 4 to 1 favorite to win, and being called the next anderson silva, looking good on tuf, and having a easier fight than browning or escudero would have no excuses even if ref might have blew the call to early or what not, i think nover is out of ufc or he fights junie next

Playground_Samurai » Posted 1/28/07 4:36:00PM

I agree with you on Frank Edgar. I think he doesn't get the recognition he deserves simply because he isn't the most exciting or flashy fighter. But the fact is he's a very very good fighter. He's definatly top 10 in the world in the LW division and probably pretty close to top 5. That's pretty impressive since he could definatly be fighting as a FW. He has beaten some great fighters, but last night he impressed me more so than ever before.

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slapshot » Posted 6/22/07 2:16:00PM

Well he's already beat Tyson Griffin, I think beating Sherk should be enough to get you a title shot TBH but Id like to see him fight Sanchez somewhere down the line..

seanfu » Posted 11/4/07 10:24:00AM

Not Frankie Edgar. He just did what he always does, he had the answer all night.

Most impressive goes to Lyoto. We all knew he was gonna beat Rashad but noone expected an early finish. I didn't even expect a finish.

And to be honest, oddly enough, Matt Serra impressed me. I thought Hughes was gonn rape him for 3 rounds easily. But Serra almost repeated the Serra GSP 1 knockout.

holt8081 » Posted 6/25/07 12:06:00AM

the most impressive to me was Matt Serra, I did not think he was going to put up that much of a fight, I thought Hughes was going to walk right through him.

Kpro » Posted 1/27/07 9:53:00PM

Most impressive to me was Lyoto Machida.

I don't consider most impressive to be Edgar because honestly, it was assumed if they stood for 15 that Edgar would get the better of the striking. His boxing is much better than Sherk's and he has the reach of Dhalsim when compared to Sherk.

If Edgar had stuffed multiple takedowns and kept it up where he won the fight I'd consider his to be much much more impressive. But that's not his fault, and I'm taking nothing away from Edgar. It just made it that much more obvious that....

.....worst game plan goes to Sherk by keeping it in Edgar's realm for 15 minutes.

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brberdan3 » Posted 5/24/09 4:37:00AM

I would have to definetly lyoto machida

Playground_Samurai » Posted 1/28/07 4:36:00PM

I agree that Sherk definatly had the wrong game plan, but I still don't feel Frank Edgar his getting his just dues.

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Kpro » Posted 1/27/07 9:53:00PM

Posted by gspfan

I still don't feel Frank Edgar his getting his just dues.

I agree; but a lot of that isn't based on the Sherk fight. We all just recently saw him dominated by Maynard when someone with better wrestling employs the correct game plan.

Not that there are a lot of better wrestlers than Edgar out there, he just happened to face 2 in a row.

I'm interested to see who he gets matched up with next.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

edgar has been top 10 for a long time but with this win he has to be in top 5 now

i see it as florian, then sanchez, then maynard, edgar, griffin, and guida

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

No love for Larson?

I thought he was most impressive, last minute opponent and stilled destory him and got SOTN.

MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM


Franklinfan47 » Posted 5/20/07 4:03:00PM

In regards to significance in the division, Edgar and Lyoto certainly impressed me the most, with the emphasis on Lyoto.

Personally, some other fighters that impressed me were:

-Larson, this guy is a submission machine.
-Soszynski, nice to see him get a big KO after seeing him secure so many slick kimuras.
-McFedries, this guys power always scares me.

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

Drew for sure. I was expecting big things from Prof X, but Drew demolished him. I was happy with the results following the match.

KaibaThedon » Posted 3/25/09 9:45:00PM


Dan Miller - Yeah I know Chael Sonnen is NO JOKE but come on, laying on your back for 3 rounds with like 1 gullotine attempt that burned out ur arms is just not good enough

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