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Exclusive: Ryan Bader Talks Post-TUF Debut, Being a Wrestler in the UFC, and Junie Browning’s Curious Path to Stardom   [View Full Version]
Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

Bader told us in our exclusive talk with him, he’s aware that winning is necessary, though it isn’t enough by itself. He also has to entertain, and therein lies a difficult conflict for a wrestler trying to dazzle knockout-happy crowds.


Jackelope » Posted 1/30/07 10:59:00AM

Reading the comments under that article make me laugh out loud considering what the sport has come from. One guy nailed it- (editing some out)

Until he proves himself as a class act and sheds his (edited) frat boy image no one will like him.

Once upon a time before the Ultimate Fighter the majority of young dudes who train MMA were kids that wanted these guys (edited) dead.

Kind of interesting to note considering I've always questioned why people hate guys like Bader and CB. I think the dude nailed it- they're jocks and frat boys with college degrees, not hardcore street brawlers like the sport used to be filled with. Bader is a bit different, though- He's a nice guy, and he's definitely smart as hell. Plus, he's not cocky.. just read the article. He says he has a long way to go and he knows his position currently is at the bottom of the totem pole. He's not looking for the next title shot, he's just collecting his paycheck and slowly working up. I can respect that big time.

I think Bader will go far in the UFC. Eventually I think he's got the talent, work ethic and fitness to reach a title shot. I really do. Give it 4 or 5 years without any major injuries and he could be right there.

As for the angst riddled curb-chillin-and-cig-smokin "tough guys" who so desperately love this sport and hate that "frat boys" are partaking now- I say get over it. Kind of like when your favorite bands go mainstream and you call them sellouts- well, that's what the UFC has become. Don't hate- appreciate. It's becoming a legitimate sport, and that's good! More money means more fights!

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