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Trainer John Hackleman: Chuck Liddell has "more than one fight left in him"   [View Full Version]
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jlock003 » Posted 9/18/07 5:33:00PM

Rashad isn't a top striker????!!!! Forest Griffin, Sean Salmon, Jason Lambert, and Chuck Liddell would all beg to differ.

motorboatensob » Posted 1/29/07 3:59:00PM

Its like my buddy said when you keep fighting top five guys you might lose to all five. But just because you lost to all five that doesn't mean your not the number six guy in the world. Look at the Dragon he beat a washed up Tito and an unproven Thiago and he is the number two LHW in the world had he fought the number one,the number three, number seven and number eight LHW in the world his record might not still be unbeaten.

Playground_Samurai » Posted 1/28/07 4:36:00PM

Posted by derekcalado

Why is every one a liddell nuthugger? yes the man is a legend and was a beast WHEN he was in his prime (keyword: When). If you look at his last couple of fights youll notice that he hasnt Finished a guy since Tito in 2006 (ufc 66) And he has lost 4 out 5 of his last fights, 3 do to knockouts. One of those knockouts by Rashad, who isnt even a top striker. If Dana lets Liddell fight he'd let a legend drag his name through the mud and make a mockery out of the UFC.

PS Liddell would get destroyed by fedor 1st round.
PSS Coleman Vs liddell -- UFC 105 " Attack Of The Hasbeens"

I hope you're not referring to me. I nuthug no one. I simply said i'd happily watch the two fights mentioned. I never once said Liddell would come close to beating Fedor, or anyone else for that matter....but especially Fedor.

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cmill21 » Posted 5/27/07 4:09:00PM

Posted by jlock003

Rashad isn't a top striker????!!!! Forest Griffin, Sean Salmon, Jason Lambert, and Chuck Liddell would all beg to differ.

Ummm no he's not...He's got quick and powerful hands...but top, just no.

godofdixie » Posted 4/12/07 7:08:00AM

if chuck wants to go out w/ a win, he should fight mark coleman or houston alexander

ThePlague » Posted 8/23/07 9:55:00PM

I think Dana has the right idea and right motives for trying to make Chuck retire, and John Hackleman's opinion isn't relevant to me since he'd be collecting money if Chuck fought more, but not if Chuck worked for the UFC in another capacity.

I would enjoy seeing Chuck fight one more time to finish out his contract, but is going out on a win against a guy like Coleman really better than going out on a loss to a fighter the caliber of Shogun?

Aaronno9 » Posted 10/10/07 2:09:00PM

Rashad isnt a top striker, which is why Chuck was having a pretty easy time with him until he started chasing him down looking for the finish. Other than mabeys Cote and Hendo, I dont think theres another fighter who wouldnt of been put down by that punch though.

Honestly, people who giving Liddell stick for his knockouts are fools.

Rashad - Current champ, on a very good run - was loosing to Chuck till he landed that bomb.

Jackson - Top 3 in the LHW division, huge power in his hands, knocked out wandy just as good.

Shogun - IMO, the best LHW fighter in the world. At the moment, I only have him ranked at 5, its hard to have him ranked much higher based on the Coleman and Forrest preformance (injured or not). The guys a beast, and will be champ come 2010 if he stays in shape.

No shame in getting k.o'd by any of those guys AT ALL. And the Jardine fight was just a perfect example of what happens what you pit an awesome gameplan against a not so awesome gameplan. But Chuck still came to fight, didnt get completely outclassed, and took some huge shots without getting k.o'd, so his chins not totally gone yet.

Also, theres a differance between Chuck and Randys situations. Chuck wants to fufill the last fight on his contract, Randy did not. Im sure Chuck will have an inactivity clause, or something similar in his contract. And if it does go to court im sure the fact Chuck is totally willing to fufill his contractual obligations will go in his favour.


EliasG » Posted 10/20/07 12:55:00AM

I honestly am not sure that you watched the Lidell v. Rashad fight. Lidell couldn't hit Rashad. Rashad had great head movement in that fight and was slipping his shots and he was countering Lidell really well. In fact, he was looking for the counter left hook but KO'd him with a different shot. Lidell has a LOT of tells when he fights, you pretty much can predict any punch he'll throw based on how he drops his hands, turns his hips, or cocks back his hands. He's become a bit predictable. I think he can reinvent himself with more wrestling but he in no way was "winning" the fight against Rashad until he got brutally KTFO. He couldn't even find dude and started taking more ridiculous risks.

I do like Rua though. I still think he is a shadow of his former self and I'm not sure why but i think he can definitely improve even more.

Aaronno9 » Posted 10/10/07 2:09:00PM

I disagree. Mabeys winning easily was an overstatment, but I feel for sure he was winning the fight. And I know alot of people on this site agree with that.

Also, I think people need to realise theres a differance between good head movement, and just constantly moving your head. Rashads is totally predictable, becouse he does the same thing every time. Alot of the time hes only doing it to showboat anyways.


EliasG » Posted 10/20/07 12:55:00AM

Yes there is a difference between good head movement and just moving your head but most MMA fighters do ZERO head movement. Chuck Lidell is a big offender in this area. He moves his head bybending back at the waist or sliding his feet a half step back.

I'm sure there are people on this board who would disagree that he was winning the fight but the truth is Evans wanted to throw counters and leg kicks and he wanted to move side to side on Lidell. Lidell wanted to corner him and KO him.

Lidell moved forward in a plodding fashion and tried to cut off the "octagon" but couldn't keep Rashad there because of his lateral movement. Rashad did what he wanted to do--Lidell didn't.

Round 1 not much happened at all but Lidell wins just for being more aggressive and stalking Rashad. Neither guy hit very much but Lidell couldn't close distance. Round 2 he did close distance and Rashad started moving more laterally and Lidell kept coming in flat footed, plodding, and straight forward. He started throwing big looping shots so that he could hit the target that kept moving awary from him and he started over reaching leaving himself open. That's bad D....and better O from Rashad. Honestly, it was almost inevitable over the course of those 5 rounds that Lidell would be left painfully exposed.

that said, Lidell still has a future but I think he HAS to use his wrestling more often. He can ground and pound a lot of guys out and leave them guessing about his attack. he's almost completely left kicks in the past too. He used to ahve a game that was varied and mixed. now he just throws looping shots. Mix it up and people won't know what to look for--forcing even counter punchers to have to game plan differently.

Aaronno9 » Posted 10/10/07 2:09:00PM

Ive always thought Chuck could be a good GnP fighter. Hes got a solid wrestling base, huge upper body stregnth, and good sub defence. And imagine one of his big shots landing while your heads against the canvas. Aint gona be pretty.

At this point, its to late for him to change his game imo. And it doesnt seem like he actually wants to. But his game is still good enough to beat alot of guys. I guess I just want to see him go out on a W rather than a series of losses.


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