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pv3Hpv3p » Posted 1/24/07 6:08:00PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

i think it is because Dana knows the heavyweights arent top level just yet and nogueira would come in a run the show. And if that happened he didnt want a fighter from another org. come in and make everyone think that pride is so much better....... but if this pride buy out is true i dont think there is anything stopping him from moving over to UFC

Isn't that what they brought CroCop in for?

they brought crocop in about the same time as Couture's return...i think dana thinks Couture will beat CC

IMO, they brought CC in to chop down big Tim (and of course to bolster their sub-par HW roster at the time)...

Sylvia was (one of) the most hated champs in the UFC, and I think Dana started to dislike his, "fight not to lose" strategy...

But what I was saying is that he wouldn't have any problem bringing in a top HW from a different org and let them clean up the div...

After all a top 10 HVY is a top 10 HVY

wkm311 » Posted 2/14/07 4:40:00PM

Posted by warglory

I think the Nogs should stay in PRIDE, but take part in the super shows that have been offered to us in the press conference. We can't have everyone come to the UFC!

good call...Pride wouldnt survive if they took every A class fighter and put them in the UFC, now that they own both...

cowcatcher » Posted 1/16/07 1:02:00AM

they arent going to blow their wads and put all of our dream matches onto the first big cross promo show either, hopefully they are mindful of some of the guys ages and put the older guys in there sooner than later though


chentay2112 » Posted 2/19/07 11:40:00AM

looks like you got your wish

keith-hackney1 » Posted 2/19/07 4:38:00PM

Holy shit i did, war nogueira !!!!

GhettoRedneck » Posted 4/7/07 2:59:00PM

we'll see him soon enough.

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