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Five months later, Sherk still hasn't let UFC title sink in   [View Full Version]
zephead » Posted 1/16/07 5:32:00PM

Sean Sherk is one of only five world champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He might be the only champ who hasn't realized -- and doesn't want to -- the belt is his.


"To me the records were just a starting point," recalls John Paul Jones, "The most important thing was always the stage show. So many great nights. At our worst we were still better than most. At our best we could just wipe the floor with the lot of them. It was just a very good live band."

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

ā€œIā€™m used to grabbing on to guys that are twice my size. I grabbed on to Kenny at 155 and I knew it was going to be my new home. I told them I would drop to 155 if I had the right reason. They offered me a title shot and here I am.ā€

Grabbed onto Kenny? Questionable statement but a good article none the less. Except for them Callin Tim Sylvia, Tim Silvia. hmmmmmm. odd.

hollywood1978 » Posted 3/16/07 11:23:00PM

Sherk won't be the most exciting champion in UFC history but I think he would be able to duplicate his performance against Kenny with most lightweights in the world.

randyleprechaun » Posted 2/18/07 12:20:00PM

Penn for the belt!

He would make Sean 'The Muscle Shark' Sherk his pet goldfish!

Ydoc » Posted 2/2/07 9:39:00AM

Man, if Penn wants that title he could take it. Can't wait until he drops down again.

nellyhiphophead » Posted 1/25/07 7:01:00PM

ya i think he is going to take jens out. and then after that he will get his fight with sean. i like bj as a fighter but he is to small for 170 and needs to stay down at 155. not many ppl can hang with him down there. but sean is one that i think can hang and it could be a good fight with sean taking bj down or bj being able to stop the shot and bang him up maybe sub him out if it hits the mat.but i am looking forword for the next few months should be alot of mma, with alot of it being free.

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