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Benji Radach shatters right hand in Strikeforce loss to Scott Smith   [View Full Version]
Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM


SAN JOSE, Calif – "Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz" main-card fighter Benji Radach shattered his right hand and was sent to the hospital following his Showtime-televised loss to Scott Smith on Saturday.

His agent, Ken Pavia, told after the fight that Radach will likely undergo surgery overnight.

Smith, on the brink of defeat, rebounded and defeated Radach with a stunning third-round TKO in their middleweight match-up at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

Radach messed up his hand in the first round but still kept battling, what a great fight it was.

fizzle » Posted 12/23/08 10:54:00PM

Radach is a warrior and so is Smith. It was a very exciting fight that I hope to see more of from Strikeforce.

nickcuc547 » Posted 1/27/07 12:52:00PM

what a fight this was, both guys took some shots, especially smith, that guy is incredibly tough, and i loved how he said he wanted to see radach vs. lawler after the fight, guy is a class act and you can never count him out with his chin and punching power. great quote too when he said he pulled the win out of his ass, like that guy more and more every time i see him fight.

PABLOMAFIOSO » Posted 6/24/07 12:50:00PM

As I am in England I stayed up until about 4am to watch this! Scott Smith is a legend and should get back in UFC. Diaz is the nuts and deserves a similar reward.

xAcidburNx » Posted 7/8/07 10:05:00AM

this event in general was awesom. diaz stopping shamrock. even the girls fight was awesom but man did scott and radach put on a show. scott never dissapoints and i want to see him vs cung le after this. well cung le vs diaz vs smith vs lawler any of those would be awesom. strikeforce has a very entertaining roster going on right now and heres hoping to see many more things from these guys. speaking of which. where is lawler right now. anybody know ?

P.S. Did any one catch this qoute?

Radach told that he broke his right hand in the first round and will have surgery Monday. He needed stitches over his right eye and also in his left cheek. Radach explained that his teeth went through his cheek when Smith landed his last punch.

THROUGH HIS CHEEK! I would hate to spar with that guy wow.

EliasG » Posted 10/20/07 12:55:00AM

Seriously, Scott Smith needs to learn to roll his shoulders and use head movement when he throws. He has a real lack of lateral and head movement when he fights, which is often why when he loads up he gets caught. He should also learn to use his jab more effectively to set up his big shots. That said, I LOVED that fight. I usually love fights with Smith just because he goes for it and throws. It was amazing to see those two guys get dropped, and come back like warriors.

Benji should have just taken Scott down again or given him a lot more lateral movement there in the 3rd round but regardless great fight.

THere are a lot of competitive great fights that can be made now in Strikeforce and Coker seems to know how to match up fights/fighters. Every single one of the fights was solid and exciting ( minus the unfair women's fight).

Speaking of--my hat is off to the Japanese fighter who went up from 128 to fight someone who turned out to be 170. That's insane. That's like GSP deciding he'd fight Shane Carwin as long as some concessions were made for his teammates to come fight. That said, I hope to see that Japanese fighter fight some women "her own size" and for Cyborg and Gina to come in at 155 or 160 and fight. I think Cyborg takes it.

FedortoAll » Posted 10/1/07 5:14:00PM

Looks like Smith has a chin of steel to go with his hands lol, seeing as he broke Benji's.

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