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Physcedelic Mushrooms??   [View Full Version]
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FBD » Posted 2/5/07 8:01:00AM

its too intense to be crying if your tripping. its more like, wtf am i doing. also the atmosphere is key. its better to do them outside at a party or with a bigger group of friends. if there is only 1-3 other people you might wig balls.

ffforgottenx » Posted 1/25/07 8:56:00AM

like when you are camping in the woods with a bonfire and 8-10 friends

Hurricane_Brad » Posted 3/21/07 11:47:00PM

I loves me some mushrooms, though it's been just about a year since I took them last. I always found that doing them with a small group of close friends (3-6 or something) is better than doing them at a party or before the bar. Driving on shrooms is definitely not a good idea.

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