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Sean Sherk Would Like To See Shinya Aoki Take Off His (Stretchy) Pants   [View Full Version]
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DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

UFC Lightweight Sean Sherk thinks ranking systems like BloodyElbow's and others that rank fighters like Kenny Florian and Shinya Aoki ahead of him make no sense. As for Aoki, Sherk says he's got no boxing, no wrestling, nothing except those pants. So Sherk would like to see Aoki and others like him in UFC, where he can't wear the pants.


KaibaThedon » Posted 3/25/09 9:45:00PM

Everyone and their momma still considers him a top 3 Lightweight anyways?

Beat Edgar, and you have a pretty clear road to another title shot. (Beating Griffin & Edgar is no joke)

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Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

I dont think aoki will come to the UFC and I dont think he would have much success in the UFC.

DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

Maybe that's what Sherk doesn't get, in most but not all ratings I've seen lately the top 2-3 guys are major champions, the exception being Heavyweight (Weekly currently ranks the major champs 1-3-9, those being Fedor, Mir, Brock). Maybe Sherk's miffed at them because he's not even ranked? (Penn's their #3 LW behind Aoki & Eddie Alvarez)

sparky » Posted 7/5/07 6:21:00PM

Realistically Sean Sherk is the 2nd best light weight in the world hands down so if I was him I wouldnt worry about it to much!

SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

Posted by sparky

Realistically Sean Sherk is the 2nd best light weight in the world hands down so if I was him I wouldnt let it get to me!

100% agree, their isn't many people Sherk wouldn't be able to control in the LW devision.

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nickcuc547 » Posted 1/27/07 12:52:00PM

couldn't agree more with sherk, aoki is nasty but those pants are a joke, i honestly believe that sherk is the second best lightweight in the world, i sincerely hopes he fights a guy like aoki and fights florian again because he will beat both of them, and i'm really not even a huge fan of sherk's/

kurtisgray » Posted 1/16/07 5:30:00PM

no wayyyy, aoki should be ranked #2, he would make sherk tap... in japan haha

SpiderSilva » Posted 7/10/07 6:44:00PM

really aoki would lose in the 1st rd vs sherk no way he taps im not sure but i dont think sherk has been subed

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whardin19 » Posted 7/25/07 9:08:00PM

Ha ha, that was pretty funny "Aoki needs to take off his stretchy pants". As for bitching about the rankings. He should care much about it. Go out and do what you do and show everyone your the best. Don't bitch about some stupid rankings on a few sites.

kurtisgray » Posted 1/16/07 5:30:00PM

if he was to get submitted it would be by aoki....the best JJ in the lightweight division for sure. aokis unreal

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

i don't see aoki ever coming to the states but i do see gomi heading to the ufc

Aaronno9 » Posted 10/10/07 2:09:00PM

Sherk would trash Aoki imo.


seanfu » Posted 11/4/07 10:24:00AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i don't see aoki ever coming to the states but i do see gomi heading to the ufc

you forgot to add the words "and getting killed"

Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM

Umm i think im in disagreement with this thread, i would necasarily pick Aoki to beat Sherk, but i sure as hell wouldnt pick Sherk to finish him early.

Aoki has imanari sub skills, i would not be surprised to see Aoki's frame and bjj prowess give Sherk problems.

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