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IriShame » Posted 3/25/08 7:48:00PM

What does everybody think? Is Houston going to get another win or is he on his way out of the UFC?

mentalcase » Posted 1/23/08 2:35:00AM

housten by flying scissor toe hold

gartface » Posted 7/29/07 7:00:00PM

I haven't the foggiest, but my guess is that Andre will get the takedown and submit Houston, and he'll be sent packing.


prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

his 3 losses i have picked houston to win each time
i don't know how unlucky can a guy get
i don't know hopefully houston will go for the quick blow

Franklinfan47 » Posted 5/20/07 4:03:00PM

I'm never picking Houston again, he's let me down way too many times

Gusmao by tko!

emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

Wait...I think the ref is already stepping in to stop the fight.

Gusmao via R1 TKO

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Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

I think Houston is going to win this fight, he's going to come out fast and furious like he did against jardine and sakara and finish this.

chickmagnet » Posted 7/5/07 2:53:00PM

Houston just doesn't seem to have wrestling, or any jiu jistu in his game. He has hard punches and knees, but he isn't really a great striker. James Irvin showed he can be stopped standing up. I respect the way he fights, but he is mostly just brute power, he reminds a lot of how Tank used to be. He has already been figured out after his first two fights in the octagon, plus he is like 36 already. Another loss could be it for him. I will be rooting for him, but im not sure he will come ut on top.

FedortoAll » Posted 10/1/07 5:14:00PM

Posted by gartface

I haven't the foggiest, but my guess is that Andre will get the takedown and submit Houston, and he'll be sent packing.

I see the same thing as well.

bls1919 » Posted 6/25/07 1:09:00AM

I havent seen enogh of Gusmao to think he is able to quickly dispatch houston, but if the fight makes it way to the ground i have to think Houston losses.

Aaronyman » Posted 1/21/09 10:02:00PM

Houston's ground game is absolutely terrible, he doesn't even know how to shrimp.

copcopps » Posted 4/4/08 4:46:00PM

taking Gusmao just to be safe

Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

Just something to consider, Gusmao went 3 rounds with Jon Jones, Im gonna pick Gusmao by rd1 TKO.

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MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM

Gusmao will have little to no problem finishing Alexander quickly

Dragoslav » Posted 2/28/09 5:41:00PM

Jardine didn't expect Houston to be able to hit that hard, and everybody beats Sakara. What astonishes me is that ANYONE actually picked Houston against Thiago Silva.

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