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crimethinc » Posted 1/24/07 2:48:00AM

Congratulations to The Jesse Finney coached Houston Enforcers on becoming the inaugural champions of Chuck Norris'World Combat League . We look forward to next season.

nate22 » Posted 1/15/07 8:21:00AM

Thanks for posting this, I had a look on the website and it's pretty cool, not entirely my thing but cool all the same. Never heard of it before, but I will be looking out for it in the future.

hippysmacker » Posted 1/15/07 9:10:00PM

Wached it on VS channel and was dissapointed. It's NOT MMA. It's kickboxing with big gloves and footpads. On the plus side they penalize people for stalling, holding, running and anything remotely desinged to slow down the fight. Also, the fights are all just 3 minutes so people throw down. Pete Spratt looked dominant, I think he's found his calling. All in all to tame for me though.

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aceprone » Posted 1/16/07 2:25:00AM

couldn't agree any more. It almost looked like brawling with kicks. Pete Spratt was like the only fighter who showed any display of good stand up. They push the pace at a high pace where it almost seems a fighter can't set up kicks or punches, because if they stall for a second a point is deducted. And it's not mma.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

3 min Kickboxing you say? these guys must throw down like mad. Any idea what channel this might come on in Canada?

Thalzaar » Posted 1/27/07 8:16:00PM

I watched some of this a couple weeks ago. It was pretty entertaining, but I wasn't sure on the rules or how the organization worked at all. It's basically high paced kickboxing as mentioned earlier. They have a circle in the floor with a slight ramp around it that is the "out of bounds" and if the fighters step on it, they have to stop and go to the center and restart.

It was pretty high paced action and was quality entertainment. I caught it on the VS channel as well, but keep forgetting to check when it is on again. I think Guy Mezger was a coach for a Houston? team and I saw a couple folks from MMA background on there, like Pete Spratt.

JoeMimic » Posted 1/16/07 6:19:00PM

Crafton Wallace is on there too; I think the Pete Spratt ones are older as he's back in the UFC after the reality show and has a fight coming up.

crimethinc » Posted 1/24/07 2:48:00AM

This is somewhat of a breakdown of the rules. It is a Kickboxing insprired type of event, I just thought fans of combat sports (not just MMA) might find it entertaining.


• Punching - jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and spinning backfist
• Kicking - Front-Kicks, Roundhouse Kicks, Side Kicks, Back Kicks, Hook Kicks, Wheel Kicks, Hook Kicks, Spinning Kicks
• Kneeing -Front and Roundhouse


• No Throws
• No Takedowns
• No Ground Fighting


• No Clinching- Intentionally tying-up the opponent's arms in an effort to stop them from punching.
• No Holding- Grabbing the opponent's body in an effort to stop them from attacking or countering.
• No Stalling- Intentionally delaying the action of a contest in any way.
• No Passivity- Retreating or circling without striking - or fighting only when the opponent attacks.

Jesse Finney is the coach of the Houston Enforcers and I believe Guy Mezger is a coach for the Dallas Dragons, but I can't guarantee that.

mrsumo » Posted 1/27/07 10:09:00PM

I remember reading about it in Blackbetl a while back. Looks as entertaining as K1. I kind of like the no stall idea. Takes away the chance to get bored watching.

What I would like to see is someone televise a Shidokan tournament. Those look fun.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

having all those kicks sounds good. Not restricted like kickboxing. i cant wait to see it.

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