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Houston Alexander vs Andre Gusmao   [View Full Version]
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Hendo67 » Posted 11/18/08 1:59:00PM

Gusmao via some kind of submission.

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

Posted by Rabi

Just something to consider, Gusmao went 3 rounds with Jon Jones, Im gonna pick Gusmao by rd1 TKO.

So, what does that have to do with anything? Forrest went 5 rounds with Rampage and got KO'd by Jardine in the 1st. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees Rampage hits harder then jardine. Plus Jon Jones isn't a heavy hitter, he has some cool ass strikes and packs some decent power but he's no Chuck. Tank & Houston IMO hit harder then him.

I love Houston. He's a person that should get great publicity in MMA because he's such a good person and is a great image for MMA. I'm really pulling for him in this one. Everyones counting him out again but I got his back! Houston for the surprising KO early!

mrkennedy » Posted 7/10/07 6:23:00PM

easy fight to call imo

gusmao ko 1 round

the_01 » Posted 1/1/08 4:49:00PM

To tell you the truth, I still am ancious to see this guy fight even though we've all been let down by him more than once. The fights he won are all memorable and can be considered among the best fights in that year. Its the only fight in that card, along with the Machida fight, that Im really interested in. I hope he wins this time, Im choosing Alexander.

Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

With regards to Gusmao going 3 rds with Jones, I said that because i look at previous fights when i make my decisions.

When Gusmao and Jones fought neither fighter was well known so I was just stating a fact.

I still think Gusmao rd1 tko.

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Mayhem13 » Posted 6/28/07 1:10:00AM

I have never picked a Alexander fight my advice is to p ick the opposite of what I pick this time.

Gusmao rnd 1 sub

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